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Porto in Three Days

June 29th, 2016

Hi guys! I am back in the studio again after several weeks of traveling for a couple of exciting work assignments – first to Miami for a new interior design project (will show you more on that soon), and most recently to Marrakech on a small purchasing-slash-shenanigans trip with a very dear friend. Before that, I was in Mallorca with my family for a little getaway for my 30th birthday and before that I hit Porto, Portugal, for three days of fun with nine girlfriends! It’s been a busy time, packing and repacking my bags, kissing my family goodbye several times and saying hello to adventure. I didn’t take my camera with me to Mallorca, Miami or Marrakech (the three M’s of 2016) – I wanted to put all of my energy into either the work that led me to those places, or to my family. I did however squeeze it into my bag for the Porto trip and, one afternoon, took some snaps while wandering the artfully paved streets to snap some sights.


This trip was a group holiday that I go on each year with eight of my Dutch girlfriends. Each time, two out of nine ladies organise the trip on behalf of the group, making bookings, deciding on restaurants, theatre shows, activities, flights and accommodation so that the rest can relax and enjoy and there aren’t too many cooks! It works really well, and this year was  my turn to organise, which I did with two friends from the group. The budget is always small and the goal is getting as much out of the weekend as possible! In case you are considering a city trip this summer, I would highly recommend Porto. It is a charming city along a large river that boasts beautiful historical architecture, fabulous seafood, Port by the barrelful and a nightlife that had me swaying into the wee hours of the morning. Below, some of my holiday snaps, with some tips on what to see and do. Bon voyage!  Get the full scoop

One room, Two Ways: Basic vs Bold

June 2nd, 2016

Hey guys! In case you are wondering why things have been exceptionally quiet over here, I am currently in Miami working on the redesign of a spacious condo for a new client. I have been working on the designs for the past few weeks and now I am over here for a week to meet the contractor, fine tune the designs and select everything we need to kick start the renovations (walls, floors, hardware, fixtures & fittings, a custom kitchen and three bathrooms, lighting, window dressings – the LOT). So needless to say, that project has been taking up a lot of headspace lately, but I wanted to stop by with a tiny bit of inspiration in between deciphering between thousands of tile options, sweating my socks off in genuine heat and humidity, and racing around from store to store making decisions. Remember the Project H bedroom reveal I showed you recently? I thought it might be fun to show you some more snaps I took of this space when we were styling it and show you how to do one room two ways with just a couple of accessories.


For this project I had brought in several different accessories for my client, who doesn’t like being tied down to one look and wanted to be able to swap and change the look of the space with a few accessories. We had various pillow covers, cushions and blankets to play with and on installation day we played with all those options to see how they alter the room each time. So here it is, one room done two ways – basic and bold! And the best part of all? A ‘Shop the Look’ down below for those who would love to snag  bedroom like this for themselves – and there were lots of you who wanted to know where to get some of the items we used. Get the full scoop