Bedroom Restyle with Histor: The Inspiration


Hey guys! Do you remember the Piet Hein Eek / Histor collaboration I participated in last year? I was asked to style and paint my very own limited edition designer cabinet using Histor’s lovely paints for a special campaign they were running at the time. The results were lovely and I really enjoyed doing it, so when Histor asked me to collaborate on a new campaign they are running this month, I was quick to agree! Starting today and throughout the month of April they are offering those undertaking a DIY job the opportunity to receive 20 minutes of live advice from a Histor stylist via Skype, FaceTime or over the phone, giving both technical and aesthetic advice and tips. I think it’s a fabulous idea because sometimes even the simplest project can lead to stress as well as wasted time and materials.

When I was approached by Histor, an idea was born to turn this collaboration into a renovation related challenge! As you know, we have been fixing up our house since we bought it last November, and  have been bedroom hopping ever since while we work on some of the other rooms. It hasn’t been ideal, and sometimes you just need a kick up the bum and a deadline to make some serious progress. For me, that kick up the bum presented itself in the form of this collaboration.

Bedroom Inspiration by Avenue Lifestyle

Our bedroom was in serious need of a restyle. When we bought the house, every single surface was painted in a different colour. The walls were bright green, orange, cerise pink and cobalt blue, the wooden window frames were painted bright yellow and the ceiling was purple. Yes, purple. (What the…?!) In fact it wasn’t even until we had three of the walls replastered that we actually noticed the colour of the ceiling, because the rest of the space was so overbearingly colourful! We have spent so much time and effort over the last couple of months turning that crazy space into the clean, white and bright space that I knew it could be. We stripped the orange vinyl floors and revealed the regional wooden floorboards. We cleaned, sanded and painted the floors white (the old wood wasn’t in the best condition so painting them was really our only option besides replacing them altogether). We have painted the walls and wooden window frames white, as well as the ceiling (that wasn’t a fun job!).

So now we have a clean slate to work with, I have naturally been wondering what to do with the room. I tend to be rather indecisive, and my style can change from one moment to the next, so getting some live advice from a stylist in the colour department (and testing the ideas I originally had on her) was super helpful. I knew I wanted a crisp, white base, but wanted to add some moody tones and texture to the space, while keeping it minimalist because the room isn’t all that large. I am rather drawn to deep blues at the moment, combined with natural textures such as the beautiful bed linen from Couleur Locale, perhaps some romantic touches such as some crocheted lace and maybe even a vintage kilim floor rug eventually with rusted, muted tones. So with this moodboard, a little sneak peek into what I’m working towards.

Over the coming month, while the Histor Live Advice campaign is running, I will be whipping our new bedroom into shape. A fun challenge with a deadline! In the next post I will walk you through what I will actually be doing and after that, I will reveal the shocking before pics, the less shocking during pics and finally some images of the (mostly) finished space. Sound like fun?

Is anyone else in the midst of a renovation and would like to share your experience or tips with me? Are any of you tackling your own DIY project at home?

Those based in the Netherlands that might just be in need of some  advice on colours and methods, make sure you jump online and book your free live advice session with your own stylist and make it happen! I am excited to see what my blogger pal Souraya from Binti Home comes up with after her live session. She’s got something really pretty in the making!

Holly x

Image credits: Moodboard compiled by Avenue Lifestyle; (from top left, clockwise) 1. Heidi Lerkenfeldt;  2. Toast; 3. Couleur Locale; 4. colour swatches via House Beautiful; 5. Madeylnn Furlong of wide eyed legless

3 Responses to “Bedroom Restyle with Histor: The Inspiration”

  1. Liubou says:

    Hi Holly! It was nice to meet you another day:) BTW pic’s of this event are in my blog.
    Now you got me truly excited about the challenge. As we are making now everything in the house, starting from balcony, walk in closet and then bedroom. The floors in the bedroom are also colored in white, but the rest of the house is having brown hardwood floors. I am still convincing my other half to color everything in white there:) xxx

    • Holly says:

      Hi Liubou! Yes, lovely meeting you at the Simply Slow event. Good luck with your renovation projects. Sounds like you have a lot of work to do, and I will be looking forward to seeing the results! Holly x

  2. Ashley says:

    Great post! Beautiful results. Can you share the paint colour with us? I’ve been looking for a soothing white for my small apartment.


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