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Featured in vtwonen Magazine!

February 24th, 2014

Hello! How are you all? I hope you had a great weekend! I am beyond excited to share with you a styling production that I did last year with photographer Jansje Klazinga, which is featured in the March 2014 issue of the Dutch interiors magazine vtwonen. But more than that, I was delighted to discover that the feature has made it to the front cover! I have been working with Jansje – sourcing, styling and writing about gorgeous homes for her to shoot – for several months now, and it’s been great fun. We have done several productions together, one of which was this crazy retro vintage home featured recently in the Volkskrant (major Dutch newspaper) magazine, but this beauty has been one of my favourite homes since I photographed it for the book project, and I’m thrilled to see it on the pages of vtwonen’s March issue. Take a look at some of my favorite snaps from the shoot and read a little bit about this home.

vtwonen March 2014 / Cover image: Photography Jansje Klazinga; Styling Holly Marder/Avenue LIfestyle

Rotterdam renovation / Photography by Jansje Klazinga, Styling by Holly Marder/Avenue Lifestyle

Rotterdam renovation / Photography by Jansje Klazinga, Styling by Holly Marder/Avenue Lifestyle Get the full scoop

Wedding Files: Inspiration for the Maids

February 13th, 2014

I am so grateful that my two sisters, two best friends and dear cousin will be joining me as I say my I Do’s. As the big day draws nearer and their flights have been booked, they are naturally looking for inspiration and  ideas for dresses, shoes and hair. Though I’ve been collecting inspiration on my Pinterest board for the last year, I decided to throw together a few moodboards for the girls to show them the kind of look and feel we are going for so that they can prepare a bit in advance. For those planning their own wedding and need a little inspiration in this particular department, I thought I’d share them for you to see too. So let’s get swept away by pretty stuff today!

Bridesmaids by Avenue Lifestyle

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Inside Scoop: Fresh and Colourful Dutch Family Home

February 11th, 2014

Kicking off a new week today with a bright and cheerful home! This time, it is the bright and cheerful home belonging to Nancy Berendsen, which I photographed last year my Decor8 column, Homes with Heart. The moment I stepped inside this Oostzaan, The Netherlands, abode, I was in love. Calm but colorful, eclectic but contemporary. It was all of those things and more. It was a feast for the eyes, so as you can imagine, a lot of clicking of the camera ensued and I’m excited to bring you the full scoop today. Just the ticket too because it’s starting to feel a lot like spring around these parts and this tour inspired me to boost the colour factor at home and start getting excited about the warmer temperatures that are on their way and will have us enjoying the outdoors in no time!

Amsterdam Home by Holly Marder / Avenue Lifestyle

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Kitchen Redesign on a Budget: The Inspiration!

February 6th, 2014

So it turns out planning a wedding and renovating simultaneously in the same five month period is rather tough. These last few weeks has been a little manic. Between living out of suitcases {and in the same room as our toddler}, an ever-growing, seemingly never-ending renovation to-do-list, piles of work that makes us both happy and tired at the end of each day and deadlines to meet before we welcome a bunch of guests from both here and abroad for the nuptials in May, we’re a little overwhelmed over here! But. This week we received the BEST news. My very dear friend, who’s an interior designer, has decided that we need an early wedding gift {I think out of fear that this wedding just might just not go ahead!}. She works with a contractor who has a team of able bodied men that do anything from painting to plastering and everything in between, so she has booked two said able bodied men to spend two days at our house to do anything we want. Anything! So having picked a few jobs that we both feel would have tested the boundaries of our relationship, we are now prepping the house for them, and they;re coming next week so we’re running around like headless chickens. I’ll tell you what we’ve got planned for them in a minute, but for now a slight curveball. Of course, when one sees progress in ones midst, one can’t help oneself from dreaming, so out of sheer excitement and hope, I threw together a few moodboards with inspiration for the kitchen redesign we are planning. On a budget. {A . Very . Tight . Budget} Curious?

Kitchen moodboard by Avenue Lifestyle

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Scenes of Tuscany: Florence

February 1st, 2014

So yesterday I took you on a tour of the hilly Chianti region of Tuscany. I hope you enjoyed those scenes of the Italian countryside. Today, it’s the city of Florence that caught my eye {or lens}, which is where I spent the fourth and last day of my Italian getaway. Wandering the pretty streets with my stylist/blogger pal Ciara and new friends Jacob and Annie who are a husband-and-wife photographer duo, I couldn’t help savoring the sights. So it is with much excitement that I bring you the second installment of my journey.

Florence by Holly Marder

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