An Earthy Christmas at Mine


Well, this is it guys, the last post for the year! It’s been another amazing year filled with travel, family gatherings, incredible friends, exciting work opportunities, milestones and so much more. A whole lot to be grateful for, despite one or two heartaches. This year, we will be spending Christmas together, as a family and with friends. I am not really into Christmas as I find it to be a bit commercial and I am certainly not big on Christmas decorating. I always feels as though my house has been taken over by sparkly things and a giant tree and usually can’t wait to get my home back to normal by the time December 26 hits. Come to think of it, I find the act of cutting a tree down to hang shiny things on it, only to watch it slowly die and then chop it not little pieces so you can fit it in the garden container, to be a very strange pastime. Am I the only one? Nonetheless, we do it every year because try as I might, I can’t shake that tiny but of magic that Christmas time brings with it each year, and in any case, a Christmas tree certainly excuses having the Michael Bublé Christmas album on repeat for four weeks straight. So I thought I’d show you how I’ll be decorating our Christmas table this year – earthy, natural and simple, with pieces brought back from our recent travels to South Africa and a tiny bit of sparkle.


For Christmas dinner this year, we’ll be doing a roast chicken with an African spice mix I’ve been wanting to try, some steamed baby green beans and asparagus, new potatoes tossed in butter and herbs, and crusty bread with cheeses and chutney. I am doing a simple meal because I plan to relax these holidays and take it very easy. It is nice to make the table look and feel a bit special but I don’t really do cheesy Christmas scenes, so I decided to give our Christmas setup an ethnic twist for something a little different, while keeping everything very simple and natural. 








To decorate the walls, I hung some woven baskets I brought home from South Africa and created a very simple little wreath using dried grasses I had on hand from this shoot I did recently. My assistant Marieke worked with me to create simple circles using pliable branches we found outside, joining them together at the ends with florist wire. We then took a few dried grass stems and attached them one by one with florist wire. It really is the simplest thing to do, festive but not kitsch!










How will you guys be spending the holidays? Anyone celebrating away from home? Whatever your plans are, I wish you a beautiful Christmas and a very happy new year.

Spot something you love? Here’s the resource list: Dinner plates | Blue jug Ferm Living | Brass salad servers | Cutlery: vintage | Brass candlesticks | Linen napkins | Grass baskets, wooden bowls and dipped ceramic bowl: from South Africa | Little chutney bowls | Marble and wood cheese board | Glassware | Cafe LightsBlack and white mug | With thanks to Wonen me LEF

Much love, and have a fabulous Christmas!

Holly x

Photography & styling : Avenue Lifestyle | Styling assistance: Marieke Velthuis

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  1. Kerri says:

    Merry Christmas, Holly! I too enjoy getting my house put back together asap but I enjoy decorating the tree with my children and reading under the lights after the kids are in bed. And Micheal Buble is a must ? I also can’t wait to see all the beautiful projects 2016 will bring you!

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