Bedroom Makeover: Before & During!


Hi guys! A couple of weeks ago I shared a project I have been working on with the help of Histor. You can catch up on that post here. When the paint company Histor launched a new campaign offering people 20 minutes of free live advice from one of their trained stylist’s throughout April, I jumped on board. As you might know, we purchased our first home last November and have been working on fixing it up. It was in a bit of a sorry state but it’s a 1920s row house with some lovely original details and lots of natural light. As we have been bedroom hopping for the last 5 months while we work on the house, I thought that some advice and a solid deadline would go in handy and decided to make April the month of slapping our bedroom into shape.

I shared an inspiration board with you in the last post, but just to recap, this is what I am heading towards this month:

Bedroom Inspiration by Avenue Lifestyle

So with that lovely, light, bright and cool inspiration in mind, I’m back today to share the before and during shots with you! You ready? I wouldn’t normally post awful before shots but for the sake of this project, I thought you’d appreciate the full scoop. They are a little scary so brace yourself but here goes!

Bedroom Make-over Avenue Lifestyle BEFORE

So there you have it. The room, which is not very large, has two lovely original wooden framed windows that we wanted to be a feature in the room. For the to happen, some colour had to go!

Pretty much every surface in this room was painted in a different colour when we bought the house. The walls were bright orange and cerise pink , the wooden window frames were painted bright yellow and the ceiling was a soft shade of lilac. The original wooden floorboards were hiding beneath a dirty layer of orange vinyl. If there’s one colour that I just do not do, it’s orange. So that was the first thing to go!

Bedroom Make-over Avenue Lifestyle BEFORE

To get the space feeling fresh, we needed white paint, and a LOT of it. We wanted to get the space back to a white and bright space that we could layer in subtle colour and texture and create a soothing bedroom. Once the vinyl was out the window we cleaned, sanded and painted the floors white, and had the walls plastered as some of them were in really back condition, crumbling to the floor as a slight touch. We then painted the walls and wooden window frames white, as well as the ceiling to open up the space and promote light!

Bedroom Make-over Avenue Lifestyle DURING

With a clean slate to work with, I was excited to receive some advice from one of the stylists at Histor about how to get those awful heating pipes a little less visible and get a second opinion on the colour scheme. After our conversation, I received all I needed to get started.

Bedroom Make-over Avenue Lifestyle DURING

Old European homes usually have exposed heating pipes and radiators, which aren’t the prettiest but can easily be disguised with a lick of paint. After being advised to thoroughly clean the pipes and radiators to remove any dust or oil, give them a gentle sanding to roughen the surface, I applied two layers of Histor Radiatorlak Acryl which has a lovely chalky finish. It was a task that I had been putting off and it was done in a matter of an hour. And the results are much better. Once the furniture is in, we won’t even notice them. To give the room some contrast, I used a pale grey colour on one wall surrounding the door.

I am so happy that this space is finally ready for us to move in. I’ll be back next week to share the ‘After’ photos of the space with our stuff in it.

If you are contemplating a DIY project and don’t know where to being, Histor are still offering free live advice via Skype, FaceTime or over the phone, giving both technical and aesthetic advice and tips. Sometimes even the simplest project can lead to stress as well as wasted time and materials so if you’re based in the Netherlands jump online and book your session.

See you back here for that soon!

Holly x

Image credits: Holly Marder / Avenue Lifestyle

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  1. lilly says:

    simply love the redo! so bright and calming… what
    kind of colour did u use for the floor? histor, too,
    I take it?


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  3. […] image 1 via Avenue Lifestyle image 2 via PR Blonde image 3 via Pop Sugar image 4 via Instagram@SimplySpaced […]

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  5. Louise says:

    Beautiful !!
    Which Grey from F&B did you use om the Grey wall

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