First Book Project for Avenue Lifestyle!


To say I am excited is a slight understatement. Very excited comes close, but not quite. Picture the kind of excitement that ensues flailing limbs, giddy laughter and sore face muscles from smiling too much; the jumping up and down with glee kind of excitement; and now perhaps you are venturing fairly close to how I am feeling at this very moment in time. You see, I am to be published in a book. Yes, a BOOK! An interior design book, to be precise.


A little while ago, I was approached by a representative of the German publishing house Callwey, who was on the radar for some blogging talent to collaborate on a new interior design book. At the mention of the words “publishing house”, my ears pricked up. Insert “lifestyle bloggers” and “interior design tips and tricks” and I was sold. We exchanged cards and by five o’clock the following afternoon I had an email in my inbox from the very person I had spoken not 24 hours ago saying they would “be honoured” to have me on board, to collaborate on a book entitled ‘Wohnideen aus dem wahren Leben – Inspirationen der besten Wohnblogger’, complete with a contract enclosed. 

My heart literally leapt from my chest as I excitedly relayed the email to Dirk – who was at the time bathing Lola and was slowly but surely disappearing under a mountain of bath bubbles – but to be honest, I haven’t quite allowed the excitement to sink in just yet. That is, until I received an email from my publisher today that the book is scheduled to publish on September 20, and has already hit the shelves!

The book lends its reader creative ideas and gorgeous inspiration from some of Europe’s best interior and lifestyle bloggers, most of whom I have admired since my blogging journey began. To realise that I am part of this most professional and talented line-up is something I could only ever have dreamed about. I am beyond humbled.

The deadline was rapidly approaching at the time I was approached, and I had a mere two weeks to source out and photograph some of my favourite interiors. It was a face-paced two weeks, and on a few occasions I had to shoot with my energetic two-year-old in tow. Talk about multi-tasking! Images gathered, I then had the editorial to work on and before I knew it I had sent off what to be my most exciting work to date. The pressure was on for a moment there, but I am so, so excited about the results and can hardly wait to see them come to life in a printed publication! I will be sharing some of my favourite submitted shots here on the blog over the coming months so stay  tuned! In the meantime, check the book out online. What you can expect is no less than 400 images styled and photographed by myself and my talented co-authors, all spread out on 240 pages with helpful interior design tips and tricks.

Without getting all teary-eyed and soppy, I just wanted to take this little opportunity to thank you, whoever and wherever in the world you are, for stopping by to read Avenue Lifestyle. Your support makes all the difference.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Holly x

Cover image courtesy of Callwey Publishing


14 Responses to “First Book Project for Avenue Lifestyle!”

  1. Zoe says:

    Wow, I am more than impressed, how cool is that?! Sadly the links aren’t working, so I couldn’t check out the book online, but I sure will as soon as I can!
    xo Zoe

  2. Gudy Herder says:

    Very happy to have you there too! Well deserved, Holly. Looking forward a lot to your images!

  3. Ciara says:

    Amazing news Holly, that’s so exciting! Delighted for you and can’t wait to see the book at some stage, what a great achievement! x

  4. Natalie says:

    Congratulations, Holly!!! Fabulous! xx

  5. wonderful! that is so deserved. congratulations big genius-y Holly!

  6. mel says:

    Holly, that’s such great news and lovely reading your heartfelt post. A huge congratulations! Mel x

  7. Doris says:

    Congratulations Holly! What exciting news. I look forward to seeing you in print 🙂 xD

  8. Claudia says:

    Holly, that’s great! Congratulations with this amazing opportunity! xx

  9. wowzer chica,

    You are hot to trot. I know it will be amazeballs. Well done!! xx

  10. Magda says:

    Congratulations, Holly. I cannot wait for the book to be published. I will need a copy signed by you and Gudy 🙂

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