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SURPRISE Wedding for Friends!

April 22nd, 2017

It brings me so much joy to share with you a project that kept me sufficiently occupied for much of last year. With the help of friends, family and more than 20 generous sponsors, I threw the ultimate festival wedding as a complete surprise for friends of mine! I know, you all think I’ve gone completely bonkers, and trust me, the thought crossed my mind several times over the last year. In an industry fuelled by the desire to have, acquire and want, I found a way to use my skills and network to simply give, in a selfless, pure and honest way. To people I felt were the most deserving.


On a beautiful late summer’s day, my friends Mimi and Yelke, were wed at the very charming De Lievelinge in Vuren, The Netherlands, in a festival style celebration. The wedding was a COMPLETE SURPRISE to both the bride and groom and was organised and funded in it’s entirety by a group of generous vendors, wedding professionals, friends and family. Theirs was a charming, low key, festival inspired celebration in which love and togetherness – along with food trucks and twinklight lights, wildflowers and Chantilly lace – were the main ingredients.

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Simple Wooden Furniture by Walden + A GIVEAWAY!

October 10th, 2016

As a stylist and interior designer, I shop a lot and am on a constant lookout for furniture that is functional (I have a lot of husbands to win over in my line of work, most of which are concerned with this thing called ‘function’), but also beautiful and affordable. That’s a lot of boxes to tick, guys. When I discovered Walden, an Austrian furniture label that produces beautiful beds, leaning storage systems and accessories out of European sourced oak, cherrywood and walnut, I immediately loved their products, their design ethos and overall brand aesthetic. It didn’t take long before I snapped up one of their leaning storage racks for my studio, and now I am excited to show you more of their collection, chat a bit about branding and why I think Walden have nailed it, and let you know that you can WIN one of their gorgeous wooden art ledges for your home!


Walden make furniture to stand the test of time, that retain the natural beauty of the materials they are made with and emphasise function and everyday use. Their leaning rack is my favourite but their beds are sublime, their art ledges so simple and lovely, and their little bedside table with a magazine/book pocket on the side very clever. But what always interests me is how a product is made and I love that this brand goes to great lengths to protect our environment by avoiding waste and to keeping their ecological footprint as small as possible. They use natural materials with no harmful pollutants. Get the full scoop

Munich Botanical Gardens

September 26th, 2016

While I was in Munich a couple of weeks ago attending the ‘Best of Interior Blogs’ awards ceremony, I decided to spend day two doing something with my little girl Lola that we could both enjoy. I had been invited by the German publishers Callwey Verlag to the botanical gardens to attend the book launch of Igor Josifovic and Judith de Graaf‘s fabulous new book ‘Urban Jungle‘ however sadly we didn’t land until the afternoon. As much as I would have loved attending – especially given that my big IG girl crush Anastasia Benko was hosting a floral workshop which I knew would be breathtaking AND my pal Gudy Herder was giving a trend talk I would have loved to see – we just didn’t make it. We had left the house at four o’clock that morning and by the time we arrived it was the late afternoon and I had a tired toddler on my hands. We set out and went for cake and cappuccino’s instead but I kept an eye on my Instagram feed for updates of the event and with all the beautiful snaps of the botanical gardens streaming in I made a promise to Lola that we would go there the next day, since we had an entire day to burn before flying home on the Saturday night.


We started our day with a leisurely breakfast on the terrace of our hotel. We stayed at Bold Hotel, a lovely place to stay if you’re visiting Munich, with very pretty interior design. After breakfast, we jumped on the metro and made our way over to the Botanical Gardens at Nymphenburg. We decided the gardens were so near to Nymphenburg Palace that it would be silly not to stroll the palace grounds before making our way to the botanical gardens. Lola was delighted to spot a bride posing behind the palace, and loved racing down the pathways with bare feet. And gosh, what we found once we arrived at the greenhouses I had been desperate to visit was nothing short of breathtaking. Get the full scoop

Best of Interior Blogs Award 2016

September 14th, 2016

Hey guys! You may have seen on Instagram that I spent the weekend in Munich, Germany. I went down to attend and celebrate the book launch of another beautiful book I collaborated on this year – ‘Best of Interior‘ the third book in the series ‘Wohnen aus dem wahren leben’ produced by the German publishing house Callwey Verlag. The book features the work of 15 talented European interior design bloggers, their photography, ideas and trend forecasts for the coming year. To coincide with the book launch, Callwey honoured the contributing interior bloggers with an award ceremony to recognise the creative work they are doing. I am thrilled to have been not only nominated for an award (along with the 15 book contributing bloggers) but am deeply honoured to have won one of them too!


The deciding jury consisted of Gudy Herder, a trend and interior expert from Barcelona, Ricarda Nieswandt, who reports about interiors on her blog 23QM Still, and Happy Interior blogger Igor Josifovic. Together they selected the three best submissions in the categories Best Creative Idea, Best Individual Style and Blog of the Year Get the full scoop

Lola’s Bedroom: Before & After!

September 3rd, 2016

Hey everyone! I have been dying to share this space with you for, well, about two and a half years in fact. It is a sweet little girl’s bedroom belonging to my daughter, Lola, and it has been in the making for a really long time. I am a little ashamed to admit how long this project has taken me to complete, but in all honesty, with a full schedule of interior design and photography projects on the go, I end up putting my own home and house to-do list on the back burner. Some things just a little time, and thankfully Lola has been a pretty laid back customer and hasn’t minded the delay. During the summer break, I made Lola’s bedroom my focus and I am thrilled to finally, finally share this sweet space with you. You might remember I shared a sneak peek of it a while back (like, two years ago #mybad). Well brace yourselves for an epic before and after, folks. This one was a long time coming, but with this tour I hope I’ve well and truly made up for it!


Quick recap: We bought our home 2.5 years ago and have been slowly renovating and decorating it ever since. A lot happened in the first few months, as it always does, and then the pace slowed down while we recuperated after getting married, buying a house and replacing our car all in the same 5 month period. Though we’ve done things in between – painting the staircase/hallway, bringing in new furniture, and doing some exterior work – we seem to have really picked up the pace these last couple of months and are moving quite quickly again. We’ve been working in the kitchen, living room and garden and I will share these spaces with you in the coming few months. I shared our bedroom last summer, then my studio tour went live a few months ago, I did a studio update more recently and now I am excited we have wrapped up another room and that our sweet Lola loves it every bit as much as we do.
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On Turning 30

March 29th, 2016

Hey guys, I thought I would drop in and share some news with you – it was my birthday over the Easter weekend and it was the BIG 30! Three decades on this earth and I have so much to be thankful for. A kind and very handsome husband, a beautiful little girl (the tall, blonde version of myself, still wondering how that happened but totally going along with it slash considering going blonde and getting leg extensions), a growing business I have built from scratch, a sweet little home in a sweet little town, a broad network of loving friends all over the globe, and my family who still love me despite skipping town to follow my heart eight years ago and never returning. So while I am entering what I feel is a new phase in my life, as a woman and mother, I thought I would ring in this milestone with a personal post – rare for me despite being a very open person (at times, embarrassingly so) to those who know me personally – and just share some thoughts on turning 30.


The thing is, I have never quite felt my age. Growing up I was often described as an old soul, relishing in the company of adults and perpetually drawn to classical, jazz and blues music from a young age. I would sit quite happily for hours at age 9 doing needlepoint with my mother and making tapestry works of art that we would excitedly have made into pillows. I belted emotional Celine Dion numbers from the top of my lungs at age 11 (all by myseeeeelf…..) and worked out to Ray Charles at 18. Old soul or not, I had to grow up fast when my mother suffered a string of illnesses that nearly took her life when I was 14. I spoke about this briefly in this post, but I don’t speak of this time often. Naturally, as it was a turbulent time for me and my family, it’s marks still etched on my memory and in my heart.  Get the full scoop

Inspire Cabin Sessions: Styling & Photography Booster

March 17th, 2016

When Hanke Arkenbout asked me to join her in creating a series of workshops in my home based around styling and photography, we both didn’t realise how much fun and rewarding they would turn out to be. After an overwhelming response to our Inspire Sessions afternoon workshops, we have decided to offer a full day retreat to be held in a beautiful old cabin in the East of the Netherlands that is the perfect place to inspire those wanting to refine their photography skills, practise styling, play with gorgeous props and food, network with creative people who love to photograph and basically just have an awesome time. Plus we are thrilled to announce that we will be working with food stylist Ajda Mehmet for this event, an Amsterdam based foodie who is wonderfully talented, deeply passionate about food and styling and has her work published in several top magazines including Jamie Magazine NL, Delicious and Libelle. Sound good? Keep reading.


Inspire Cabins Sessions, as we are calling this one-day creative retreat, will be held on Saturday, 16 April. The programme will include food styling and photography, prop and table top styling, a garden soiree where we will feast together on home made deliciousness from Ajda, Hanke and my own kitchen, a nature walk in the beautiful surrounding forest and farmland and a visit to the beautiful and hugely inspiring By Mölle linen atelier. There will be lots of time to network, ask questions to me and Hanke at a round table discussion, share and receive tips and tricks, shoot gorgeous stuff, have fun and be silly and we promise you will leave feeling hugely motivated and deeply inspired.  Get the full scoop

Being Inspired at Home

March 2nd, 2016

As you know, I hosted two photography workshops in my home in January called Inspire Sessions, alongside Hanke Arkenbout. Together, we are welcoming a another 19 people into my home next week and are just as excited as we were with the first two sessions! There’s something so special about being able to truly inspire people, and in such a simple way. Our afternoon sessions are all about having the confidence and making the time to shoot in your home, to look beyond the way you would normally photograph and learn some new tricks along the way with a community of other photographers.


I admittedly don’t get as excited about my own home as I see a thousand flaws followed swiftly by a hefty mental to-do list of all the things I still want to do to my interior before I deem it finished, or even inspiring, and then put off taking photographs because it’s not ‘ready’. But it was so energising watching our attendees so inspired by my home, shooting the hell out of every tiny detail, that I decided to pick up my camera and allow myself to take some of my own home, in my own time and with my own perspective.  Get the full scoop