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Colour Files: Dulux’s Home Factory

March 20th, 2013

I’m still reeling from my time in London a week ago. For me, one of the highlights of the Meet the Blogger conference was a presentation given by Dulux’s Louise Smith on the forecasted colour trends for this year. I adore colour and paint, so really enjoyed learning about the five trend stories that were presented to us. Each story was beautifully put together and very inspiring, so I am going to share my favourites with you here in the next couple of weeks.

The trend that resonated with me the most was ‘Home Factory’. This story is all about creating a better world for ourselves and living a happy, more authentic lifestyle. People are getting back to basics and creating more from their own homes such as beer, wine and food made from scratch. There is a growing emphasis on organic produce, and a healthier lifestyle seems to be a trend in itself these days. The pulled back palette of ‘Home Factory’ was inspired by natural food dyes. For me, the images below really draw on the essence of what this colour palette is all about: natural simplicity, bold colour meets neutrals for a soothing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and honest living.





Don’t you just love the natural origins of these colours? Dulux’s colour of the year, Indigo Night, is such a striking tone that is beautiful when weaved into a neutral palette of putty tones with splashes of deep berry. It’s serious but at the same time fun and striking and makes the surrounding furnishings really jump to life.

All of this has made me feel like jumping on my bicycle and filling a basket with fresh produce from the market (one of my favourite things to do in Delft) and come home and get creative with the camera. Hurry up Spring!



* Images 1, 2, 5 and 7 courtesy of Dulux; image 3 by Ashes and Milk; image 4 by Desde my Ventana; image 6 by Cintamani; image 8 by Joseph De Leo Photography; image 9 via French by Design.

Colour Files: Moody Hues

February 8th, 2013

Just when I thought Spring was on it’s way after all the snow here in the Netherlands melted away (and I spotted the first snowdrops in the park early this week while wandering around with my little one), we were hit again with wet snow, hail and freezing temperatures. So when I came across this beautiful collection of images in the latest issue of 91 Magazine recently I was instantly drawn to the moody colour palette of lilac, charcoal and soft pink, which really seemed to capture my sombre energy this week. The photographs by Michelle Young are to die for, and the styling by the talented Charlotte Love takes simplicity to a whole new level.

Aren’t these images just so calming and beautiful? I love it when inspiring photography and colour palettes speak to my emotions like these images did. Make sure you get your dose of inspiration from this issue of 91 Magazine! There is plenty more pretty where this came from!

Have a wonderful weekend,