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I rarely use the word ‘trend’ because in my work and life as a stylist I try to avoid following trends but rather create spaces out of a genuine appreciation for a certain product, element or simply, a feeling. For clients, I try to translate personal inspiration and experiences into a concept for their home’s interior, filling it with the items they truly love to create a personal and inspiring space for them to call home. Here on the blog, I avoid writing about current trends because I myself don’t follow trends per se. I am aware of what’s trending in the world of interior style, and I do find that I am more drawn towards certain styles than others because they’re in my direct environment, but I won’t rush out and buy the latest trend if it’s not a genuine fit with what I love. So I hesitate to suggest terra-cotta as being a micro trend at the moment, but as I see it appearing more and more in interiors I must say, it seems to have risen back from the 90s and I’m really liking it!

Currently Loving: Terra-Cotta by Avenue Lifestyle

Currently Loving: Terra-Cotta // Styling & Photography by Holly Marder for Avenue Lifestyle

I do kinda feel like the word ‘terra-cotta’ conjures up images of red/brown sponge painted walls and matching tiling, cushions, lampshades and curtains, with a damask floral sofa and puffy brown leather recliner in the corner. You know the type of room I am talking about. But in the fresh, Nordic style interiors that are so popular right now in which white is the base colour and the combination of old and new are the key ingredients, I have to say, I’m a little bit obsessed. It falls into the ‘naturals’ category that I love so much- materials and elements such as marble, wool, brass, and woods such as oak and walnut – but a little terra-cotta in a modern bohemian interior goes a long way.

I used a collection of terra-cotta pots I scoured from and thrift stores and garden shops to carry through the cognac tones and natural tones in my recent bedroom project, which have since made their way to various other areas of my home because I love them so much. I’m considering putting them outside for a while so they weather ever so slightly like the ones in the images above and below.

Currently Loving: Terra-Cotta by Avenue Lifestyle

Currently Loving: Terra-Cotta by Avenue Lifestyle // Image by Chillhiro

I like terra-cotta best when used in a clean white space, among other natural products, elements, textures and tones. I like it best in accessories for the kitchen, such as the gorgeous earthenware mug above {of which I have two in our kitchen cabinet}, or used as vessels for succulents and herbs. Pots look best when grouped together with others of varying sizes and a couple of odd vessels in a different colour or with a pattern to them. I adore those dipped terra-cotta kitchen wares by Sue Pryke.

Do you have terra-cotta items in your home? What are your favorites? I recently added 8 terra-cotta serving dishes to my collection at home for my wedding, dotted on the tables among vintage bowls and serve-ware. They looked great, and I love that I get to keep them and that they’ll age more beautifully with wear, as terra-cotta does.

Who knew I had so much to say about terra-cotta?!

Back soon!

Holly xo

Image credits: 1. {clockwise from top left} Etsy; Julias Vita Drömmar; Lovely Life; Etsy; 2. Holly Marder/Avenue Lifestyle 3. {clockwise from top left} Decorator’s Notebook; Ikea; Kristoffer Paulsen for Broadsheet; Sue Pryke; Teixidors 4. Chillhiro

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