Exciting News + Light Living in London


Hello! We’ve had the most gorgeous temperatures here in the Netherlands lately. I think summer has decided to stick around for a little longer than originally planned, which I think is only fair given the winter we had this year. But it’s not just sunny skies that have me smiling today. It’s the news we received this week that our mortgage has been approved and we get the keys to our new house on 1 November! After a tiresome 18-month long search for a home to buy (our first), we finally snagged a very sweet little house in Delft that has (by some miracle) managed to tick every box on our combined wish list. I won’t go into too much detail just now, but know that mind, body and soul have vacated the premises and are now camping out at the new residence!

One thing I am looking forward to in our new home is bringing in loads of light, the power of which is largely underestimated. Having now spent six long winters in Europe, I have only just realised that there is something far more crucial than a cute new winter coat when the cool temperatures draw in. I don’t know about you, but what can have a major impact on my mood is a lack of light, and I have that a lot in our current home. Because my home office is between two rooms with a tiny slither of a window, I am always working beneath artificial light, which I am sure does something to me. So what I am most excited about is creating a cheerful, light-filled home for us all, and a brighter workspace for me. I recently spotted this gorgeous home photographed by James Merrell for Livingetc, which is not only absolutely beautiful, but natural light just bounces off the walls and fills me with instant calm.







Doesn’t all that gorgeous natural light make you happy? Crisp white walls, pale wooden floors and minimal living make this four-storey Victorian terrace in east London one of my favorites to date. I love the clean, modern feel with classic design details, a little bit of history and natural textures.

This lovely London home has left me feeling inspired about our exciting new adventure. Can’t wait to get stuck into a pot of white paint!

Tell me: Does light affect your mood, too? How do you combat the lack of light during the winter time to lift your spirits at home?  

Holly x

Image credits: James Merrell for Livingetc

19 Responses to “Exciting News + Light Living in London”

  1. mel says:

    Congratulations Holly! Nothing more exciting (other than having your first child!) than buying a home and imagining all of its potential. Light and sun is so important to me – perhaps it’s because we’re Australians? I really loved the character of my last (rental) home but it didn’t let in a lot of light so I understand! Since moving, our living is flooded with natural light and I’ve notice my mood lift. Renovating our place in Sydney was so much fun, I’m sure you’re going to have a blast and can’t wait to see the result! Mel x

    • Holly says:

      Thank you, Mel! I might have to make a Sydney stop on my next visit to Oz and peek at your lovely light home 🙂 Good to read that since moving to a lighter place, you’ve noticed a mood lift. Promising!

  2. Danielle Sturgeon says:

    Congratulations Holly! Wonderful news about your new home, look at you ticking all the boxes 🙂 x

  3. Congratulations, Holly! I am sure the house is going to look awesome! xx Hope to see you very soon!

  4. Natalie says:

    Wonderful, Holly! Congratulations!!! xx

  5. anouschka says:

    Congrats on the new home Holly! Wonderful news!

  6. Tessa says:

    Hi Holly,

    What a fantastic news!!! Congratulations! I wish you a lot of fun with making lovely plans for your new home! X

  7. Congratulations Holly. So happy to read you’ll soon be enjoying the sight of a working site! make sure you put a lot of these whites throughout your new home. it will cheer up your spirit when the outside temperatures are below zero and the sky is flirting with grays. can’t wait to see it myself.

  8. Gudy Herder says:

    Yay, finally! Is it the house we were talking about at the Hive? It doesn’t sound like…is it a different one?xx

    • Holly says:

      It’s a different one, Gudy. That one had huge potential but didn’t work out. This one is prettier and in a better location, but a little smaller. Always a compromise, but we’re soooo happy! Your turn next?

  9. geraldine says:

    Congratulations!! So exciting. I bet it’s going to look amazing with your styling touch. Can’t wait to see it. Hope fully, I can visit you some time once it’s all completed. Have a lovely week xx

  10. Judith says:

    Congratulations on the new home! Light is so important, it’s the favorite feature in our home and so often underestimated! Good luck painting your new home bright and white 😉

    • Holly says:

      Thank you, Judith! Your home is amazing – I can see why you love the light aspect of it. Well done on all the clever renovating on such a huge project.

      • Congratulations Holly! I’m just about to get the keys to my first home too and I’m so excited!! I don’t think I’ll get mine looking as gorgeous as the example you’ve included…it’s beautiful. I love the raw look to it, so simple but bright and warm at the same time.


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