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Inside Scoop: A Joyful, Eclectic Home

March 7th, 2016

It’s been ages since I gave you the Inside Scoop of a home I photographed for publication, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy shooting them! Between working client based projects (finishing spaces to show you guys, I swear!), running workshops and traipsing around the countryside with my camera, I have been keeping myself sufficiently occupied. But with spring just around the corner, the preppy hues in this joyful, eclectic home belonging to Ingrid Janssen of WOOD & WOOL STOOL made this home an easy pick for today’s feature. With bright Moroccan textiles, unique vintage finds, light for days and those heavenly floors, it’s little wonder leading Dutch interiors magazine vtwonen deemed this home worthy of a 14-page spread and it made the pages of decor8 too. Let’s peek inside!

Ingrid 8

Ingrid and Henk’s 240 square meter family abode boasts beautiful oak herringbone floors throughout and bundles of charm so characteristic of 1930s style homes here in The Netherlands, with all the benefits of a modern home. They purchased it newly built, starting with a concrete interior. Their main splurge was the wooden floor they had a local craftsman create. “With the white walls and the unvarnished floor, the base was just perfect,” Ingrid says.

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Inside Scoop: Nostalgic Meets Modern

August 18th, 2015

So I thought it was time for another Inside Scoop and show you through this home I photographed for my decor8 column a couple months back. Literally, this is one of the most interesting and refreshing homes I have been inside with it’s eclectic but clean mix of retro and vintage pieces; bold lashings of colour throughout yet a calming palette resonates. It’s not easy to pull off this much vintage in one space but homeowner Guida, a delightful Portuguese woman sharing her waterfront home with her Dutch husband and two sons, gets it right. She strikes the perfect balance between old and new, throwing in the kitsch but not at the detriment to her sleek and sophisticated sense of style. And lucky for me, she lives a stone’s throw from my place so I get to pop in a marvel at her stylish sensibilities pretty much any time I want. In fact, that’s how I discovered her home, through peeking through her windows on my way into town pretty much daily for about a year! When I finally rang the doorbell, I was so glad I did. I was delighted to see that it was just as lovely from the inside as it was from the curb. Here’s the scoop!


You can read the full story and see more images over on decor8, but here’s a quick recap of the feature I wrote on this gorgeous home. Guida and her husband Bas bought this home, which dates back to the early 1900s after falling for the space, beautiful water views and close proximity to their home town of Delft, The Netherlands. Little was needed little to make it feel like home, though the couple broke through one of the walls to create a light and spacious open living and dining area and removed tired carpeting from the upper floors and stairs, giving them a fresh coat of paint.

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Inside Scoop: Eclectic by the Sea

May 7th, 2015

A while back I teamed up with photographer Jansje Klazinga to shoot a fabulous house by the beach belonging to a friend of mine. The house is so fun and striking with loads of vintage and repurposed elements, lovely architecture and of course, those vibrant fire-engine red floors. I had great fun styling this family home and working alongside Jansje for the day, and with the results featured in the Dutch magazine Flair, I thought it high time I took you through this fun home too and shared some of my favourite images from the feature.

F15 Binnenkijker wonen copy
My good friend Sanne, the owner of this fun home, is an industrial designer with a penchant for the colour red. Her partner Tim, a successful architect, is a risk-taker. So it’s no surprise the couple chose to paint their brand new oak floors fire engine red. A bold move for sure, but isn’t it fun? Years ago, when I first started taking pictures of interiors I interviewed them about their home and I’d like to share their story with you. Get the full scoop

Studio Makeover: Before & After!

May 4th, 2015

So guys do you wanna take a peek inside my studio space? I walked you through the before’s and during’s and have promised you a tour for ages. I know, I’ve made you what for this one. It’s been so busy behind the scenes here and some things just take a little longer than others. I’ve spent many a late evening compiling this baby for you – sorry for making you wait so long but today I am excited to show you the full tour of my studio! The good the bad, and the ugly. I know you enjoyed peeking into my bedroom a few months ago, so I hope you enjoy today’s space just as much. Enjoy!

Avenue Lifestyle Studio // Photography: Holly Marder
As I mentioned in my last post, this is the place all my blogging happens, any product styling and photography I’m working on and also workshops have started taking place in here too. It’s where I come to be inspired, and it’s such an incredibly light space up here thanks to a four meter wide window and skylight that being inspired isn’t all that hard up here. Get the full scoop

Inside Scoop: Sweet Pastel Style in Belgium

January 22nd, 2015

It’s always a buzz when I see my work in print. This week something sweet popped through the letterbox – the home tour I shot for my decor8 column made the cover of the German title Sweet Living Magazin! Sweet Living has been wonderful about supporting my work, and have featured me on the cover on several occasions now, but it remains exciting every time. For this feature I went inside the charming Belgium home of Yvonne Eijkenduijn, a photographer, blogger and the author of the books Yvestown in the Kitchen and the Weekend Ontbijtboek {a gorgeous little breakfast book}.

SweetLiving_Titel 2_15 Yvonne and her husband Boris have spent the best part of the last 6 years renovating their home on the Belgian border, which dates back to 1896. The results? A space that exudes love, light and Yvonne’s feminine sense of style. Throughout the renovation, the couple have maintained the home’s original features, giving it a fresh new lease on life while respecting the history behind the property. You can read all about the renovation process HERE.
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