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As you know, I hosted two photography workshops in my home in January called Inspire Sessions, alongside Hanke Arkenbout. Together, we are welcoming a another 19 people into my home next week and are just as excited as we were with the first two sessions! There’s something so special about being able to truly inspire people, and in such a simple way. Our afternoon sessions are all about having the confidence and making the time to shoot in your home, to look beyond the way you would normally photograph and learn some new tricks along the way with a community of other photographers.


I admittedly don’t get as excited about my own home as I see a thousand flaws followed swiftly by a hefty mental to-do list of all the things I still want to do to my interior before I deem it finished, or even inspiring, and then put off taking photographs because it’s not ‘ready’. But it was so energising watching our attendees so inspired by my home, shooting the hell out of every tiny detail, that I decided to pick up my camera and allow myself to take some of my own home, in my own time and with my own perspective. 

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In this collection of images are some that I captured during the session and then some I took later on in my one time.

What constantly amazes me is how many different ways a space and the objects within a space can be seen. Every single one of the photographers had their own way of shooting, their own perspective, created their own mood with the same set of props! It made me realise that we are not competitors at all, but can really learn from each other, and that is what the sessions are all about. I will share my favourite images taken during all four of our sessions in the next few weeks so you can see the beautiful work they all produced.





Favourite details of my kitchen include my gorgeous wooden beaded pendant lamps by Australian designer Marz Designs out of walnut and oak (they were the first thing we bought for the house and remain a total favourite), marble countertops, brass display rails by Schoolhouse Electric – LOVE these so very much, every moment of every day – and custom oak cabinetry by Koak Design (who designed this kitchen which I couldn’t stop thinking about).

I can’t wait to show you more of my kitchen once it is finished – still have some work to do but we are seeing the light at the end of what feels like a lifetime project, after I first blogged the inspiration like two years ago! Sorry about that guys. Some things just take time.




My little vintage trolley, however, which I recently painted black, is a total new fave. You can read more about it’s transformation HERE. Still love it so much and the difference it makes to our home, though a small additions. Sometimes we forget to celebrate the little things, don’t we?



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This little wooden bench is a new piece I recently bought for myself at The Fine Store by Japanese brand Karimoku New Standard, a little gift for my home after using it to style this bedroom for a client project recently.

I love it simply styled in this little nook in the living room with piles of my favourite books and magazines all over it. So simple but inspiring none the less and so textural with the vintage Beni Ourain rug I brought back from my trip to Marrakech last September. Going back there this June, by the way, can’t wait!


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So that’s a little peek into my house from behind my lens. I had such a nice time wandering about and shooting my own home for once, and for once, not seeing it’s flaws but focusing rather on the good bits and little moments that made me smile.

You can also find out about the workshops HERE. We will be running more over the next few months, which we are excited about and of course will spill the details when we have them.

Have a great week! x

Photography and Styling | Holly Marder for Avenue Lifestyle / Editorial assistance: Malou Muizer

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