Colour Files: Olive Green for Fall Decorating


Every so often a colour jumps out at me and I wonder where it’s been my whole life. That has happened recently in a BIG way with olive green. Weird, right? It’s not a colour you see a lot, and I realized while putting this post together that it’s not actually used a lot in contemporary interior design. Ever since our wedding back in May I’ve been obsessing over olive, as our industrial wedding venue had these olive painted walls which really brought our colour palette to life. Take a look here. It’s had me thinking about our home and the style direction I’m going in and I am kind of liking which way things are going, but I also think olive is a stunning colour for fall decorating so I thought I’d share my favourite olive green finds.


olive_avenue lifestyle


Just as my olive obsession was busting to the surface, I happened to come across the stunning shoot {shown in images 1 and 4} my good friend and photographer Jansje Klainga shot for vtwonen magazine. I hadn’t seen the colour used in this way before and really like the mood and depth it gives the room.

Truth is, I’m a little shy when it comes to using strong, dark colours in my home. I LOVE the effect, but always worry that I’ll tire of it and then will have to paint over it again when that happens. Trust me, I’m a nightmare. I painted my kitchen cabinets 3 times {each time, two coats} before I got it right, and already I am keen for an update! Full kitchen before, during and after will be revealed in due course – still lots to do – by the way. I’m not sure I have it in me to go bold and dark at home, but I dunno…this olive thing has been keeping me up at night so perhaps I’m onto something here. At the very least, I like it in small doses, such as in a rug, a gorgeous fabric, accessories and art, as shown above. But seriously, I ADORE the kitchen above and this single image may just have tipped me over the {olive-hued} edge.




Not sure whether I’d ever be bold enough to paint a ceiling olive green, but I love the olive throw on the bed, as a more masculine accent to the sweet pastels and bohemian feel to the space above.

My thoughts on the matter? Big on impact and likely to work surprisingly well in a great many colour schemes, adding a splash of olive to your home this fall will boost the mood factor and is generally just a very, very good idea.

What do you think guys? Are you loving olive or do you think I’m completely nuts? I’m pretty much ready to take the plunge and dust off the paintbrushes! Someone should warn my husband.

Holly x

Image credits: 1. & 4. Jansje Klazinga for vtwonen; 2. {clockwise from top left} Safavieh rug / bedroom by Tara Pearce for The Outer Towners / artwork by Guy Maestri / Chillhiro; 3. Karla Vagen; 5. Sean Fennessy, production by Lucy Feagins / The Design Files; 6. Mandi Gubler for Vintage Revivals

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  1. Doris says:

    The first flat that I had, I painted a feature wall in the hallway that was Olive Green. I love this colour, it’s so calming and beautiful. Your examples are just perfect. Thanks Holly. xD

  2. Oh I love Olive. It has such depth and a totally relaxing mood.
    I painted my husband’s office in Olive and it works beautifully with the wooden vintage 70’s furniture. Go for it Holly 🙂

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