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My favourite interiors are those filled with stories. You can tell so much from a person by their home’s aesthetic. The things they choose to surround themselves with are part of their own personal story, and I love a good story! That’s one of the things I love most about my work as an interior design journalist – discovering gorgeous homes and the stories that go with them. I find the homes with the best stories are those filled to the brim with treasured knick-knacks picked up on travels, rescued from the side of the road, found at markets, or handed down through the family. These are the treasures that make a house a home, and form the basis of the collected, eclectic interiors that I am drawn to.

I recently came across a wonderfully eclectic home with a great story in the latest issue of the British 91 Magazine {my new fave online read}. Gorgeous photography by Michael Sinclair and a beautifully written article by Chloe Mitchell make the home of Victoria Suffield and Phil Webb, owners of the Winchester based lifestyle boutique The Hambledon, an inspiring find indeed.



The Hambledon is a clean and bright department store inside a quintessentially British shell. It’s owners are passionate about stocking it with things they personally love. “We always wanted to make a shop which sold the things we loved in a space we loved to people we could grow to love.” In this gorgeously understated space, crisp whites combine with rustic woods making for the perfect backdrop for a widely varied collection of lifestyle goods including home wares, clothing, stationary, skincare and more. You’ll enjoy browsing their online store.

The feature included a home tour of Suffield and Webb, a tranquil place combining their signature crisp white and grey palette against warms woods. In her article, Mitchell described the interior as “French country house meets East London industrial”, which I think was a great way to describe it’s old meets new aesthetic. The home’s architectural details, such as those gorgeous wooden floors and that grey painted original built-in hutch filled with books, are given full credit. Surrounded by minimal furnishings and a fabulous collection of graphic art hung in clusters around the house, the period features really wow.

91 magazine_1

91 Mag_2




Read all about this gorgeous home on pages 72 – 81. And for more gorgeous shots of this tour, {click here}.

If you enjoy reading about interiors, lifestyle tips, craft and all things pretty with a distinct vintage vibe, you’ll love 91 Magazine.

Happy reading!



* Photography by Michael Sinclair

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  1. Doris says:

    Thank you for the tour Holly, the space is wonderfully light and airy with a slight nod to eclectic. I love the tours you present on your blog. I find them so inspiring. xD

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