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NEWS: We have a new website!

October 1st, 2019

We have some exciting news to share with you! From now on, we will be operating Avenue Design Studio from a brand new space on the internet.

Today we officially launch our website:

Avenue Lifestyle blog has been a meaningful and important part of the Avenue journey, and very personal to it’s initial founder Holly Marder for many years. Over time we have seen the shift from lifestyle content ranging from interiors to food (styling), photography, weddings and travel to more and more exclusive interiors based content, and particularly in recent years, our own design work. Those of you who have followed along will know that closing this chapter is an emotional but natural next step. We have been working towards building a new website ever since we merged three years ago to form Avenue Design Studio, and have been busy behind the scenes to reach that goal. In that time, Instagram slowly became the more prevalent platform for us to share our work, inspiration, project progress and everything in between, while sharing on the blog felt less and less relevant. We felt it was time to launch a new platform which is a true representation of who we are, what we do and where we are going. We are delighted to share a select handful of projects we are most proud of in our new Portfolio, and will continue to share snippets of our work and lives in the new Journal.

We hope you enjoy following along on the new website and want to thank you for your continued support over the years. See you on the flip side!

Holly & Hedda

Project R | The Guest Bedroom

February 23rd, 2018

Today we have the final Project R space for you  – the guest bedroom. We hope you’ve enjoyed these room tours! This room is on the top floor of our client’s home and was the last piece of the puzzle. We pulled this room together really fast because the client’s family were coming to stay in a matter of weeks, so there was not me to waste. The results though are calming and warm, layered and full of texture. Let’s step inside.

Quick recap! We were brought in to help our client (a renovator and project manager) to help design and warm and inviting family home, layering in personality, style and cohesion throughout all the spaces. We brought in lovely warm tones on the walls, beautiful art, accessories, designed some functional furniture and generally just brought this home to life. It was a fun project and we are delighted to see the whole house feature in the February issue of vtwonen magazine. Now, let’s get into the guest room!

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Project B: Mini Makeover Before & After

October 5th, 2016

Hello hello! I hope you guys are having an inspiring week. This week in the studio things have been busy as I have worked hard to round off existing projects and kick start exciting new ones. Today, I am excited to share with you one of the projects I have been working on these past couple of months – a high contrast living room belonging to the sweetest couple who hired me to help them put the finishing touches on their new living room using primarily existing pieces of furniture. Below, the before and after mini makeover tour plus how to pull a space like this together in 3 easy steps!

Project B Before & After | Avenue Lifestyle

As much as it would be so wonderful starting all new with a clean slate and hiring a designer to conceptualise the perfect living room, for most of us that simply isn’t possible. And even if it were, the best interiors are always those that have a bit of history to them, pieces in them that have a story. When I met the couple who live in this newly built home, they had just moved in and had purchased several pieces that they wanted to keep – a large cognac leather sofa and metal vitrine cabinet among some of them – but they needed a little bit of direction in terms of how to finish off their living area which they felt was unfinished and lacking a sense of comfort. Here’s a peek at the ‘before’ situation: Get the full scoop

Decorate for a Party

September 5th, 2016

As a columnist for Holly Becker’s blog decor8 for the last three years, I am probably a little biased, but you cannot deny that Ms Becker is a incredibly talented, creative and bursting with drive and passion. She has been in the blogging biz for a decade and has authored several books on decorating. I continue to write my column ‘Homes with Heart‘ on her blog with joy each month and have always been honoured that she regards my work as good enough to feature on the pages of decor8. So when she asked to shoot some stories for her latest book, which she has co-authored with the delightful and equally talented Leslie Shewring, I was absolutely over the moon. After many months of hard work, it brings me so much joy to share a few peeks inside their book Decorate for a Party: Stylish and Simple Ideas for Meaningful Gatherings published by Jacqui Small / Quarto, available now on pre-order.


This is Holly Beckers’ fourth book alongside Decorate which she wrote in 2011 and Decorate Workshop, written in 2012), and the second she has authored with Leslie after the success of Decorate with Flowers. What an accomplishment! When I started photographing about five years ago (more out of necessity than anything else in the beginning), I never imagined I would one day have my work showcased in a book, let alone one belonging to two women I have long admired. Capturing spaces, people and scenes has become not only internal to the work that I do as a stylist but also a passion and appreciation that runs deep into my heart and soul. I have worked hard to build up my skill with no formal training, and being asked to collaborate in this capacity on a project this beautiful is so deeply gratifying that I could almost burst. Get the full scoop

Food Files: Rhubarb Yoghurt Upside-Down Cake

July 23rd, 2016

It’s been so busy these last few months I’ve strayed a bit from the pages of this blog. While my days start with vigour and enthusiasm, deadlines loom, projects demand my focus, emails keep streaming in and the days just slip away, silently rolling into weeks and then I realise I have so much to share and so little time. Remember I shared my kitchen with Ingrid from Let’s Talk Evergreen? In the midst of crazy work schedules we decided to press pause and share food, our love of photography and laughter for a day, each cooking something of our own with the goal to come away with new inspiration, renewed energy and a couple of recipes for you guys to try. I made my favourite lime infused lentil and roast veggie salad and Ingrid made this beautiful rhubarb yoghurt upside-down cake, which I know you are going to love.


Ingrid’s cake is soft, dense, and moist and it’s the subtle sweetness combined beautifully with the tartness of the rhubarb that makes it so very delicious. The perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee, and even suitable for breakfast too. Ingrid first developed this recipe in my kitchen, and then returned home to perfect it. I spied some rhubarb in the supermarket this week, so I’ll be snapping some up and giving her recipe a try this weekend!  Get the full scoop

Porto in Three Days

June 29th, 2016

Hi guys! I am back in the studio again after several weeks of traveling for a couple of exciting work assignments – first to Miami for a new interior design project (will show you more on that soon), and most recently to Marrakech on a small purchasing-slash-shenanigans trip with a very dear friend. Before that, I was in Mallorca with my family for a little getaway for my 30th birthday and before that I hit Porto, Portugal, for three days of fun with nine girlfriends! It’s been a busy time, packing and repacking my bags, kissing my family goodbye several times and saying hello to adventure. I didn’t take my camera with me to Mallorca, Miami or Marrakech (the three M’s of 2016) – I wanted to put all of my energy into either the work that led me to those places, or to my family. I did however squeeze it into my bag for the Porto trip and, one afternoon, took some snaps while wandering the artfully paved streets to snap some sights.


This trip was a group holiday that I go on each year with eight of my Dutch girlfriends. Each time, two out of nine ladies organise the trip on behalf of the group, making bookings, deciding on restaurants, theatre shows, activities, flights and accommodation so that the rest can relax and enjoy and there aren’t too many cooks! It works really well, and this year was  my turn to organise, which I did with two friends from the group. The budget is always small and the goal is getting as much out of the weekend as possible! In case you are considering a city trip this summer, I would highly recommend Porto. It is a charming city along a large river that boasts beautiful historical architecture, fabulous seafood, Port by the barrelful and a nightlife that had me swaying into the wee hours of the morning. Below, some of my holiday snaps, with some tips on what to see and do. Bon voyage!  Get the full scoop

BLOG POWER e-course + a giveaway!

March 27th, 2016

I am so delighted and honoured to be teaching alongside Holly Becker, the founder of the acclaimed lifestyle blog decor8 in her Blogging Your Way e-course ‘BLOG POWER‘ running from 15 April – 9 May 2016, joined by Irene Hoofs from Bloesem Design. I absolutely loved sharing all that I know about styling and photography in the last e-course, and am so thrilled to be joining Holly and also Irene to show you how we have built successful creative businesses from the ground up, beginning with our blogs.


For this three week e-course, BLOG POWER, I will be sharing everything from setting up a home office, running a business as a working mother and balancing work and everything that falls outside of it, working alone as a freelancer and staying inspired, generating an income as a start-up creative and building a solid foundation for future earning potential and SO much more. I am putting my classes together at the moment and am so excited to share it all!

Holly, Irene and myself are all working mothers with young children, we all have blogs, and we all are working professionally with clients, on assignments, living as expats in foreign lands, and meeting the challenges of everyday life while trying to maintain a business. We know how to build a company and earn money doing it, all from our blogs as the base, and we are going to explain how we do it.

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Avenue Lifestyle in vtwonen Magazine!

June 2nd, 2015

Hey guys, I am so excited to show you the results of an interview the Dutch interiors magazine vtwonen did on me and my blog recently. This six page feature is what followed after winning the vtwonen Best New Blog Award at Meet The Blogger last fall and I can’t express how grateful this kind of recognition makes me. I shot all the images in this spread (snippets of my home and my home town of Delft) except the profile shot of me, which was captured by Hanke Arkenbout. The author of the feature, the lovely Flory Hartog, did such a wonderful job of documenting my story that I had it translated it into English for those of you who don’t have access to the magazine to read. Enjoy!

vtpage3 Light, Organic and Feminine

Holly Marder from Avenue Lifestyle is secretly rather proud of what she has accomplished thus far. On blogging at 2am, the line between public and private, and about perfectionism: “When I style I become a different version of myself, one that takes photographs of a messy, slept-in bed!”

The Blogger

Who: Holly Marder (29, stylist, photographer, and blogger)
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