Botanical Prints Take Me Back


I grew up surrounded by antiques that were passed down to my mother from my grandparents, so my appreciation runs deep. Part of my mother’s inheritance included four huge botanical prints which now hang beautifully in my sister’s holiday home in Noosa, Australia. I always have this overwhelming sense of nostalgia when I look at those prints, and now I know why. My love of botany and those delicate artworks stems back to a book I used to flip through as a child, entitled ‘The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady‘, written and illustrated by Edith Holden, a naturalist of the early 1900s. I was looking through my daughter’s books recently for something to read to her, when my eye caught the familiar spine of a book I knew so well, in another lifetime.

the country diary if an edwardian lady

As a young girl, I would spend hours flipping through the delicately illustrated pages, reading the poems, personal thoughts and observations all carefully written by hand. It was my Uncle who eventually gave it to me before I left for Europe 6 years ago. It is a reproduction first published in 1977 of a naturalist’s diary for the year 1906. Holden recorded in words and paintings the flora and fauna of the British countryside through the changing seasons. Setting eyes on this book for the first time in years has transported me back to life a six-year-old, and today I wanted to share some botanical inspiration with you, too.



botanical prints_nal

I love seeing interiors with botanical references. It instantly takes me back to my childhood and to the pages of that book. While botanical prints can easily look old fashioned, I like them best when added to crisp white spaces, such as Jeanette Lunde’s gorgeous Scandinavian home below.



There’s something about botanical prints that add a touch of romance to a space, and who doesn’t need a bit of romance every now and then? I love them when displayed simply on the wall, using simple clips, a strip of tape, or even pegged to a piece of string. Heavy framing can take away some of the delicacy and charm of the image, I feel.



I hope you enjoyed that little trip down memory lane with me today. I am going to spend some time today flipping through the book once more. It still smells of my grandparent’s house. Heaven.

Have a lovely day, and I’ll see you back here soon with another fun home tour!


Image credits: 1. Nizer Fontoura; 2 & 3. Kitka; 4. Gutenberg; 5 & 6. Jeanette Lunde of By Fryd ; 7. Hampton SC; 8. 1st Dibs

2 Responses to “Botanical Prints Take Me Back”

  1. Magda says:

    In fact, I had a similar book when I was a child. I loved looking at the drawings and it inspired me to draw my own versions of local flora. These prints have something nostalgic about them, especially in today’s world dominated by the Internet and virtual reality.

  2. Ciara says:

    Gorgeous! There’s something so delicate and fragile about botanical prints, definitely a magic spell for transporting us back to the past, I have a small collection started and add to it whenever I get the chance!

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