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A Simple Table for Two

October 30th, 2015

Do you guys remember the workshops I gave at last year’s Engaged event? Last weekend was the third edition, taking place at the same location where I also had my own wedding, the industrial space Lijm en Cultuur in Delft, and for this edition I hosted four workshops spread over two days. My attendees were a mix of brides and wedding planners, all looking to seek inspiration and advice on styling and conceptualising a wedding from start to finish. Naturally, I shared images of my wedding but also got everyone thinking about identifying their own styles and building their ideas from a concept. I offered some styling tips and at the end they got to play with props and style a table setting for two using the tips they had learned.


They were then asked to take a picture of their table and share it either with me or, if they had an Instagram account, post it there with the hashtag #engagedstyle so that everyone could learn from each other. While they played, I wandered around offering advice and critiquing each setting. There was also a little competition – the person who designs the best table setting wins a one-on-one styling session in my studio, where they (either a bride-to-be or wedding planner) can share their wedding plans or current project with me and receive advice and ideas in a two hour session. The winner will be announced on Instagram later today but after everyone worked so hard to create such lovely tables and share them for everyone to see, I thought it only fair that I share my table too.

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The Great Outdoors

October 26th, 2015

Do you ever just throw on a backpack, some well worn shoes and hit the outdoors? The crisp fall air, the crunching of leaves underfoot and the adventure of the path unknown can be therapy to the soul. Being amongst nature, wandering, foraging and exploring are things I love to do this time of year with everything changing so beautifully around us, and so this beautiful collection of images shot on film by Hanke Arkenbout as part of a collaboration we did together a few weeks ago is really hitting the spot for me. How often do you hit the outdoors for a wander in your local forest or park? I did this past weekend with my little family, roaming our local forest on our bicycles stopping every so often to forage for dried grasses, foliage and berries. Perhaps today’s post will inspire your own weekend wander.


The forest itself served as inspiration enough for me and Hanke to team up for this shoot, but I realised while working on it that having recently seen the film ‘Wild‘ must have resonated with me on a deep level and inspired me more than I knew at the time.

In the movie, the main character and autobiographer Cheryl Strayed (played by Reece Witherspoon) embarked on a solo, three-month, hike along the Pacific Crest Trail covering some 1,100 miles of continuous wilderness with nothing but a backpack and little to no hiking experience.

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The Shopkeeper’s Home: Book Review

October 22nd, 2015

It’s always an incredible honour when my images are featured in print, but there’s something about having your work in a book that is very exciting and incredibly gratifying. I have had work featured in several issues of Caroline Rowland’s lovely 91 Magazine, but when she contacted me a while back asking whether she could use some images I took of an Amsterdam shop Harvest & Company for her book, my heart leapt a little in my chest. Several months down the line, I am thrilled not only to have a copy of her book The Shopkeeper’s Home in my hands, but to see my own work on it’s pretty pages. If you have a penchant for collected interiors and peeking into the home’s of the people who run some of the world’s most lovely independent shops, then this is the book for you. Below, some of my favourite shots from the book and a couple of the ones I took that feature in there too!

Final cover

The book’s author, Caroline, is the founding editor of the online publication 91 Magazine and the blog Patchwork Harmony. Her love of vintage and design led her to write this book and you can see from each page how much love and and passion for the subject she poured into this project. She has a true affection for collected spaces that rely heavily on antique, vintage and industrial elements so it’s no surprise that the interiors and shops she hand selected to feature in  her book share a connection to these styles.

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Mornings Like These…

October 13th, 2015

Sometimes the most uncelebrated, ordinary activity can be so beautifully fulfilling that we wonder why it is that we don’t do it more often. The cold, fall air is official here in The Netherlands and the so is the windchill, and all I feel like doing on the chilly mornings we’ve been getting is snuggling up in bed doing very close to nothing. It’s hard though, to do nothing. To savour the smallest moments pr activites and be OK with them, as they are. Without reaching for our phones. In the fast paced lives most of us lead, simply taking the time to slow down and just be, to linger a little longer in the comforts of bed with a warm but simple breakfast, fresh brewed coffee and a newspaper can feed the soul in a thousand different ways. In the quiet of the morning, during those first hours of the day, time stands still. After spending a couple of days doing pretty much what you see below after a little adventure in the operating theatre at my local hospital (nothing too serious, not to worry), I thought it was a good time to share this editorial I styled and photographed with food stylist Ajda Mehmet a few months ago because those moments in bed have healed me immeasurably.



“Time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like…ordinary life.” – Brian Andreas

This editorial is all about celebrating simplicity, doing something very ordinary but taking the time to savour the moment, enjoy each heavenly sip of coffee after each bite of warm, citrus infused French toast. No hurry, no deadlines, no noise. Just the calm, quiet still of the early morning.

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Meet Hausmerk + A GIVEAWAY!

October 8th, 2015

Hey guys, not sure if you know them already but there’s a new kid on the block and they do really a small range of minimalistic and beautiful homewares I think you’ll love as much as I do. Meet HAUSMERK. They are a Belgian label based in Brussels, founded by design duo Mimy A. Diar and Ad Luijten. Today I want to introduce you to these cool cats by sharing some shots of my favourite products in their range styled in my own home. And we all like a giveaway, so after you’ve read all about them and their story and design process below, head down below to see how you could win one a gorgeous SOIL ‘Bird of Paradise’ illustrations printed on wood. There are two up for grabs!


// What is the background behind Hausmerk and how long have you been in business? Who are the designers?

Hausmerk started off as a spin-off project of Beaverhausen, our design studio where we create designs for international design editors. In 2014 we decided to design several small home accessories that we could market ourselves. But for this project we wanted to operate under a different name. The name Hausmerk is derived from the Dutch word ‘huismerk’. For us it doesn’t only mean ‘home brand’ but it’s also the private label of our design studio Beaverhausen.

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