Crazy for Kilim


As many Europeans who are experiencing the everlasting drone of winter, I am desperate for some sun and light. Grey skies outside have had me critiquing my home these last months, and while the freezing temperatures relentlessly drag on, I am finding inspiration in brighter shades and bolder colours.

What has also dragged on for what seems like an age is our hunt for the perfect family home. Those who know me will know all about this! The more we look at homes ~ and there have been a great many ~ the more they all become a blur and the initial excitement and anticipation slowly fades away. Today, I am stepping away from Funda and visiting a pretty space in my mind’s eye, our future living room. In this space, there is a stunning Turkish kilim rug atop a gorgeous floor (oak or large stone tiles, please). Soft tones of red and peach are interwoven with deep grays. It is one of the few colourful pieces in the room, surrounded by an eclectic array of both modern and vintage pieces in neutral hues. Step inside my head for a few moments and be inspired by vintage kilim.


kilim 2 via Paloma 81





kilim in the kitchen


But it’s not the bold colours that meld so perfectly with a neutral backdrop, or the geometric patterns or even the stunning colours that kilim rugs have me swooning over. It’s the history that goes into each and every piece. The labour that goes into the making of them. These textiles have been skillfully produced by nomads and villagers throughout the Middle East and Central Asia for centuries, and are a true expression of tribal culture and a symbol of tradition. These flat woven beauties have become heirlooms in their own right, having been passed down from generation to generation through the years.

Each rug is different from the next, depending on the region it was created in, and the artistic personalities of it’s maker. They are incredibly valuable, particularly the genuinely old ones that are still in mint condition, and are made using natural dyes. I personally love the ones above for their simplistic patterns and palette of reds, pinks, grays and stone.

I love it in the living room. I love it in the kitchen. In the bedroom, I love it too. And I also love it in small increments.

Basically, I am crazy about Kilim!

Do you have a crush on these woven, colorful pretties, too?

Have a wonderful Easter!


* Image credits: 1 Patric Johansson; 2 & 3 Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer + Rug Store Online; 3 Rue Mag; 4 The Classy Issue; 5 Loom; 6 Pottery Barn; 7: The Marion House Book

3 Responses to “Crazy for Kilim”

  1. Igor says:

    Wow, I love these inspiring pics. I am a sucker for vintage kilims. I myself have a vintage kilim rug from Turkey in my bedroom (almost the same pattern like in your third pic, the detail on the right, just with somewhat brighter colours) and I have three vintage kilim cushions from Turkey, too. Love, love, love!!!

  2. Holly {Avenue} says:

    Oh Igor, that third one is one of my favorites! Love the simple geometric pattern and a hint of turquoise in the palette.

  3. Sonia says:

    Great inspiration. Love the first picture. I think such a kilim would do the trick here at home 😉

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