Engaged Part II: A Simple, Elegant Table


Yesterday I took you through the first of my styled tables for the Engaged wedding event, where I hosted three styling workshops over the course of the one day event. I’m excited to share with you the second table, slightly different but still resonating with the overall wintry theme of the event, Holly style! Natural, pared down with a touch of opulence, here’s the full scoop captured to perfection by Anouschka Rokebrand.

blue table 1

As I mentioned in my last post, the purpose of the workshops was to show people how to style their tables for their wedding or event, drawing on my experience as both a recent bride {who adored putting her wedding tables together!} and a stylist. So I created a coupe of styled tables as an encamp of how to put together gorgeous tables, using unique items, and combining them with simpler pieces, with some basic, affordable but lovely DIYs to inspire them. So let’s talk about this table…

View More: http://anouschkarokebrand.pass.us/engaged

View More: http://anouschkarokebrand.pass.us/engaged

Moody, cool, dramatic but quaint at the same time and oh-so-lovely. I think this was my favourite table of the two, but that may be because I’m right into blue at the moment, particularly the dark shades. I combined a linen runner {Dille end Kamille} on a rustic wooden table, paired a mix of new and vintage side plates with basic round dinner plates. Brass and rosewood vintage cutlery, thin stemmed brass candlesticks {Hélène Millot Furnishings} and fine glassware took the look to the next level and added a bit of drama to the look without being over the top.

View More: http://anouschkarokebrand.pass.us/engaged

View More: http://anouschkarokebrand.pass.us/engaged

I used cuttings of dried daisies {purchased by the bunch at Dille en Kamille} to embellish simple linen napkins, tied onto the napkin with string, and dotted a few heads intermittently down the center of the table. So delicate and lovely. But seriously, daisies aside, that flatware is something else! Must find me some brass flatware to use at home.

It seems this table was also a favourite of my workshop attendees, because on almost all of the 9 tables that emerged on the day, the brass candlesticks appeared, as did either the blue side plates or table runner. Every single time. Must be a trend!

View More: http://anouschkarokebrand.pass.us/engaged

View More: http://anouschkarokebrand.pass.us/engaged

So here’s what else I picked up on with each table my groups styled. Perhaps it was just that there was just soooo much inspiration flying around on the day, or that gigantic table of props laid out before them, or that making style choices as a group was tough {or all of the above}, but something that every group did was overstyle their tables. Not hard to do by any means but less is definitely more when it comes to table styling. Keeping the table minimal in style will mean:

– a calming first impression

– more attention to beautiful details

– more space on the tables for food, particularly if you’re going for Italian family style dining, like we did at our wedding, where the dishes are placed on the table for guests to share amongst themselves, or are hosting a dinner party. Wedding tables fill up fast with water glasses, cameras, mobile phones, wedding favors moved to the side, bouquets etc.

blue table 2

Coco Chanel used to say: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”

I try to apply this to my work as a stylist and always remove something right before photographing or presenting a space, and do the same when I style tables. Less is always more.

But I was equally amazed at how creative the attendees were with the props at hand. One table wrapped wool around the base of the champagne glasses. Another used feathers they’d found in the flowers put together by the event florist {Bloom Your Life} to style their napkins. They surprised an inspired me so much!

Which table do you prefer, folks? The green table or this blue table?

Hope you enjoyed these posts and I’ll be back to interiors later this week.

Holly x

Styling: Holly Marder {Avenue Lifestyle} / Photography: Anouschka Rokebrand / Dinner plates and blue sideplates: Ikea / Cutlery, vintage side plates, candlesticks and glassware: Helene Millot Furnishings / Napkins, wooden chair, dried daisies and table runner: Dille en Kamille 

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