Colour Files: New Hues for Farrow & Ball


With a move to a new house in sight, it’s hard not to get excited about colour schemes and the overall look and feel we want to infuse into our new home. It’s almost all I can think about, even though I know we will simply be painting everything a (very necessary) coat of white to start with. And while I seem to be drawing a blank when it comes to decorating the main living space, I am quite excited about decorating our daughter Lola’s bedroom. I was talking colour schemes in a recent post, if you remember. She’s getting older and needs a room to accommodate – smart storage solutions, a bigger bed and a fun new colour palette. So when our good friends recently asked us whether we’d like a couple of pots of Farrow & Ball paint as a housewarming gift, I immediately knew what to ask for and it feels like the ball is rolling!


But while I was agonizing over Light Blue, Mizzle and Blue Gray (it had to be the perfect shade of green / grey / blue, if that’s not asking too much?), I noticed that Farrow & Ball have added nine fresh new colours to their collection this year. While I adore colour, I am always drawn to neutral tones, so a few of their new hues really appealed. Take a look!

farrow_ball_ Ammonite

farrow_ball_ Ammonite_1

farrow_ball_Stiffkey Blue

farrow_ball_Stiffkey Blue_1

farrow_ball_Purbeck Stone

farrow_ball_Purbeck Stone_1

farrow_ball_ Moles Breath

farrow_ball_ Moles Breath_1

Aren’t they all so beautifully calming and warm? I particularly like Ammonite and Purbeck Stone, because they feel light and bright but that tiny touch of grey makes them a little warm too. I also love how the new colours were presented in the form of those edgy mood boards. Simple but very inspiring! I also enjoyed watching this behind the scenes video.

Well, I have a few deadlines to get out of the way before the week ends so I’ll be back again on Monday! But before I dash off, have you seen what we got up to last weekend? My fiancé and I had a ball on Sunday afternoon frolicking in our local park before the lens of the talented Anouschka Rokebrand during our engagement shoot. I had my hair and makeup done by Katie Larcombe beforehand to look the part. It was so much fun! Here’s a little sneak peek you may have missed in Instagram this week 🙂 Ok, and another! And if you want to see a little more of us getting all romantic together, read here. As for my absolute favourites of the day, you’ll just have to wait and see.

In other news, my book has finally arrived! The one I recently collaborated on with a bunch of the best European bloggers. To hold a copy in my hands is a tad overwhelming but incredibly satisfying. I never dreamed of being apart of an interior design book, so you can imagine the excitement as I flipped through the freshly printed pages to find my photography and words splashed throughout. More on this soon, plus two exciting giveaways coming your way. Meet you back here next week!

Have a great weekend,

Holly x

Image credits: 1. Holly Marder for Decor8; all of the rest by Farrow & Ball

5 Responses to “Colour Files: New Hues for Farrow & Ball”

  1. Ciara says:

    Ooh I love the purbeck stone, definitely filing that one away for future reference! And so lovely to get a glimpse of your engagement shoot, you are both adorable! Nothing beats having gorgeous photos to make walls look even better!

  2. I love the new purbeck stone. I can only hope this becomes the new magnolia for all those with a neutral taste. I think it has a really special tone to it. (magnolia = ew)

    PS AMAZING news on the book. Well done chick! xx

  3. Purbeck stone… Cornforth white… entre les deux, mon coeur balance!

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