Cool and Collected: Project Hof Bedroom Makeover


Hello friends! How are you all doing? We had a little rest for a week for the autumn break and of course I fell ill on the first day! Love how life throws you lemons like that. So I did what my body was begging of me and I took it easy with my girl and it was delightful and exactly what I needed after a very busy summer. Just before the break I went in to install and photograph a bedroom project I have been working on and I took a wild guess and thought you guys might like a peek at the results. So here you have it, a cool and collected bedroom makeover from a client I am referring to as Project Hof.


This has been such a nice project to work on for several reasons. I have been working with the couple that live here for several months doing not only their bedroom but also their living and dining area. Slowly they are revamping their home, which was initially pieced together by things they inherited or brought along with them from their student days. They are so excited to be investing in their home and I have really enjoyed helping them through this process of updating and decluttering. Together we have replaced pretty much everything in their bedroom except one piece and the results are fresh, calm and very inviting.  bedroom_blog

That above is part of the design concept I presented the client when we got started. As you can see, I went all neutral, with light and a sense of overall calmness to the space the primary goal. The palette has a cool neutral vibe to it, which I admit was initially inspired by the existing shutter wardrobe doors which were a pistachio green colour, but later evolved to something a bit more neutral when we decided to paint pretty much every surface in the room and really refresh the space.

You’ll see from the ‘before’ pictures below that they couldn’t really do much relaxing and unwinding in this space because it was disjointed and cluttered, so I wanted above all to create a clean, unfussy space for them to really retreat to.



We began with painting the walls a very pale grey Ammonite by Farrow & Ballagain, I know I know I keep using it but it’s such a great neutral! We gave the panelled ceiling and update with some fresh white paint too and sent the metal shutter doors in to be painted white as well, updating it with a set of my favourite leather handles by my friends at Design Studio Nu.



Let’s talk textiles! My favourite topic, pretty much. For the bed, I used By Molle‘s Misty Grey duvet and pillow cases, and paired them with beautiful striped linens by House of Baltic Linen –  a linen boutique based in Australia. I just adore the subtle impact that bit of stripe has made on the space, so much so that I think I need it in my own bedroom. Swiss based Artha Collections are the brand behind the textured runner beside the bed and the beautifully soft blanket on the bed. These are hand woven by local artisans from around the globe in a really responsible way and I love this vision that the founders of Artha have infused in their label. All in all a naturally gorgeous selection of textiles that dress that oak bed beautifully, don’t you think?






I went with a beautiful set of oatmeal coloured double lined curtains to frame the windows and balcony doors. I used Zig Zag Zurich, a source that I have used more often for my projects because I love their extra wide linen curtain panels and the quality of their linen. I chose to have these ones extra long so that that puddle beautifully on the floor and add a sense of height but also drama to the space.

Here’s another look at the space before…




The only piece we kept in the room was this antique mahogany dresser with brass pulls. You couldn’t really tell how beautiful it was before because there was so much clutter and visual distraction but we cleaned it up and paired it with a few pieces with lighter shades of wood and clean lines and it now looks balanced once again and adds personality but also something personal to this bedroom.

In the picture above you can also see how we updated the ceiling lights. In a perfect world we wouldn’t have had spots on that lovely panelled ceiling, but there were so many that we would have had to replace the entire ceiling to change the lighting situation and they are very functional as the basis lighting in the room. The original spots were old school and stuck out like twelve hernias off the ceiling so we tidied each spot up by replacing the bulky old ones with neat and tidy recessed spots.




We purchased this Ercol inspired vintage chair for a steal and had it painted white. I got my upholsterer Shannon from Pheasant Gold to make a seat pillow for it out of a lovely textured linen.

One last before shot…






We replaced the existing bedroom furniture with an oak bed frame and vintage inspired bedside tables. Both needed to work with the existing oak floor and the inherited mahogany dresser the couple wanted to keep. I paired contrasting shades of wood to work with the reddish shade of the mahogany dresser.

If you’d like to create a similar look in your own bedroom, go ahead and shop the look below:


1. & 5. Vintage art (contact us for enquiries)  |  2. Cushion stripes (contact us for enquiries)  |  3. Spindle chair  |  4. Cushion triangles  |  6. House of Baltic Linen striped flat sheet and pillows cases  | 7. Laundry basket (contact us for enquiries)  | 8. Modern Pastoral book  |  9. The Goldfinch book |  10. Mirror oak (contact us for enquiries) |  11. Ceramic planter  |  12. By Mölle Linen duvet  |  13. House Doctor Table lamp (contact us for enquiries)  |  14. Oak bed  |  15. Nightstand  |  16. Artha Collections Throw blanket  | 17. Hübsch textured ceramic vase (contact us for enquiries)  |  18. Artha Collections Runner

Find anything you love? What do you guys like about this space? I had fun with it and am loving what is happening downstairs at Project Hof too. Hope you enjoyed this little tour, see you guys back here soon.

Holly x

Styling & Photography: Holly Marder . Avenue Lifestyle | Editorial Assistance: Nina le Blanc and Ellamira Kluit – with thanks.

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  1. Marianne says:

    Beautiful make over Holly! I fell in love with the nightstands, they are amazing!

  2. Bee says:

    This is so lovely! Can I have you imported to Norway to come and make over my apartment, please? 😀

  3. BelForm says:

    A beautiful make over! Especially the color palette and unique furniture pieces you used!

  4. You rocked it, dear! It’s amazing, so light and calm now. A real good decision and a great Change!
    Love, Rahel

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