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Hello and happy new year to you all! I hope you are feeling well and rested after a cruisy two weeks over the holidays and are rearing to go for a brilliant 2016. I really needed the rest and took it like a BOSS and now my hands are itching to get back into it. I thought I’d kick off the year with a little bit of news from behind the scenes here and share with you a fun new video I had made for the blog by the talented videographer Koen Folkerts of Narratief. Over the last little while you may have noticed things are looking a bit different on the blog lately. After nearly three years, I decided it was time to freshen up the blog and simplify things a bit. Styles evolve and change as our environment changes, and working in such a visual field I felt it was important to update some visual aspects of the blog as time goes on. Today I am going to walk you through the most recent changes, though we plan to add more little updates to help you to navigate this blog better in the next few months and leave you with a bit of a giggle as you watch my new video!


Back when I launched my blog and business, my style was a little romantic and very feminine. Not that’s it’s not nowadays, I would still classify my style as both of those things but I tend to be more drawn nowadays to simplicity through styles, texture, materials, graphic details, delicate patterns and muted to minimalistic colour palettes. Over the holidays I received (finally!) the beautiful book The Kinfolk Home for Christmas and found that so many aspects of the design aesthetic represented in the book resonated with me, and though I have simplifying things in many aspects of my life, this book inspired me on a deep level and has had me thinking differently about the way I see and experience home and the things I fill it with.

One glance at my Pinterest boards (a few screen shots below) and you’ll see what I mean >




All those bright white, clean lines, fresh spaces and subtle textures are really appealing to me. There’s a sense of minimalism to the styles above, with an overarching sensibility towards pattern, line, texture through woods, ceramics, plants and flowers, fabrics and an underlying subtlety. Light but textured. Loving it.

Below, a peek at the old look of the blog to jog your memory. I loved all the pretty details back when we first designed this about with my designer Avec Pleijsier and I still think what we came up with was cute and fresh at the time, but it was time for a change! To make the changes I wanted to clean up the blog, I enlisted the help of graphic and web designer Merel de Neve (who also owns a gorgeous little interiors boutique called Hello Blackbird) and together we began to edit things down a bit. That’s basically all we have done, but there is still some tweaking to do.

2. Avenue Lifestyle


You’ll notice I have updated the header to a cleaner, lighter and more simple design. I loved the font of the old logo – it was painted using watercolour so had some lovely texture to it, yet was still very graphic and simple – but wanted a cleaner first impression. We removed the grey background and (cheesy!) by-line and I am now much happier with this simpler version.

We did some smaller updates also, editing down the colour palette, removing the textured background and green stitch lines between posts and the washi tape elements, we swapped out the old ‘About’ label design with something simpler, and updated the social media icons.

We also added a new search bar so you can search your favourite posts, and there’s an updated subscribe bar where you can plug in your email address and receive all my new posts you your inbox.

On the whole, it’s all a lot cleaner and a lot more me! What do you guys think?

And finally, we have added something a little personal to this blog of mine – a video! I hired my good friend Koen Falkerts of Narrative to document a little video with a bit of me chatting about who I am, what I do and a peek behind into the studio. I of course feel completely ridiculous sharing this with so many people, but here goes:

I clearly struggle taking myself seriously. And I always giggle when I’m nervous (and drink cocktails)! In any case, ridiculous as I may be, and I’m about a 9 on a scale of one to ten in the realm of ridiculousness BUT I can’t wait to fire up the engines in this brand new year. I have a lot of plans that involve more room makeovers (I have a big stack of client work that has piled up that I can’t wait to show you), beautiful collaborations, workshops, home tours, my 30th birthday coming up in March (!!) and lots more. I am looking forward to sharing it with all with you as the year unfolds, and am deeply grateful to your ongoing support as I enter my third year authoring this blog.

Holly x

11 Responses to “AVENUE news to welcome 2016”

  1. Maryse says:

    Love the redesign and the video! Wishing you a lovely and succesful 2016 and hope to be able to attend one of those workshops :-)!

  2. allysia says:

    High fives to being born in 1986, and turning 30 this year (I’m up in October)! Your video is great, you’re very well-spoken. Here’s to great things in 2016!

  3. Tracy Gooding says:

    Lovely Holly! Love everything you do! I too was born in SA (now in Canada)! Thanks so much for beautiful content and love your aesthetic! Love Tracy

  4. Ledya says:

    Holly…. Happy New Year. Congratulations for the new design. I am following your blog almost 2 years & feel a connection probably because I also adore simplicity, minimalist style & design.

  5. Huub Ricardo says:

    I just found your blog through a friend and I’m loving it. I also did a re-design of the blog and I’m loving how it’s turned out. So happy that I found this blog. Really liked the video. Awesome work you’re doing. Inspiration to me 🙂

  6. I love this Holly! You are not ridiculous at all, you look happy, real and inviting! 🙂
    The blog looks great, fits your style perfectly. I am working on a restyle too (it must be a 1986 thing ;)), even I am ready for more light and simplicity *shock*. 2016 will be a wonderful year, let’s meet up soon to make it even better! 🙂 xx

  7. Audrey pesson says:

    What is the name of this piece of art !?!?

    Thanks in advance!!

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