Beautiful Bedrooms for Little Girls


My good friend Tessa Weerdenburg, one of the two interior designers behind Nu interieur|ontwerp, recently had her three little girl’s bedrooms featured in a beautiful children’s interiors book called Mini Woonboek, compiled by Tom Cole of the interiors blog, Woonblog. I have loved Tessa’s home for years now, and in particular, the bedrooms of her daughters Roos, Lieve and Bente. When I saw the images Tom had made for his book, I just had to share them. Each sweet space is positively brimming with personality, Tessa’s delicate decorating and hand made touches.

Roos Pijnacker DSC_4674

Tas-ka {in the same print as the cushion in my bedroom tour!}. The bed is a design by Nu interieur|ontwerp.

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Roos 1

Roos Pijnacker DSC_4643

Roos Pijnacker DSC_4710

Roos Pijnacker DSC_4657

Roos Pijnacker DSC_4684

Roos Pijnacker DSC_4670


Lieve Pijnacker DSC_4603

Lieve Pijnacker DSC_4571

Lieve 1

Lieve Pijnacker DSC_4594

Lieve Pijnacker DSC_4583

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Tessa’s decorating relies largely on a clean, white backdrop allowing individual items and details to take centre stage. Roos’ bedroom is every bit as charming as Lieve’s, with bright pops of blue and shades of brown weaving their way into a neutral palette. I adore the little oak push pins above Roos’ desk. They are part of a new line of pins by Nu interieur|ontwerp inspired by washi tape but made out of various types of wood. You can see them in my studio here and here.

Bente Pijnacker DSC_4812

bente 1 Bente Pijnacker DSC_4774

Bente Pijnacker DSC_4786

Bente Pijnacker DSC_4768

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Bente’s bedroom is such a sweet, cheerful space, with pops of salmon pink and yellow. Her bedroom has a clever built-in bed with storage and a cubby house underneath, a genius use of space if you have little bedrooms.

Thank you Tessa, for showing us through your girl’s gorgeous bedrooms! They are truly lovely and have certainly inspired me as I decorate my little Lola’s bedroom {you can see a sneak peek I posted a while back here}.

Which room is your favourite? 

See also: Tessa’s country cottage and her business partner Nathalie’s cosy cottage in the Dutch countryside.

Holly x

// Image credits: Tom Cole for Mini Woonboek

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  1. Yvonne says:

    Ok that’s it, I want to have kids now!!!!!

  2. Megan J. says:

    Where can I find the gray and white cloud bedding with mustard spots? Or where can I find something very similar?

  3. Lucia L. says:

    It is amazing. You use the simplest and not-so-bright colors but make very beautiful and delicate rooms. Personally, I like the style very much. I am a person who are very bad at color combination in a space. Though I am a frequent visitor at art websites and recently is deciding to choose what’s kind of painting from for my dinning room, still got no ideas. Will read more articles on your blog to help me choose a best one.

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