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Inside Scoop: A Joyful, Eclectic Home

March 7th, 2016

It’s been ages since I gave you the Inside Scoop of a home I photographed for publication, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy shooting them! Between working client based projects (finishing spaces to show you guys, I swear!), running workshops and traipsing around the countryside with my camera, I have been keeping myself sufficiently occupied. But with spring just around the corner, the preppy hues in this joyful, eclectic home belonging to Ingrid Janssen of WOOD & WOOL STOOL made this home an easy pick for today’s feature. With bright Moroccan textiles, unique vintage finds, light for days and those heavenly floors, it’s little wonder leading Dutch interiors magazine vtwonen deemed this home worthy of a 14-page spread and it made the pages of decor8 too. Let’s peek inside!

Ingrid 8

Ingrid and Henk’s 240 square meter family abode boasts beautiful oak herringbone floors throughout and bundles of charm so characteristic of 1930s style homes here in The Netherlands, with all the benefits of a modern home. They purchased it newly built, starting with a concrete interior. Their main splurge was the wooden floor they had a local craftsman create. “With the white walls and the unvarnished floor, the base was just perfect,” Ingrid says.

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Being Inspired at Home

March 2nd, 2016

As you know, I hosted two photography workshops in my home in January called Inspire Sessions, alongside Hanke Arkenbout. Together, we are welcoming a another 19 people into my home next week and are just as excited as we were with the first two sessions! There’s something so special about being able to truly inspire people, and in such a simple way. Our afternoon sessions are all about having the confidence and making the time to shoot in your home, to look beyond the way you would normally photograph and learn some new tricks along the way with a community of other photographers.


I admittedly don’t get as excited about my own home as I see a thousand flaws followed swiftly by a hefty mental to-do list of all the things I still want to do to my interior before I deem it finished, or even inspiring, and then put off taking photographs because it’s not ‘ready’. But it was so energising watching our attendees so inspired by my home, shooting the hell out of every tiny detail, that I decided to pick up my camera and allow myself to take some of my own home, in my own time and with my own perspective.  Get the full scoop

Inspire Sessions: Photography Workshops in March

February 9th, 2016

For two afternoons this past month, my home was buzzing with creatives and talented photographers during our first round of Inspire Sessions. Such a success they were, that Hanke and I have opened up two more session dates in March, one taking place on Wednesday, 9 March and one on Saturday, 12 March! You can read all about these inspiring gatherings over on the workshops page but for now, lose yourself for just a moment in Hanke Arkenbout‘s dreamy film images she created during the last session.


For those new to the blog and haven’t the faintest clue what I am going on about, Inspire Sessions are intimate, informal afternoon workshops held in my home in Delft (The Netherlands), designed to inspire and push the photographers, stylists and creatives who attend to look beyond they way you would normally photograph and learn some new tricks along the way. Our past attendees have all left with loads of inspiration and energy and our closed Facebook group is buzzing with activity as everyone shares their images, ideas and questions with likeminded creatives who’s hare their passion. It’s about creating community, building each other up while taking our own steps in a highly inspiring, creative environment. Get the full scoop

Mini Makeover: My Vintage Kitchen Trolley

January 26th, 2016

I must admit it’s been a while since I undertook a small makeover project in my own home. We’ve spent two years concentrating on the bigger bits of our renovation – painting stairs and walls, updating the kitchen, tiling, plastering, filling holes, installing lighting, sanding floor boards, painting woodwork, the list goes on – that the idea of doing a smaller scale DIY job has felt a bit like climbing a mountain. But most of the jobs I have around the house are small enough to take up just a couple of evenings in front of Netflix anyway, so without too much hesitation, I gave a gorgeous little vintage hospital trolley that I’ve been deliberating about painting a mini makeover and I tell you, it’s given me the motivation and energy to do more little jobs at home that I’ve been putting off for ages.


I was given this trolley by my friend Lauren who bought it when she moved to the Netherlands for 9 months, and I’ve had my eye on it since the day we rolled it rattling through the shop, stuffed it into the back of my car and brought it home to her little temporary studio. It finally became mine the day she left to go back to Australia, which made our goodbye a tiny bit sweeter. Before she could say ‘look after it!‘ it was in my kitchen, styled with all my bits and pieces on it I’d been sneakily imagining for months! But though I loved it’s pale army green colour and it worked well with everything else in my kitchen, I felt it was lacking something.  Get the full scoop

Style Files: Silke Bonde + Win a Print!

January 16th, 2016

I been following Copenhagen based artist and brand designer Silke Bonde since first discovering her delicate and minimalistic line of watercolour prints some time last year, in awe of her graphic, nature inspired works and simplistic aesthetic. As I am always curious to know a little bit more about artists and get behind their creative processes, I reached out to her with questions I’ve been aching to ask, and am delighted to feature Silke and her work here today, with a stunning collection of images created by Studio Oink, Chris Tonnesen and Sofie Brünner. And of course I am even more delighted that we will be giving away two of her stunning prints! Have a look below on how to snag one for your home. What a fab way to kick off the year, don’t you agree?


|| What is the background behind your label Silke Bonde and how long have you been in business?
When I was little I really enjoyed my own company especially when I had something creative to work with. I could sit for hours and work on the same thing, I guess I had a good imagination. I was always the creative one in my class and I enjoyed having that role. While studying entrepreneurship design in Copenhagen six years ago I started blogging. I mostly blogged about my creative projects and paintings at home and suddenly someday someone asked if they could buy some of it. I was surprised and happy. Shortly afterwards I built my own webshop and then it all started. That was four years ago.

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AVENUE news to welcome 2016

January 5th, 2016

Hello and happy new year to you all! I hope you are feeling well and rested after a cruisy two weeks over the holidays and are rearing to go for a brilliant 2016. I really needed the rest and took it like a BOSS and now my hands are itching to get back into it. I thought I’d kick off the year with a little bit of news from behind the scenes here and share with you a fun new video I had made for the blog by the talented videographer Koen Folkerts of Narratief. Over the last little while you may have noticed things are looking a bit different on the blog lately. After nearly three years, I decided it was time to freshen up the blog and simplify things a bit. Styles evolve and change as our environment changes, and working in such a visual field I felt it was important to update some visual aspects of the blog as time goes on. Today I am going to walk you through the most recent changes, though we plan to add more little updates to help you to navigate this blog better in the next few months and leave you with a bit of a giggle as you watch my new video!


Back when I launched my blog and business, my style was a little romantic and very feminine. Not that’s it’s not nowadays, I would still classify my style as both of those things but I tend to be more drawn nowadays to simplicity through styles, texture, materials, graphic details, delicate patterns and muted to minimalistic colour palettes. Over the holidays I received (finally!) the beautiful book The Kinfolk Home for Christmas and found that so many aspects of the design aesthetic represented in the book resonated with me, and though I have simplifying things in many aspects of my life, this book inspired me on a deep level and has had me thinking differently about the way I see and experience home and the things I fill it with. Get the full scoop

An Earthy Christmas at Mine

December 19th, 2015

Well, this is it guys, the last post for the year! It’s been another amazing year filled with travel, family gatherings, incredible friends, exciting work opportunities, milestones and so much more. A whole lot to be grateful for, despite one or two heartaches. This year, we will be spending Christmas together, as a family and with friends. I am not really into Christmas as I find it to be a bit commercial and I am certainly not big on Christmas decorating. I always feels as though my house has been taken over by sparkly things and a giant tree and usually can’t wait to get my home back to normal by the time December 26 hits. Come to think of it, I find the act of cutting a tree down to hang shiny things on it, only to watch it slowly die and then chop it not little pieces so you can fit it in the garden container, to be a very strange pastime. Am I the only one? Nonetheless, we do it every year because try as I might, I can’t shake that tiny but of magic that Christmas time brings with it each year, and in any case, a Christmas tree certainly excuses having the Michael Bublé Christmas album on repeat for four weeks straight. So I thought I’d show you how I’ll be decorating our Christmas table this year – earthy, natural and simple, with pieces brought back from our recent travels to South Africa and a tiny bit of sparkle.


For Christmas dinner this year, we’ll be doing a roast chicken with an African spice mix I’ve been wanting to try, some steamed baby green beans and asparagus, new potatoes tossed in butter and herbs, and crusty bread with cheeses and chutney. I am doing a simple meal because I plan to relax these holidays and take it very easy. It is nice to make the table look and feel a bit special but I don’t really do cheesy Christmas scenes, so I decided to give our Christmas setup an ethnic twist for something a little different, while keeping everything very simple and natural.  Get the full scoop

Weekend Bedroom Makeover

December 16th, 2015

Hey guys! Dropping in today to share a mini-project I’ve been working on. I was hired to turn a bedroom in a rental house into a calm and inviting space for it’s resident, despite the existing elements that needed to remain in place – outdated wallpaper and bulky furniture that needed to stay in the room. I’m sure there are many of you who read this blog that rent houses and face the same situation, you want a lovely room but can’t do anything too dramatic to the actual space so I thought I’d share with you what we did to this bedroom.

This space was a little tough form the get go because of the wallpaper, the size of the room and the existing elements that had to stay. Nonetheless, the client wanted a light, bright and calming space she could retreat to at the end of a busy day. I could handle that. I presented her with the below concept to get the project started.

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