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Happy Monday everyone! It’s blowing a gale here in Delft today {the tree in my neighbour’s garden is literally leaning sideways!} and I am feeling grateful to be in the warmth of my cosy home. It’s a perfect day to roam the net, search for inspiration, plan the week and tick a few things off the to-do list. We get the keys to our new house this Friday, so I have started to plan for a busy few weeks ahead of painting and sanding, packing and carting boxes, nesting and getting settled in a new home. It’s an exciting time and we are so eager to move into a place that is all ours.

Naturally, with a new house in sight, I am pinning like a crazy person on Pinterest, and my eyes are always on the lookout for styles to incorporate into our new home. But with a wedding in just over 6 months, creating our perfect home will be a slow process {slow is not a word that sits very well with me}, but I am getting excited about small things we can do and add to our new home that won’t cost the earth. I am crazy about Sukha Amsterdam, a lifestyle boutique filled with gorgeous items for the home and body crafted in Nepal and India. What I love about Sukha products is that they are made from pure and natural materials. Wood, wool, linen, cotton and cashmere form a collection truly beautiful collection of accessories and also fashion items. I also love the origin of the name Sukha, which translates to Joy of Life in Sanskrit. If the name alone makes you smile, wait til’ you see the products!




I am always curious as to how a company like this came about so today I want to share the Sukha story with you. Founders and designers Irene Mertens and Sam IJsbrandy journeyed to the poorest regions in India and Nepal where they jointly developed the Atelier Sukha product line-up with local communities. They now have several small handicraft companies creating rugs, pillows, blankets and also special one-off pieces such as chandeliers. The Nepalese women make the knitted products for Sukha, while the men craft rugged wooden benches with warm quilted blankets. Cotton and linen crafts happen in India with care and attention.

I love the ideology behind the brand. Atelier Sukha invests in these local economies, helping to create a better life for the workers and their families by staying loyal and committing to regular orders crafted at a fair price. Atelier Sukha is all about pure and natural elements grown locally following ecological principles. The products look and feel as if they have been crafted by the skilled hands of the Nepalese and Indian people who have poured their heart and soul in them. They are classic, durable and sustainable. I think this world of ours could use more brands like Sukha to lead the way!

sukha 4



If you are in the area, be sure to drop into the gorgeous Atelier Sukha shop in downtown Amsterdam to admire the gorgeous products and learn the stories attached to each product. For those reading this from afar, they also have a lovely webshop to satisfy your online shopping urges.

Have a great Monday!

Holly x

Images courtesy of Atelier Sukha 

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  1. Igor says:

    One of my big wishes yet to come true is a visit to Atelier Sukha!!!!! So lovely!

  2. The most beautiful ideology and product designs I have seen for ages. Love everything there. The team is so involved and most of all so lovely ♡…. You have it: I ♡ Sukha ! (and love to work with them)

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