Winter Photography Workshops


I’m so delighted to announce that I will be working with the incredibly talented photographer Hanke Arkenbout in January, offering photographers and creatives an afternoon to gather, shoot, network and create a little bit of magic together. If you are proficient with your camera but might be feeling a little uninspired or longing for a breath of fresh air in your work then this might be just what you needed. During two sessions in January, we will offer you fresh perspective while welcoming you to be apart of a platform that will help and inspire each other through creative photography.


These afternoon workshops are designed to inspire you to go back to basics, explore texture, light, colour and composition, celebrating the art of simplicity. In a small circle of creatives we will gather to chat, exchange ideas and inspiration, play around with our cameras and expand our horizons with simplicity the key component.

Hanke_RushRollsforWorkshop-18 copy

Hanke_RushRollsforWorkshop-7 copy

Hanke_RushRollsforWorkshop-4 copy

Hanke_RushRollsforWorkshop-8 copy

The workshop will be based in my home and studio in Delft, The Netherlands. Attendees will have the freedom to shoot whatever they want, wherever, with the idea that you don’t need a lot to make a beautiful photograph, as Hanke so beautifully demonstrates with these images.

There will also be a couple present so that you can shoot them as well as styled corners and lovely, textural objects. While you will leave with beautiful photographs, we want you to go home with a fresh perspective, inspiration, a network of creatives to support you in your work and the courage to create without inhibitions.


Hanke_RushRollsforWorkshop-11 copy

Hanke_RushRollsforWorkshop-23 copy

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Workshops are scheduled for Wednesday, 20 and Wednesday, 27 January 2016 and will be taking place in the afternoon. The price is € 125,- which includes snacks and beverages for the afternoon. You do not have to be a photographer by profession, but for these workshops you must know how your camera works as there will be no technical assistance or explanations on photography technique. Whether you are capturing analog, digital or with your phone you are welcome to participate. There are a very limited number of places available because we want to keep the group intimate and personal. More information will be released shortly, but if you would like to reserve a spot, please send an email to

We can’t wait to meet you in January!

Holly x

Photography: Hanke Arkenbout | Styling: Avenue Lifestyle

Family time at Olmenhorst


Hi guys! How are you? It’s been a super busy time over here behind the scenes for the last few months and I worked almost every weekend throughout October, making me miss a bit of family time. A couple of weekends ago though we managed to squeeze in some quality time together and went to the lovely Olmenhorst apple orchards for hot chocolate and a bit of apple picking.


It was a delightful day, watching my two loves share a hot chocolate and have a giggle. They have so much fun together, those two. It’s a truly beautiful sight, and something I am looking forward to witnessing much more over the next three weeks because on Tuesday we are all off to visit my family in South Africa! Some down time will be food for the soul, for all of us, and we just can’t wait.

Omenhorst collage 2





Honestly, my heart just melts when Lola looks at her Papa. In our busy lives I must admit I sometimes forget how blessed we are, to have each other, live in such a safe and beautiful part of the world, and to be fortunate enough to be able to do such lovely family activities together.


Olmenhorst collage



When we are out and about doing our thing as a family, my husband would prefer my camera remains packed away. I suppose it’s only logical that he associates my camera with my work so he never feels very relaxed behind my lens. Knowing it was going to be a beautiful sunny day though, I snuck my camera in my bag and grabbed a few quick shots of them together while I could! These simple times spent laughing, sharing and doing are what keep me going in the stressful times when I am completely overwhelmed with life as a working mama. Does anyone else relate?

We’ll be jumping on the plane to South Africa to visit my family this week and have some down time, but while away I’ll be sharing pictures of my trip to Marrakech, a bright and beautiful interior and some exciting news about Avenue Lifestyle!

And for those following along in the Blogging Your Way e-course from 15 November – 7 December, not to worry. I’ll be checking in with you all online and sunning myself only between classes, promise!

Holly x

Photography: Holly Marder for Avenue Lifestyle 

Project K: A Light and Bright Bedroom


I’ve been working a really lovely project for the last half year or so. I’m calling it Project K. Project K is the home of a lovely couple based in the east of The Netherlands who purchased their first home a year ago, asking me to design and style it’s interior after seeing my bedroom makeover on this blog. I have had the time of my life turning their gorgeous house into a home for them and their two small children, creating a warm and inviting living, kitchen, dining, kids play area and master bedroom. Today, I am excited to show you their master bedroom!

When they purchased the house it was in very good shape – the previous owners had done some light renovations meaning that we had gorgeous oak floors and a very simple but lovely light and clean white base to work with. We hardly had to do anything in the bedroom which was just as well because by the time we got to the bedroom, the budget was nearly up having done quite some work in the kitchen and having furnished pretty much an entire home. But you don’t need much to create a comfortable, cosy bedroom and so I got to work on a concept that aimed at retaining as much light in the space as possible while still felt relaxed, clean and a little quirky.

Bedroom Enschede_concept


My client was crazy about my bedroom so I wanted theirs to reflect the same light, airy style that my room embodied. One thing she really wanted was the same drop pendant light I used in my own space, the ‘Tammel Pure’ lamp by Jet de Bruin. Other elements she liked about my space was the mix of vintage and new items, the textures and the simplicity.

The colour scheme I limited to white, ivory, black and a hint of ochre, which I brought in through in the gorgeous vintage rug I found at Emily’s House London and curry coloured linen pillow cases from Couleur Locale. I created that display of clothing hooks very easily using simple wooden hooks found at a local hardware store and dipping them in paint – I used Farrow and Ball’s ‘Railings‘ to contrast against the white walls. The pillows made from African mud cloth are possibly my favourite pillows ever. I love the graphic design and texture they add while still being fresh and modern. The wool throw blanket I brought back with me from Marrakech.









Enschede bedroom PNG


Those windows were far too gorgeous to hide so we brought in simple white linen curtains and kept everything around them basic and light. I found the original figure drawing at the flea markets and had it framed. A collection of vessels both new and vintage adorn the window sill, some gifts, some flea market finds, the large one from Hello Blackbird and the small earthenware cup from The Fine Store.

The bedside table, flying birds and brass lamp I bought vintage. For the shoot I brought along a cute little modern bench by the Japanese brand Karimoku which I found at The Fine Store. The client preferred the chair, but I thought I’d show you the bench anyway as an alternative idea:



What do you guys think? This was such a fun home to work on – can’t wait to show you more! In the meantime there’s lots more to show you that I’ve been working on, including my travel photographs from my recent trip to Marrakech which I’ll be back to share with you in the next couple of days, plus a weekend bedroom makeover guide and more.

For now though, I need to get back to writing course material for the Blogging Your Way e-course I am teaching in November on photography and styling. There’s so much to share, I can’t wait!

Holly x

Styling, concept & photography: Holly Marder for Avenue Lifestyle | Assistance: Malou Muizer

Featured in Magnolia Rouge Magazine


Last fall I collaborated with photographer Anouschka Rokebrand and food stylist Ajda Mehmet on a beautiful styled shoot centred around the apple and pear orchard and the kitchen. You can get the full scoop of images here, but I’m delighted to see the shoot in print, featured in Magnolia Rouge lifestyle magazine (issue four). I thought I’d drop in quickly to share a few pages from the spread:






Big thank you to Magnolia Rouge for this beautiful feature, and of course to Ajda for the amazing recipe and food styling, Anouschka for the stunning images you captured so perfectly on film, and of course our pretty model Lisa for making everything look good.

This lifestyle issue is packed with inspiration from travels to recipes and more, with breathtaking images that will stop your heart printed on beautiful thick quality paper. The magazine is printed in collaboration with Colorado based Artifact Uprising, who do the most gorgeous work and use high quality stock to print their images onto. It’s such an incredible honour to feature on it’s pages, Mag Rouge’s editor Kate meticulously curates both the blog and magazine and only features the very best, so I’m in awe that she deemed our orchard shoot good enough for her print copy. Thank you Kate! You can order a copy of this issue online here. It’s a real keepsake that you’ll keep returning to for inspiration, for sure.

Holly x

Blogging Your Way: Photography + Styling Bootcamp


Starting off the new week with some exciting news! I’m thrilled to announce that I will be teaching the next Blogging Your Way e-course alongside the incredibly talented husband-and-wife duo Jack and Valentina Fussell and of course the founder (Holly Becker, author and founding editor of decor8). The course is for all bloggers who want to brush up on their photography and styling skills while learning the art of visual storytelling. Bootcamp for Photography + Styling for Bloggers, Instagrammers + Curious Creatives, will run for three weeks from 15 November – 7 December, and is set to be packed with tips and tricks for professional photography and styling for your blog, Instagram and other online platforms, as well as magazines and even books. I am so honoured to be one of the four amazing teachers on this course and am furiously pounding my keyboard as I prepare my lessons.


Why do an e-course? When I started blogging, it didn’t take long before I was completely overwhelmed by everything I saw online. There were endless numbers of bloggers and I wondered what I could add and why people would want to read anything I put out there. I took two of Holly’s e-courses and loved them. I got so much energy and information out of the course material and found them above all, inspirational. And let’s face it, a blog would be rather boring if compiled by someone who was anything less than inspired because in this industry, inspiration is what drives quality content.

The forums are full of other bloggers of various levels, offering an interactive platform aimed at connecting and helping students to learn from each other along the way. Online courses made for and by bloggers are such a great way to learn the ins and outs of the online world and find your place amongst the masses.

When I launched this blog nearly three years ago, I never thought I would be good enough at blogging (or styling or photography) to make anything of it, let alone a career styling and photographing for magazines, books, brands, clients and teaching styling workshops, masterclasses and e-courses. Learning from established bloggers earning a living from their blogs and work surrounding their blogs is ultimately what got the wheels turning for me and gave me the push I needed to taking blogging seriously and launch Avenue as a new platform. I had the push and the encouragement from the right people and now I can’t wait to share all I have learned myself with you guys!

I’ll be giving you an in-depth look at how I work as a stylist and photographer, how I make style choices, how I find stories in the everyday, how I photograph and how I got started in the industry. All of that and so much more is what I am currently putting down on paper for you and it’s all yours if you want it, and that’s not even touching on the whole course, because three other amazing teachers have a ton to show you too.

If you are thinking of starting a blog, are a start-up blogger looking to brush up on your photography and visual identity, are stuck in a rut with your blog and need some inspiration to push you in fresh new directions, then sign up for this course! It’s not expensive but will be so valuable for your business and brand.

Classes are now enrolling, so sign up and I’ll see you in class!

Oh, and that image above? It’s a sneak peek at a lovely bright bedroom restyle project that’ll be making it’s way over to the blog this week.

Holly x

Styling and Photography: Holly Marder for Avenue Lifestyle