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Pillow Giveaway: FEST Amsterdam!

September 27th, 2016

Hey guys! You remember Lola’s bedroom tour from a couple weeks ago? Today I am excited to introduce a brand to you which you may or may not have heard of called FEST Amsterdam, who’s pretty pillows we used in the design of Lola’s room. FEST is a young Dutch interior label that offers pretty pieces for the home from furniture to accessories. Punchy colours and sleek, Nordic inspired designs are what makes this label distinct. Their pillow collection is delightful and today I’m excited to be able to give away the two gorgeous pillows below to one lucky reader!

Avenue Lifestyle | FEST Amsterdam

Graphic, textured and whimsical, these pillows are simply to cute to pass up. Love them as much as I do? Scroll down to find out this set could be yours. But first, a little about this fun, young label because if you don’t know about them, you should because not only do they make charming products but their entrepreneurial founder is super inspiring too.

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Munich Botanical Gardens

September 26th, 2016

While I was in Munich a couple of weeks ago attending the ‘Best of Interior Blogs’ awards ceremony, I decided to spend day two doing something with my little girl Lola that we could both enjoy. I had been invited by the German publishers Callwey Verlag to the botanical gardens to attend the book launch of Igor Josifovic and Judith de Graaf‘s fabulous new book ‘Urban Jungle‘ however sadly we didn’t land until the afternoon. As much as I would have loved attending – especially given that my big IG girl crush Anastasia Benko was hosting a floral workshop which I knew would be breathtaking AND my pal Gudy Herder was giving a trend talk I would have loved to see – we just didn’t make it. We had left the house at four o’clock that morning and by the time we arrived it was the late afternoon and I had a tired toddler on my hands. We set out and went for cake and cappuccino’s instead but I kept an eye on my Instagram feed for updates of the event and with all the beautiful snaps of the botanical gardens streaming in I made a promise to Lola that we would go there the next day, since we had an entire day to burn before flying home on the Saturday night.


We started our day with a leisurely breakfast on the terrace of our hotel. We stayed at Bold Hotel, a lovely place to stay if you’re visiting Munich, with very pretty interior design. After breakfast, we jumped on the metro and made our way over to the Botanical Gardens at Nymphenburg. We decided the gardens were so near to Nymphenburg Palace that it would be silly not to stroll the palace grounds before making our way to the botanical gardens. Lola was delighted to spot a bride posing behind the palace, and loved racing down the pathways with bare feet. And gosh, what we found once we arrived at the greenhouses I had been desperate to visit was nothing short of breathtaking. Get the full scoop

Best of Interior Blogs Award 2016

September 14th, 2016

Hey guys! You may have seen on Instagram that I spent the weekend in Munich, Germany. I went down to attend and celebrate the book launch of another beautiful book I collaborated on this year – ‘Best of Interior‘ the third book in the series ‘Wohnen aus dem wahren leben’ produced by the German publishing house Callwey Verlag. The book features the work of 15 talented European interior design bloggers, their photography, ideas and trend forecasts for the coming year. To coincide with the book launch, Callwey honoured the contributing interior bloggers with an award ceremony to recognise the creative work they are doing. I am thrilled to have been not only nominated for an award (along with the 15 book contributing bloggers) but am deeply honoured to have won one of them too!


The deciding jury consisted of Gudy Herder, a trend and interior expert from Barcelona, Ricarda Nieswandt, who reports about interiors on her blog 23QM Still, and Happy Interior blogger Igor Josifovic. Together they selected the three best submissions in the categories Best Creative Idea, Best Individual Style and Blog of the Year Get the full scoop

Project H Studio Reveal: Before & After

September 11th, 2016

Hey guys! Do you remember the Project H Bedroom Before & After? Sloped ceilings, a palette of nudes and naturals, dramatically draped  bedside pendants and bed linens to make your heart skip two beats? Yes, that one. Well today I am excited to show you another completed room in this lovely penthouse apartment near Amsterdam, the Project H Studio Reveal! Complete with a few before’s, a ton of after’s and a Shop the Look at the bottom of the post, I have every confidence you’re going to love this fresh, green, minimalist home office as much as I loved creating it. Let’s go!


Like the bedroom next door, this was a challenging space to design around because of it’s sloped ceilings that curve from 3 meters at it’s highest point on the one side of the room to almost down to the floor on the other. What the space really needed was storage space to house the client’s clothing (since there is no hanging wardrobe space in the bedroom, if you remember), the printer/scanner and other unsightly office supplies, and a clever solution for her cat litter trays and other bits and pieces we all tend to accumulate over time. Here’s a look at the space as it was when I was called in: Get the full scoop

Decorate for a Party

September 5th, 2016

As a columnist for Holly Becker’s blog decor8 for the last three years, I am probably a little biased, but you cannot deny that Ms Becker is a incredibly talented, creative and bursting with drive and passion. She has been in the blogging biz for a decade and has authored several books on decorating. I continue to write my column ‘Homes with Heart‘ on her blog with joy each month and have always been honoured that she regards my work as good enough to feature on the pages of decor8. So when she asked to shoot some stories for her latest book, which she has co-authored with the delightful and equally talented Leslie Shewring, I was absolutely over the moon. After many months of hard work, it brings me so much joy to share a few peeks inside their book Decorate for a Party: Stylish and Simple Ideas for Meaningful Gatherings published by Jacqui Small / Quarto, available now on pre-order.


This is Holly Beckers’ fourth book alongside Decorate which she wrote in 2011 and Decorate Workshop, written in 2012), and the second she has authored with Leslie after the success of Decorate with Flowers. What an accomplishment! When I started photographing about five years ago (more out of necessity than anything else in the beginning), I never imagined I would one day have my work showcased in a book, let alone one belonging to two women I have long admired. Capturing spaces, people and scenes has become not only internal to the work that I do as a stylist but also a passion and appreciation that runs deep into my heart and soul. I have worked hard to build up my skill with no formal training, and being asked to collaborate in this capacity on a project this beautiful is so deeply gratifying that I could almost burst. Get the full scoop

Lola’s Bedroom: Before & After!

September 3rd, 2016

Hey everyone! I have been dying to share this space with you for, well, about two and a half years in fact. It is a sweet little girl’s bedroom belonging to my daughter, Lola, and it has been in the making for a really long time. I am a little ashamed to admit how long this project has taken me to complete, but in all honesty, with a full schedule of interior design and photography projects on the go, I end up putting my own home and house to-do list on the back burner. Some things just a little time, and thankfully Lola has been a pretty laid back customer and hasn’t minded the delay. During the summer break, I made Lola’s bedroom my focus and I am thrilled to finally, finally share this sweet space with you. You might remember I shared a sneak peek of it a while back (like, two years ago #mybad). Well brace yourselves for an epic before and after, folks. This one was a long time coming, but with this tour I hope I’ve well and truly made up for it!


Quick recap: We bought our home 2.5 years ago and have been slowly renovating and decorating it ever since. A lot happened in the first few months, as it always does, and then the pace slowed down while we recuperated after getting married, buying a house and replacing our car all in the same 5 month period. Though we’ve done things in between – painting the staircase/hallway, bringing in new furniture, and doing some exterior work – we seem to have really picked up the pace these last couple of months and are moving quite quickly again. We’ve been working in the kitchen, living room and garden and I will share these spaces with you in the coming few months. I shared our bedroom last summer, then my studio tour went live a few months ago, I did a studio update more recently and now I am excited we have wrapped up another room and that our sweet Lola loves it every bit as much as we do.
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