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Fresh Flower Workshop

June 30th, 2014

Over the weekend I led a creative flower workshop at a lovely indie lifestyle festival called Fortfestijn. It was a breezy, sunny day so I set up a large table facing the front facade of the gorgeous festival location, where my workshop attendees got to work creating a gorgeous floral headband using fresh flowers.  Here’s a peek into our day!

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Bedroom Makeover: BEFORE & AFTER!

June 27th, 2014

I know I promised this a while ago. I had made the bedroom our project for the month of April, to coincide with a campaign I was participating in with the paint brand Histor. Excitedly, I took you through the inspiration I had put together as a starting point, followed swiftly by a before & during post a week later. I had intended to get the final tour of the finished room to you by the end of April, but then the wedding kinda… happened. Guests started arriving halfway through April and all plans I had of revealing the completed space took a nosedive as I geared up for my big day and soaked up the weeks surrounding. So my apologies for the delay, but I sincerely hope that this full scale bedroom tour well and truly makes up for it! So with much excitement, I present to you our new and very much improved bedroom!

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A Foraged Wild Bouquet

June 26th, 2014

This time of year in the Netherlands is so gorgeous, with wild flowers and grasses absolutely everywhere. This week I found inspiration in the wild blooms I keep seeing around me, and took some time out from work, hopped on the bike and went out to gather a wild bouquet. Sometimes you just need to get some fresh air and have a frolic ion the sunshine!

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Sneak Peek of Lola’s Bedroom

June 23rd, 2014

Hey guys! Did you have a fantastic weekend? I thought I’d share with you a few snaps taken during a recent shoot in Lola’s new bedroom for a project a very special friend has been working on in which she will be using Lola as her muse. Lola’s bedroom is by no means finished, but we made some progress in the week after the wedding and slowly but surely the space {which just 6 months ago sported orange vinyl floors and blood red walls} is starting to take shape and I’m really loving how light and fresh it’s looking these days.

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Inside Scoop: A Boho Beautiful Country Home

June 20th, 2014

Perhaps inspired by the Modern Bohemian Style post I wrote this week, but I couldn’t resist sharing this stunning home with you all today – a light and bright country home boasting exposed beams, minimalistic yet warm furnishings both old and new, and texture for days. I photographed this home on behalf of my Berlin based agent recently and what a treat it was. The owner of this home is a textile designer who clearly has an eye for colour, style and design. I particularly loved the home’s central living, dining area and kitchen. An eclectic mix of furniture with bold yet subtle hues makes this home pretty close to perfection for me.

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