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Best of Etsy: Handmade Ceramics You’ll Love

February 11th, 2016

If there’s anything I have a weakness for, it’s ceramics. I just adore collecting special pieces and styling with them at home, though I can say with absolute certainty that this is not an obsession my husband shares, sadly. The poor guy can scarcely walk past the ‘props cabinet’ for fear or breaking something, and is mildly afraid of farting within a five mile radius of it too for the same reasons. But his wife continues to bring these precious, bubble-wrapped beauties into his home and I secretly think he wouldn’t want it any other way. I just can’t help myself. There’s something so special about sipping from a cup spun to imperfect perfection with passion in the hands that moulded it. I figured there might be a few of you out there who share this very same weakness, so to avoid hoarding pretties that deserve a place in the homes of fellow ceramics obsessors like myself, and in the interest of supporting the talented folks who make them, I thought I’d let you in on my little secret. Etsy has a fabulous array of talented makers who create beautiful ceramics and I am excited to share with you some of my personal favourites.


From delicate to dipped, etched and speckled and all downright divine. I want each and every one of these stunners, it’s not fair! There are a handful of makers who consistently create gorgeous things, some of my favourites being July Product StylingKoji Kitakoa | Sam Nichols Pottery | Waupecony River Studio | Yulia Tsukerman.

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Mini Makeover: My Vintage Kitchen Trolley

January 26th, 2016

I must admit it’s been a while since I undertook a small makeover project in my own home. We’ve spent two years concentrating on the bigger bits of our renovation – painting stairs and walls, updating the kitchen, tiling, plastering, filling holes, installing lighting, sanding floor boards, painting woodwork, the list goes on – that the idea of doing a smaller scale DIY job has felt a bit like climbing a mountain. But most of the jobs I have around the house are small enough to take up just a couple of evenings in front of Netflix anyway, so without too much hesitation, I gave a gorgeous little vintage hospital trolley that I’ve been deliberating about painting a mini makeover and I tell you, it’s given me the motivation and energy to do more little jobs at home that I’ve been putting off for ages.


I was given this trolley by my friend Lauren who bought it when she moved to the Netherlands for 9 months, and I’ve had my eye on it since the day we rolled it rattling through the shop, stuffed it into the back of my car and brought it home to her little temporary studio. It finally became mine the day she left to go back to Australia, which made our goodbye a tiny bit sweeter. Before she could say ‘look after it!‘ it was in my kitchen, styled with all my bits and pieces on it I’d been sneakily imagining for months! But though I loved it’s pale army green colour and it worked well with everything else in my kitchen, I felt it was lacking something.  Get the full scoop

Style Files: Silke Bonde + Win a Print!

January 16th, 2016

I been following Copenhagen based artist and brand designer Silke Bonde since first discovering her delicate and minimalistic line of watercolour prints some time last year, in awe of her graphic, nature inspired works and simplistic aesthetic. As I am always curious to know a little bit more about artists and get behind their creative processes, I reached out to her with questions I’ve been aching to ask, and am delighted to feature Silke and her work here today, with a stunning collection of images created by Studio Oink, Chris Tonnesen and Sofie Brünner. And of course I am even more delighted that we will be giving away two of her stunning prints! Have a look below on how to snag one for your home. What a fab way to kick off the year, don’t you agree?


|| What is the background behind your label Silke Bonde and how long have you been in business?
When I was little I really enjoyed my own company especially when I had something creative to work with. I could sit for hours and work on the same thing, I guess I had a good imagination. I was always the creative one in my class and I enjoyed having that role. While studying entrepreneurship design in Copenhagen six years ago I started blogging. I mostly blogged about my creative projects and paintings at home and suddenly someday someone asked if they could buy some of it. I was surprised and happy. Shortly afterwards I built my own webshop and then it all started. That was four years ago.

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An Earthy Christmas at Mine

December 19th, 2015

Well, this is it guys, the last post for the year! It’s been another amazing year filled with travel, family gatherings, incredible friends, exciting work opportunities, milestones and so much more. A whole lot to be grateful for, despite one or two heartaches. This year, we will be spending Christmas together, as a family and with friends. I am not really into Christmas as I find it to be a bit commercial and I am certainly not big on Christmas decorating. I always feels as though my house has been taken over by sparkly things and a giant tree and usually can’t wait to get my home back to normal by the time December 26 hits. Come to think of it, I find the act of cutting a tree down to hang shiny things on it, only to watch it slowly die and then chop it not little pieces so you can fit it in the garden container, to be a very strange pastime. Am I the only one? Nonetheless, we do it every year because try as I might, I can’t shake that tiny but of magic that Christmas time brings with it each year, and in any case, a Christmas tree certainly excuses having the Michael Bublé Christmas album on repeat for four weeks straight. So I thought I’d show you how I’ll be decorating our Christmas table this year – earthy, natural and simple, with pieces brought back from our recent travels to South Africa and a tiny bit of sparkle.


For Christmas dinner this year, we’ll be doing a roast chicken with an African spice mix I’ve been wanting to try, some steamed baby green beans and asparagus, new potatoes tossed in butter and herbs, and crusty bread with cheeses and chutney. I am doing a simple meal because I plan to relax these holidays and take it very easy. It is nice to make the table look and feel a bit special but I don’t really do cheesy Christmas scenes, so I decided to give our Christmas setup an ethnic twist for something a little different, while keeping everything very simple and natural.  Get the full scoop

Create an Eclectic Art Gallery

December 9th, 2015

A few months back, we stepped inside a beautifully eclectic home belonging to a very stylish lady who goes by the name of Guida. Effortlessly blending vintage and design in her home with very charming results, she strikes the balance between old and new, throwing in a bit of kitsch without compromising her sleek sense of style. When I was shooting her home, I couldn’t help but admire a gallery of eclectic artworks adorning one of her walls, but knew that pulling off that much vintage in one collection is no easy feat. I have seen some vintage galleries that look downright kitsch but Guida gets it so right with hers that I thought I’d share with you some tips on achieving this look in your own home and show you why and how this works so well.


Guida’s gallery is granny but clean, eclectic but calm. There are quirky as well as sophisticated pieces in there but on the whole it doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is why it looks so effortlessly composed and altogether whimsical. So why does this gallery work, and how can you create the same effect at home?

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Winter Photography Workshops

November 20th, 2015

I’m so delighted to announce that I will be working with the incredibly talented photographer Hanke Arkenbout in January, offering photographers and creatives an afternoon to gather, shoot, network and create a little bit of magic together. If you are proficient with your camera but might be feeling a little uninspired or longing for a breath of fresh air in your work then this might be just what you needed. During two sessions in January, we will offer you fresh perspective while welcoming you to be apart of a platform that will help and inspire each other through creative photography.

Hanke_RushRollsforWorkshop-23 copy

These afternoon workshops are designed to inspire you to go back to basics, explore texture, light, colour and composition, celebrating the art of simplicity. In a small circle of creatives we will gather to chat, exchange ideas and inspiration, play around with our cameras and expand our horizons with simplicity the key component.

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The Great Outdoors

October 26th, 2015

Do you ever just throw on a backpack, some well worn shoes and hit the outdoors? The crisp fall air, the crunching of leaves underfoot and the adventure of the path unknown can be therapy to the soul. Being amongst nature, wandering, foraging and exploring are things I love to do this time of year with everything changing so beautifully around us, and so this beautiful collection of images shot on film by Hanke Arkenbout as part of a collaboration we did together a few weeks ago is really hitting the spot for me. How often do you hit the outdoors for a wander in your local forest or park? I did this past weekend with my little family, roaming our local forest on our bicycles stopping every so often to forage for dried grasses, foliage and berries. Perhaps today’s post will inspire your own weekend wander.


The forest itself served as inspiration enough for me and Hanke to team up for this shoot, but I realised while working on it that having recently seen the film ‘Wild‘ must have resonated with me on a deep level and inspired me more than I knew at the time.

In the movie, the main character and autobiographer Cheryl Strayed (played by Reece Witherspoon) embarked on a solo, three-month, hike along the Pacific Crest Trail covering some 1,100 miles of continuous wilderness with nothing but a backpack and little to no hiking experience.

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The Shopkeeper’s Home: Book Review

October 22nd, 2015

It’s always an incredible honour when my images are featured in print, but there’s something about having your work in a book that is very exciting and incredibly gratifying. I have had work featured in several issues of Caroline Rowland’s lovely 91 Magazine, but when she contacted me a while back asking whether she could use some images I took of an Amsterdam shop Harvest & Company for her book, my heart leapt a little in my chest. Several months down the line, I am thrilled not only to have a copy of her book The Shopkeeper’s Home in my hands, but to see my own work on it’s pretty pages. If you have a penchant for collected interiors and peeking into the home’s of the people who run some of the world’s most lovely independent shops, then this is the book for you. Below, some of my favourite shots from the book and a couple of the ones I took that feature in there too!

Final cover

The book’s author, Caroline, is the founding editor of the online publication 91 Magazine and the blog Patchwork Harmony. Her love of vintage and design led her to write this book and you can see from each page how much love and and passion for the subject she poured into this project. She has a true affection for collected spaces that rely heavily on antique, vintage and industrial elements so it’s no surprise that the interiors and shops she hand selected to feature in  her book share a connection to these styles.

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