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Wedding Files: The Caterer!

January 16th, 2014

Ooooh, I have exciting news to share today. We have chosen the caterers who will be taking care of the food and drinks at our wedding this May! The puzzle is slowly coming together and I feel that now that we have catering organised, the rest will flow together nicely. We are very excited to be sharing our special day with Femke and Eddy, the husband and wife team behind the successful catering service and cooking school Hééérlijk.

 Liesbeth Klaase and Femke Ditmars, Photography / Marlous Snijder for Oh Marie! Magazine

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Wedding Files: Save the Date!

December 29th, 2013

Hello! Did you have a lovely Christmas? The time just flew by so fast this year that it’s hard to believe Christmas has already been and gone. We’ve been spending some  much needed time together these last few days as things have been insanely busy the last few months with buying the house, renovating and very busy work schedules. We have managed to tick a bunch of things off our seemingly never-ending renovation to-do list, so it’s been a wonderful {sort-of} break.

So now that 2014 just about here, we have also been getting into wedding planning mode! We’ve been engaged for a year now and our big day is just over 4 months away so we also have that huge to-do list to contend with too! So to kick off my Wedding Files column once more, I thought I’d stop by and share with you our Save the Dates, which we made ourselves. I really loved a gorgeous Save the Date I’d spotted on Minted a few months ago {they have a huge and lovely selection, check it out if you’re in the market for beautiful paper goods!} but in the end we decided to save some pennies we could put elsewhere and I am so pleased with the result. We used one of the beautiful photographs snapped by Anouschka Rokebrand during our engagement shoot. As we had so many favourite images and couldn’t decide, I made two versions, one of which we sent out to our nearest and dearest. So this one is especially for you. Save the date, you guys!

Save the Date by Holly Marder/Avenue Lifestyle

Ok, now I’m excited! This month, I am meeting with my wedding dress designer to finalise the design and select the fabrics, and am hitting one of my favourite shops with a good friend to choose some jewellery to wear. We will also be selecting our caterers this month, which is also exciting because the food is a very important element of the celebrations. And some of my most cherished guests will be securing their flights over to join me up there on the aisle. It’s going to be a fun few months!

I’ll be sharing all the wedding details and inspiration on the Wedding Files column over the coming months as things gradually fall into place. In the meantime, drop into my Pinterest wedding board for a peek into the kind of gorgeous I am planning in the spring!

Have a fabulous new year and see you back here in 2014!


Wedding Files: Our Engagement Session Featured on Style Me Pretty!

December 6th, 2013

So today I am getting personal, and romantic. And even a tad mushy. And that’s OK every now and then, because it’s not very often that you find yourself splashed all over the pages of your all-time favourite wedding blog, hand-in-hand with with man you love. So, I hope you don’t mind me dropping in today, giddy with excitement, to share a collection of my favourite images taken recently of my fiancé  and I during our engagement session. Our incredibly talented photographer Anouschka Rokebrand did such a beautiful job at capturing us in the most natural, relaxed way, giving us a bunch of images to treasure that just ooze a love so tangible you can almost feel a warm glow emanating from the computer screen. And of course every girl wants to look her best on these romantic occasions, so just as well I had Katie Larcombe on hand to pretty me up for my husband-to-be! It was such a fabulous afternoon. Sigh…

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 6.00.20 PM

Our engagement session / Photography: Anouschka Rokebrand / Hair & makeup by Katie Larcombe

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Wedding Files: Engaged + Great News!

September 13th, 2013

It’s been a while since I wrote on my Wedding Files column. Things took a slight nosedive in the wedding venue department, so it’s all been on hold for a little while. That was until recently, when something exciting stumbled into my path. You see, there’s a breath of much needed fresh air filtrating through the wedding scene in the Netherlands at the moment called Engaged. An exciting wedding fair offering brides {and grooms!} to-be a place to be truly inspired, to be amidst the very best wedding vendors in the country and to get excited about their upcoming wedding, which, with the help of Engaged, will be utterly gorgeous.

Engaged promoshots-Engaged promoshots-0054

As a bride-to-be myself, I was excited to discover Engaged because ever since I started planning my own wedding {taking place next May, eek!} I have noticed that there doesn’t seem to be the same energy in this country surrounding weddings that I see on some of my favourite international wedding blogs like Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, Ruffled, 100 Layer Cake, Style Serendipity and Once Wed. The Netherlands seems to be lagging behind when it comes to creating beautiful weddings, and it’s not because the talent is lacking. It’s because the lovely Janina Cruz and Judith van Lent haven’t been around to kick the wedding industry in the butt! Thankfully, the duo are in the midst of coordinating the event that will change the wedding scene over here in the land of windmills for good. Bringing creativity, talent and love under one roof, you’d better believe this event is one worth attending if you or someone you know is getting hitched! So plan Saturday, 5 October into your diary and head on over to my home town of Delft to get amongst the romance in a gorgeous industrial setting along the water.


Yep, that’s right, folks. For the first time, I am hosting a workshop curated especially for Engaged. For those looking to get creative for their own weddings, or simply want to roll up their sleeves and have a little fun with me, I’ll be setting up a DIY crafting station. Everything will be set up for people to create their own:

Fresh flower wreath, using herbs, lavender and various wild flowers. I’m a little wreath obsessed myself, so will leap on any opportunity to frolic amongst the flowers and show my attendees how to create one for their hair, or to use as decorative item on their big day.

Hand-sewn fabric pouch to place wedding favours in, or simply use as wedding favours. A no-fuss, no-sewing-machine-required DIY that you could do blindfolded, almost. 

Bunting made out of pretty fabrics, lace and natural twine.

Sound like fun? I’d love to see you there.


I’ll be sharing a space with the stylish girls Nathalie and Tessa of Nu interieur | ontwerp, who will be leading a workshop showing brides-to-be how to create a moodboard for their big day. Experts on curating beautifully styled homes with lots of wedding styling experience up their sleeves, they are the perfect duo to help you gather your ideas together for your wedding day onto a moodboard that you get to take home.

I’m so excited to get started in the planning of my workshop, and am admittedly a little nervous but it will be fun and the results will be gorgeous so what could possibly go wrong?

If you’re in the vicinity and think an event like this sounds like fun, be sure to grab your tickets soon because they are selling out fast. And don’t forget to pop by and craft something pretty with me while you’re there!

And just a quick side note: I’m getting married, yaaaay! I’ve been so stressed out about the whole topic that was almost beginning to forget that I’m pretty darn excited about that fact!

Holly x

Image credits: Image 1 Engaged. Image 2 {clockwise from top: 1 Holly Marder for Avenue Lifestyle; 2 Holly Marder for Decor8 3 Engaged; 4 Anouschka Rokebrand. Image 3 {clockwise from top}: 1 Holly Marder; 2 100 Layer Cake; 3 Eu de Nil; 4 Velvetine.

Wedding Files: Floral Crown Fancy

May 17th, 2013

Hello! I am back with another dose of super pretty today. With now less than a year to go before the big day {yay!}, and a meeting coming up next week with our wedding venue, I have been back in wedding mode and today, I’m loving floral crowns. Well, not just today. I wore one as a bridesmaid when I was about 6 years old and remember feeling like an absolute fairy princess. More than two decades on, and I am planning to relive that feeling, this time with a real fairy princess dress to match!

Floral crowns are a big happening this year. If you’re a bride-to-be and have been trawling the internet for inspiration, or you simply love swooning over bridal magazines and websites for the fun of it, you’ll have plugged into that fact. Everywhere I look, there’s a bride sporting a stunning floral headpiece. When I began putting together ideas for our wedding, and we locked in a spring garden party as our overall theme, I knew I wanted a very floral affair. And wearing fresh blooms to me just completes the picture. You’ll notice in my first two posts in the Wedding Files’ series, and from peeking into my Pinterest inspiration boards, that floral crowns have been apart of the picture since day one. While floral crowns aren’t every bride’s cup of tea, I think they are beautiful and will add a very romantic, ethereal beauty to our planned vintage meets boho meets rustic garden party aesthetic.

flower crown_79ideas

flower crown_limn&lovely

flower crown_ruffled



I’ve seen some floral crowns that have been rather lavish, and while I can’t quite see myself feeling comfortable with an oversize garden on top of my head, I do love the dainty, delicate floral crowns, and would love to incorporate them into our wedding somehow. I have however been steering more towards a handmade silk floral crown, so that I can keep it long after that one day.

I recently came across a wonderful ‘how-to’ on making your own floral crown on the gorgeous blog Green Wedding Shoes and I’d love to give this a try. It looks so easy and the results are so pretty. I would create one of jasmine, one small blush pink rose and some white and pale pink wax flower.


flower crown_alixannlooslephotography

What do you think? Do you love the trend or not?

Personally, I’m thrilled floral crowns are back in a big way. I mean, if you can’t wear a floral crown on your wedding day, when can you?

Have a wonderful weekend!


Image credits: 1 Rebecca Newport via 79 Ideas; 2 Brumley and Wells; 3 Mango Studios via Ruffled; 4 & 5 Eric Kelley Photography via Bridal Musings; 6 Jasmine Star Photography via Style Me Pretty; 7, 8 & 9 Green Wedding Shoes; 10 Alixann Loosle Phoptography

Wedding Files: A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

April 5th, 2013

Hi there! Back again today with my ‘Wedding Files’ column, this time taking you through some beautiful photography that has had me swooning lately. In case you missed the first post in this series, in this column I will be sharing ideas and inspiration as I plan my own wedding over the coming year. We are planning a relaxed and romantic garden party for us and our guests to enjoy in the spring of 2014. While we are still settling on a suitable venue and starting to think about the details, we do have a clear vision of how the overall event should look but mostly feel. In my last post, I shared images that tied in with the vintage meets boho meets rustic romantic garden party (a tongue twister, I know) theme we are going for. Today, I would like to share another handful of beautiful images with you that have inspired the type of photography I would love to recreate for our big day.

Photography is such an important part of the wedding day. As the only tangible memory the bride and groom can keep forever as a reminder of that one day, it should really capture the essence of the event. Selecting a photographer that can relate to you as a couple and bring back all the emotions and energy of your day is a challenge. I showed you a few snaps in my last post by the seriously talented photographer Laura D’Art, but love her work so much I have added more here. I love the deep tones in her images and the emotion they invoke, while being so utterly simple. But there are so many more talented photographers out there, like the amazing Jose Villa whose work is all over the biggest wedding blogs and Marianne Taylor, voted the UK’s best wedding photographer in 2012. I hope these stunning images put you on cloud nine, like they did me…


photograph 1

photography 2

photo 5

photo style me pretty 1

photo style me pretty 2

photo style me pretty 3

photograph once wed


photography 1

I just love the soft colours in all of these images, the way the sunlight dances through each frame and the love that is captured so beautifully in each image. I love the light, airy and romantic feel that each of these photographs invoke.

In exciting wedding-related news, I got together with the designer that I have chosen to create my wedding gown this week! Over four hours, the two of us pulled together ideas for the dress, sketching designs and selecting fabrics as we went along. I am so excited that it is now officially in the making! I shall remain tight-lipped in terms of details of course, but for a sneak peek of what we got up to, check out my Instagram profile! You can follow my wedding inspiration on Pinterest, too.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Image credits: 1 & 2 D’Art Photography; 3 Brumley and Wells; 4 Leslee Mitchell; 5,6 & 7 Marianne Taylor Photography; 8, 9 & 10 Jose Villa; 11 Matthew Morgan Photography.

Wedding Files: A Spring Soiree

February 20th, 2013

It gives me butterflies to announce that in the spring of next year, I will be marrying the love of my life.

He popped the question in a most spontaneous manner (almost forgetting to get down on one knee ~ thankfully, I reminded him!) the day after Christmas. After careful deliberation, we have decided upon a May 2014 ceremony and garden party with all of our most treasured family and friends who will be traveling far and wide to join us. We are planning an outdoor ‘Spring Soiree’ that is fun, relaxed and above all, romantic. The look I envision is a vintage meets boho meets rustic romantic garden party! Did that make any sense?

Because I am very far away from my family and friends around the world, who won’t be able to get involved in the planning of our big day, I have decided to document my ideas right here over the coming months to share some of the gorgeous inspiration I have come across that are forming the basis of our Spring Soiree. For me, this is a way of documenting my thoughts and ideas, and of really pinpointing the atmosphere we are hoping to create our ourselves and our guests. We want our guests to feel special and appreciated for coming to join us as we make our commitment to each other. Doing this is my way of getting everyone involved in some small way and generating excitement for our big day ahead of time. So, now that we have decided upon the concept I am thrilled to bring to you the first of many posts in the ‘Wedding Files’ series! Soak up these beautiful images and spot the little notes I have made along the way.

D’Art Photography
1. Kurt Boomer via Plum Tree Weddings  2. Amateur Couture via Indulgy  3. D’Art Photography
Harwell Photography via Style Me Pretty
D’Art Photography via Plum Tree Weddings
4. Emily Johnston Anderson via Ruffled 5. D’Art Photography 6. Unknown source
7. Karen Mordechai via Sunday Suppers  8. Jose Villa via Style Me Pretty
D’Art Photography
9. Jackie Wonders via 100 Layer Cake 10. Kristyn Hogan via Style Me Pretty

What do you think? Are you getting the romantic garden party vibe I’m sending? If you head on over to my Pinterest page, you will find my inspiration board called ‘Spring Soiree’, which is packed with loads more pretty wedding stuff!

Stay tuned for the next edition, and have a lovely week!

Holly x