An Evening of Art with Friends


A good friend of mine who is an artist recently came up with an idea to host an evening of art in her garden. While I am not exactly a budding artist, I do appreciate art and have always wanted to try my hand at an abstract painting. So I recently took up the challenge and on a balmy summer evening, the three if us sat to create over a bottle of rosé. It was so much fun! I have not felt that relaxed in a long time. Whether that was because of the wine, I do not know, but it was just what I needed. Some time taken for myself, to sit, unwind and create with my pals. Here’s what we got up to!




It was all set up so beautifully. My friend has a huge collection of art supplies and made everything available to us for the evening, including the canvases. When we arrived, her outdoor table was set up and ready for us to get stuck in! I must admit, I needed a few sips of wine to relax a bit and get into the mood. As it happens, abstract art is no easy feat!




My attempt at abstract art wasn’t the success I was envisioning, partly because I underestimated how difficult it is to do paint abstract. I am a perfectionist (and ever-so-slight control freak!) by nature, so had to almost unlearn that very innate part of my character and give into the moment, which was pretty hard to do! My art and illustrations board on Pinterest is filled with the most gorgeous artworks that seem so easy to try, but I have learned that abstract art is very psychological. I will try again without thinking to much, but wondered whether my two-year-old might do a better job!





My friend Neele is an industrial designer and while I knew she was creative, I never knew she had such a steady hand. I loved watching her create this delicate piece from acrylic paint and newspaper, with a sweet little bird painted onto it.



Sarah, the friend who organised our little art evening was working on a layered piece for a client with butterflies and shades of pink. She did such a great job hosting and hope she plans to invite us all over on a regular basis!

Tell me: Do you do things like this with your friends? What activities help you to unwind?

Have a great week!

Holly x


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  1. I’ve been thinking about inviting friends over for arty evenings myself and this post is such an inspiration! My friends always seem quite sceptical about painting, I will have to convince them! Thanks for motivating me

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