Engaged Part I: A Natural, Organic Table


Hey guys! I’ve been a bit sporadic in my posts lately, and one of the reasons is I have even really busy prepping for an event called Engaged {you might recall reading about it in this post}, which took place over the weekend. Over the course of the day, I hosted three styling workshops for around 40 women {some brides-to-be, some wedding planners, some just there for fun!} all looking to learn how to beautify tables like a pro. I spent weeks gathering props from far and wide to give my attendees plenty of pretty to play around with and gosh, it was fun seeing it all come to life on the day! Naturally, I prepared a couple of example tables to inspire my attendees, but knew I’d be too busy on the day to worry about photographing them for you to see so I enlisted my good friend, the talented photographer Anouschka Rokebrand, to shoot the tables at the industrial venue the event was held {Lijm en Cultuur Delft, our wedding venue!} the day prior. That meant a whooole lotta running around, unpacking, repacking boxes of props props etc but I’m so pleased to be able to share the images she captured so beautifully with you guys. First up, a natural and organic table to perhaps inspire your next dinner party?

natural, organic table

The theme for the event was winter, so I made sure that my two example tables communicated that theme in an understated way. The look and feel of this year’s event was very woodsy {is that a word?}, so I drew on that as my inspiration for this table and created something organic, natural and green.

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My style tends to lean towards being organic, feminine, clean and somewhat minimalistic. I like simplicity however appreciate detail and try to infuse my work with texture, incorporating unique pieces not often seen as well as simple takes on well known concepts.

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For this table I brought together stunning vintage items {earthenware side plates, bone, silver and wooden handled cutlery and beautifully fine glassware} from Helene Millot Furnishings, whose items I used for my wedding back in May, my favourite dinnerware made from fallen palm leaves by VerTerra, linen napkins and tiny gold-topped jars – which I filled with sea salt and dried rosemary – from Dille en Kamille and a pistachio hued silk tablecloth I picked up at my local upholsterers.

I wanted to show my workshop attendees {many of whom were brides that wanted to be able to take away ideas to incorporate into their wedding day} how to combine old with new in a very elegant and affordable way, so brought in simple white dinner plates from Ikea {as most wedding venues already have white round dinner plates on hand they were a good base to start off with} and I made an easy, inexpensive but creative centerpieces that can easily be replicated.

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View More: http://anouschkarokebrand.pass.us/engaged  Click on image to view a larger version

To compliment the theme of the event, I created a centerpiece from a branch wrapped in a climbing plant and wool.To make it, I simply took two small branches, tied them together using natural twine {to blend in with the wood}, wrapped and draped lengths of wool around the branches followed by snipped off lengths of vine around the stems and that’s it.

View More: http://anouschkarokebrand.pass.us/engaged

View More: http://anouschkarokebrand.pass.us/engaged

On the day I talked to my attendees about my own wedding and why for me the tables were the most exciting part of the day, why a beautifully styled table can set the tone for the whole event, what you need on your table depending on the look and feel of your event and catering preference, and how I put my tables together. I then walked them through a table full of props {plates, side plates, napkins, table cloths and runners, cutlery, glasses of all shapes an sizes, flowers, twine, string, trinkets – you name it, it was most likely there on that table!} which I had laid out for them to dig into later on, divided them into groups and let them create their own styled table. It was amazing to see 9 completely different tables throughout the course of the day using the same set of props! And of course so great to see everyone having fun. I then critiqued and judged each table and gave the group that created the winning table a little gift {a sweet little terracotta pot with a mini plant in it – of course!}.

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It was an incredibly rewarding day filled with positivity and joy. Though I was cooped up in my workshop area from 8am until 7pm setting and resetting tables, the energy was buzzing and there were smiles on everyone’s faces. The organiser Judith van Lent {a photographer at Velvetine} put her heart and soul into the event and it showed. I hosted workshops last year too and was excited to be involved again, and this year I also gave Judith a helping hand with the styling of the event. Will share more of the event as the images arrive. My good friend Hanke Arkenbout {the amazing photographer who is responsible for the images on my ‘About‘ page!} was walking around with her camera so I am sure her rolls of film are on their way to the developers as I type!

I’ll be back later with my second styled table and tell you what made me pick the winning tables, what I noticed each group doing with their styled tables and a styling tip!

See you back here soon!

Holly x

Styling: Holly Marder {Avenue Lifestyle} / Photography: Anouschka Rokebrand / Dinner plates: Ikea / Cutlery, earthenware side plates and glassware: Helene Millot Furnishings / Napkins, mini jars and wooden chairs: Dille en Kamille / Mini bowls: VerTerra Dinnerware

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    Beautiful captured !

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