Project H Bedroom Reveal: Before & After


It’s always very exciting to finish up a project and see a room come together after months of work. Today I am thrilled to share with you the first room reveal of ‘Project H’, a client whose penthouse apartment near Amsterdam I have been styling for the past half year. We have transformed the kitchen, studio, living and master bedroom and though there is lots more to show you, let’s take a tour around the bedroom with before and after images I am sure will have you pinning up a storm. If my bedroom is anything to go by, I am sure you will love this pace. Let’s peek inside!


A little bit about this space. With ceilings that curve from 3 meters at it’s highest point on the one side of the room to almost down to the floor on the other, decorating and styling this space was a bit tricky. The space goes from almost too large on the one side, where the bed is placed, to almost too cramped on the other, resulting in a room that – before we got started – felt very unbalanced, with pieces that didn’t do the proportions of the room justice.  Get the full scoop

Modern Ethnic Style


I’m not sure if it’s my South African roots coming out, but I am digging the ethnic vibe I’m seeing everywhere at the moment. Have you noticed the ethnic trend around shops and online too? Grass baskets, natural elements, wooden sculptures, woven detailing, monochrome colour palettes and graphic prints are a big thing right now and I am liking it. I have several ethnic elements in my own interior from time spent in South Africa – where I was born and grew up – and have been into modern bohemian style for a while now (remember this post?) which is similar in it’s nature inspired simplicity. To keep my home looking personal and textured but not like an African hut, I like to balance out the ethnic with clean lines, contemporary and design elements. Here are some lovely examples of contemporary homes that are rocking the modern ethnic style.


Modern ethnic style is all about balancing texture, simplicity, nature, pattern and colour. It is earthy meets modern minimalism. Creative ethnic techniques such as weaving, printing, sculpting and knotting applied to earthy materials such as wood, grasses, pottery, terracotta, ceramic and bamboo harmonise with clean spaces, minimalistic styling and sleek surfaces, resulting in a contemporary yet textured aesthetic for the home. Get the full scoop

On Turning 30


Hey guys, I thought I would drop in and share some news with you – it was my birthday over the Easter weekend and it was the BIG 30! Three decades on this earth and I have so much to be thankful for. A kind and very handsome husband, a beautiful little girl (the tall, blonde version of myself, still wondering how that happened but totally going along with it slash considering going blonde and getting leg extensions), a growing business I have built from scratch, a sweet little home in a sweet little town, a broad network of loving friends all over the globe, and my family who still love me despite skipping town to follow my heart eight years ago and never returning. So while I am entering what I feel is a new phase in my life, as a woman and mother, I thought I would ring in this milestone with a personal post – rare for me despite being a very open person (at times, embarrassingly so) to those who know me personally – and just share some thoughts on turning 30.


The thing is, I have never quite felt my age. Growing up I was often described as an old soul, relishing in the company of adults and perpetually drawn to classical, jazz and blues music from a young age. I would sit quite happily for hours at age 9 doing needlepoint with my mother and making tapestry works of art that we would excitedly have made into pillows. I belted emotional Celine Dion numbers from the top of my lungs at age 11 (all by myseeeeelf…..) and worked out to Ray Charles at 18. Old soul or not, I had to grow up fast when my mother suffered a string of illnesses that nearly took her life when I was 14. I spoke about this briefly in this post, but I don’t speak of this time often. Naturally, as it was a turbulent time for me and my family, it’s marks still etched on my memory and in my heart.  Get the full scoop

BLOG POWER e-course + a giveaway!


I am so delighted and honoured to be teaching alongside Holly Becker, the founder of the acclaimed lifestyle blog decor8 in her Blogging Your Way e-course ‘BLOG POWER‘ running from 15 April – 9 May 2016, joined by Irene Hoofs from Bloesem Design. I absolutely loved sharing all that I know about styling and photography in the last e-course, and am so thrilled to be joining Holly and also Irene to show you how we have built successful creative businesses from the ground up, beginning with our blogs.


For this three week e-course, BLOG POWER, I will be sharing everything from setting up a home office, running a business as a working mother and balancing work and everything that falls outside of it, working alone as a freelancer and staying inspired, generating an income as a start-up creative and building a solid foundation for future earning potential and SO much more. I am putting my classes together at the moment and am so excited to share it all!

Holly, Irene and myself are all working mothers with young children, we all have blogs, and we all are working professionally with clients, on assignments, living as expats in foreign lands, and meeting the challenges of everyday life while trying to maintain a business. We know how to build a company and earn money doing it, all from our blogs as the base, and we are going to explain how we do it.

Get the full scoop

Colour Files: Trends for 2016


By now it is quite possible that you know the colours that Pantone selected as the Colour of the Year. For 2016, the world is embracing the two complimentary hues Rose Quartz (a soft, crystal like pink) and Serenity (a pale ice blue) as the two leading hues to influence product development and purchasing decisions in the fashion, beauty, interior and graphic design industries. To be frank, there are not colours I would immediately turn to if designing a grown-up living space however I am seeing more and more spaces popping up on Pinterest that are incorporating these hues, and I must admit, I’m kind of sold.


This is the first time Pantone – the world’s leading colour institute – has ever introduced two colours as their Colour of the Year. These two tones will be a huge game player in all visual and aesthetic fields and I am really noticing it’s influence in the world of interiors. This year’s selection is a delicate balance between warm and gentle Rose Quartz with soothing, cool and tranquil Serenity and it all feels a little sweet to me, but what I do like about this combo is their take on gender neutrality.  Get the full scoop