Bold Strokes


Dear Mother Nature, please could you bring us over here on this side of the world just a little bit of summer? Seriously. We are all fed up with complaining about the dark, gray days while all the other continents on earth seem to be lavishing in sunshine. Hot, cold, hot, cold…make up your mind, lady!

Sorry to go on about the weather again, but on a grey day like today, it’s hard to resist a good winge. Which is why I couldn’t go past the bright and happy hues in the collection of images below.

bold strokes_avenuelifestyle

If you’ve been snooping around my Pinterest boards, you’ll notice I have quite a thing for bold, graphic art. My taste tends to veer towards safe natural tones at home, but I do have a colour fanatic deep down. And though I’m too timid to go bold when it comes to bright furniture and accessories at home, I LOVE the impact a big, bold painting in bright colors can make on a neutral space. I am dreaming of adding one of these bright beauties to my home one day. Here are some of my favourite finds.






Would you be bold enough to slap one of these artworks on the wall at home? Which one is your favourite?

Though I love the pieces adorned with crazy paintbrush strokes, I can’t help but be pulled in the direction of the more pastel tones and uniform brush strokes of the second last piece. There’s just something so calming and soothing about it ~ even though it’s colorful and fun, I love that the colors are soft and watery and feminine enough to be easy on the eye.

Well, I feel better already! I hope, wherever you are, that you’re enjoying warm temperatures and sunshine. And I certainly hope that Mother Nature read this post!


Image credits: 1 Left via Dash 7, top right by Jenn Ramos, bottom right by Ashley Goldberg; 2 Michelle Armas; 3 Lola Donoghue; 4 Arite Kannavos; 5 Caitlin Shearer; 6; Sally Benedict

2 Responses to “Bold Strokes”

  1. geraldine says:

    Hi lovely! sad to miss you at the Hive, was looking forward to chatting. Love these images. I do like bold colourful abstract art too. I’ve got a large colourful abstract piece at home. Definitely great to look at on gloomy days! Wishing you sunshine. xx

    • Holly {Avenue} says:

      Hi Geraldine! You were sorely missed. I was also looking forward to catching up but there will be another chance. Ah, every time you talk about your home, I want to come to London with my camera!

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