Delicate Florals Inspire in a Spring Spread by Anthropologie


Spring is in full swing here in the Netherlands, and this last week we have been enjoying some warmth and sunlight, two things I was beginning to think I would never see again. This week, we ate dinner outside for the first time in about a century (OK, it was really just a few months) and I also began sprucing up our little garden now that it’s warmer because we love hosting barbecues in the warmer months. All this time outdoors thinking about spring-summer entertaining has got me gravitating towards the gorgeous spring inspired dinnerware by Anthropologie.

anthro 13


anthro 4

anthro 16

anthro 6

anthro 3.1

Are you as crazy about Anthropologie’s delicate floral patterns and dreamy colours as I am? I love the turquoise and peach combo the best, and how you can make a gorgeous and eclectic collection of plates using lots of different designs.

My favourite item in the spread are the floral plates in the second image. Yes, I think they’d look quite pretty on my wooden garden table! What about you? What are your favourites?

Have a happy weekend!


* All images by Anthropologie






5 Responses to “Delicate Florals Inspire in a Spring Spread by Anthropologie”

  1. Shin says:

    Lovely blog! I was enrolled in BYOB, but got into time limitations and couldn’t really participate. So I’m running a bit late browsing the blogs I saw over there. Lovely that you are in the Netherlands. I’ll be moving (back) in the Summer. I’m from Korea, but grew up in the Netherlands. Anthropology is my favorite store! A pity they don’t have a store in the Netherlands

  2. Teala says:

    I like the plate/ bowl set at the bottom of the third photo down. And I think the second photo from the bottom is very clever. Teala

  3. Holly {Avenue} says:

    @Shin Hello! A shame that time got ahead of you in March. The course was great! Yes, Anthropologie is a favourite of mine, too and a NL store would be amazing! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Holly

  4. Holly {Avenue} says:

    @Teala I love that combo too!

  5. Deepa says:

    I love Anthropologie! I live in the Netherlands too, and what I would give for them to deliver here. Might be better for my wallet that they don’t though…

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