Friday Project: My Home Office Makeover


As a writer, I spend most of my time behind the computer, in my little home office. Working from home certainly has it’s benefits, but sometimes these four walls can make me a little crazy. Do you get that? This week was particularly cold here in Delft and I was starting to get a little stir crazy indoors. I had a couple of hours to spare yesterday, so I decided to give my little office space the Holly touch and add some colour and personality to the space. The perfect little project to wrap up the week!

My 20-month-old little girl, Lola, has recently discovered watercolors and I’ve been meaning to start displaying her artwork. So that was the starting point. I also buy quite a lot of art through Etsy as I love to have original artwork and support creative talent, and have a couple of pieces I haven’t had a chance yet to frame, so I threw those into the mix. I also had a bunch of other cute knick-knacks lying around that I love, like an origami bird hanger that a friend made and gave to me, some left-over floral fabric and lace from making Lola’s first birthday party dress, a hand print lola made at creche when she was one, an antique map of Delft, a pretty card I bought in London a few years ago and a pretty paper table decoration I picked up at Holly Becker‘s home studio workshop in Hannover last year, and a pretty button I found while shopping with Yvonne of Yvestown in Eindhoven recently. Also included here is a picture of my mum at about age 3, my most prized possession. Lola looks exactly like her, so it’s quite special to have displayed. Throw in some washi tape and I got to work. The result it a fun collection of treasures which I now get to enjoy from my work chair.

So that’s that! I’ll of course add to the collage as time goes on and Lola’s artwork changes and I acquire other bits and pieces. But for now this has already brightened up my weekend!Hope you are enjoying your weekend 🙂 See you again soon!


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  1. Oh this is such a great place. My home office is such a mess. I really need to get it in shape for your visit! The clock is ticking….

  2. WOW WOW WOW! Please come hekp me decorate MY home! You have an amazing eye Holly! Just amazing! I want to see more! 🙂 xx

  3. Thanks Corinne! Not to worry, we’ll give the office the Holly and Corinne touch and have it shining for the photos. Can’t wait to see you own beautiful home! Holly

  4. Ah, thanks Sam! Would adore the chance to help you style your home. Maybe next time we visit SA I’ll come do a styled shoot for you. Though, I’m quite sure you already have the place looking gorge xoxo

  5. geraldine says:

    So beautiful Holly. My study is in a mess and I’m in the process of sorting it out too. Your styling is incredible. Can you come and wave your magic wand in my home? Hope you are having a lovely week and so looking forward to seeing you soon. xx

  6. Thank you, Geraldine! I’d love to peek behind the scenes of Little Big Bell (wand or not!) and see where all the magic happens. So looking forward to catching up in London next month! Holly x

  7. Hollyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I love it, so gorgeous! I am just finishing off my new office so will post pics on west egg when I get a minute! xx

  8. Kerry Bee says:

    What a gorgeous and inspirational office space! Lots of personal touches too – really love the bell jar! 🙂 xx

  9. @ Louisa Thank you!! Will keep an eye out for the new office space!

    @ Kerry, looks from your profile pic like you are based in NL? I could point you in the direction of one of those bell jars. I got mine in Delft.

    @ Geraldine, this trip to London is jam packed but I have been meaning to ask whether you are attending the event at Selvedge on the 23rd? I was ummming and ahhhing about whether or not to go, and was looking for a work related reason to do so. Perhaps I could combine it with a tour of your home, and we could style it and get some pics together? We can talk more about it at dinner next Friday night. So looking forward to seeing you 🙂 x

  10. geraldine says:

    You are most welcome to come and see my home personally if you like when you are in London, how long are you staying for?. So sorry, I’ve been slow off the mark with the pictures. I’m such a perfectionist that I can’t seem to take the picture until I’ve organised things – my rate limiting step being having the time to do so. Anyway, I’m trying to get my act together!

  11. Hey Holly. You are so neat. You need my little Lola to come and pay you a visit. Those magazines will look all shabby and no chic….in no time! Lovely post! 😉

  12. The use of red + mint in this room is really striking! Looks phenomenal!

  13. Teala says:

    Such a lovely space to work in, it looks great Holly. Xx

  14. Teala says:

    Such a lovely space to work in, it looks great Holly. Keep following your dream dear friend. x

  15. Holly {Avenue} says:

    Thank you so much for the sweet comments!

    @Tracey, Trust me, my desk doesn’t always look this neat! I’m usually buried underneath a pile of Lola’s scribble paper, pencils and toys dragged in from the toy cupboard 🙂

    @Stacey, I always steer towards neutral colors and it wasn’t my intention to create a specific colour palette when I was throwing together this little space. Looking at the pictures though, there is a link between those red and mint colors and it does look lovely actually! Thank you for your lovely comment. Holly x

  16. Cintia says:

    Great board I love it, your studio look amazing. I’m glad I found your blog.

  17. Lauren Lou says:

    Just beautiful Holly! Your office is what my home office dreams are made of! J’adore xx

  18. Lauren Lou says:

    You had me at absinthe-filled chocolate!

  19. mel says:

    Hi Holly. What a gorgeous space you have, you must feel so inspired to work after doing that. So lovely to have that photo of your mum displayed, I love old photos of family. Mel x

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  21. […] What is your favorite item in your home? Holly: In my home office, I have a little arrangement of pictures on the wall beside my desk – things my daughter […]

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