From Studio to Guest Room


Like many of you, my workspace doubles up as a guest room when we have friends to stay. Not all of us have multiple bedroom homes and when friends come for the night, I find myself scrambling around trying to make room for them, hunting high and low for the blow-up mattress, which never holds up for the whole night no matter how much you pump it up, and then worriedly lying awake wondering if they’re are comfortable or whether they’re lying with their bums skimming the floor. I thought it was time to add a new element to the studio that would comfortably accommodate our guests when needed while doubling up as a pretty prop in the studio the rest of the time.


I searched and searched for a sofa bed that would fit the bill but nothing was quite right. I didn’t want it to look to sofa-ish or chunky. I wanted slender lines and something that is quick and easy to turn into a bed. It had to fit the look and feel of the studio, which is very light and airy. At OTTO I found this wooden fold-out sofa and though at first glance it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for in that the pillow it came with was a little chunkier than I was looking for and the buttons made it look a little too classic, the base was gorgeous and simple however and I knew I had found the piece that would enable me to go from studio to guest room in one fell swoop, while still looking and feeling fresh and stylish. 



from-studio-to-gastroom22 from-studio-to-guestroom30


This is how the studio looks during the day when I’m racing about making things look pretty. I use the new sofa for displaying pillows and other props I am collecting for projects, and of course to sit on and take five once in a while. Not often enough, I can assure you! I have thought about doing a snooze on more than one occasion since it’s been here, but I haven’t. I promise.

I loved the simplicity of the sofa’s frame and cognac leather accent so much. The only thing I updated was the cushion/mattress to get that sleek and slender look I was after. I happened to have a mattress lying around from when we replaced our bedroom mattress recently. We literally chopped it in two long pieces, which was easy with a bread knife, to have one cushion along the bottom and one along the back. I then has two covers sewn up out of some neutral fabric with a subtle herringbone pattern I knew I would like for a long time to come.




To turn the sofa into a bed, you simply release the leather straps and flatten out the bed. Two little legs come out underneath and that’s literally that!

Here’s a fun little gif to show you the transformation from sofa to bed:



Cool, isn’t it? Studio to guest room in literally two seconds! This gorgeous little oak stool doubles up perfectly as a nightstand. It is a design by Rex Kralj, a furniture brand I have had the pleasure of working with recently on their new catalogue with my friends from Design Studio NU. I love this stool’s slender lines and simple design, don’t you?




The leather strap of the day bed is my favourite detail. I love it twirled around the arm of the frame when flipped down in bed mode.



I have styled the bed with gorgeous black bed linens from Rough Linen. I love the contrast a set of black linens offer against the white walls, warm woods and neutral palette. And the quality of these is beautiful. I also love the little wooden (coconut) buttons on the pillows.

To set of the black duvet and pillows, I picked up a few linen cushions from my new favourite shop in Rotterdam called Pantoufle (you MUST pop in if you’re local or visiting and say hello to the owner Esther for me! I am sure you’ll love her and her shop as much as I do). My favourite By Mölle chunky knit blankets I picked up in a delightful shop in The Hague called Het Appeltaartgevoel add so much texture to the bed, making it extra inviting.




So that’s how the studio goes from workspace to guest bedroom. It doesn’t happen often, but when the time arises, we are all set! I’m so pleased with the ease of this sofa bed and am always amazed by how a set of linens, a colour palette and a bit of pattern can transform a space.

Inspired by something you saw in this post? Shop the items using the links below.

SHOP THIS LOOK – Sofa bed: OTTO | Black bed linen: Rough Linen | Oak stool: Rex Kralj | Blue and white linen pillows (stripe and checkered): Linge Particulier from Pantoufle | Brown checkered pillow: vintage | Grey pillow + vase on desk: Bolia | Blankets: By Mölle from Het Appeltaartgevoel | Water cannister and glass: Puik Art | Book: Modern Pastoral by Niki Brantmark of My Scandinavian Home | Magazine: Open House | Magazine: Darling | Wall sconce: Schoolhouse Electric | Read more about the studio HERE and HERE

Wishing you all a wonderful week. It is busy here in the studio while we wrap things up for the Christmas break. I will be back with one last post before I put my feet up for the holidays. It has been a busy year and there is much to prepare for 2017. I can’t wait to share with you the exciting plans on store for Avenue in the coming year!


|| Styling and Photography: Holly Marder for Avenue Lifestyle

14 Responses to “From Studio to Guest Room”

  1. Niki says:

    Lovely of you to include my book! ? And what a beautful guest room update! Have a very merry Christmas! Xxx

  2. Shannon says:

    Hey it looks fantastic! Your vision for transforming a space always blows me away. Happy holidays!

  3. Mariette says:

    Hi Holly,
    Love this bed and everything on it. And the studio is gorgeous too. Sheer perfection! Much love, Mariette from Maastricht

  4. […] enjoy this beautiful studio of Avenue Lifestyle turned into a guest room, though I wouldn’t mind a master bedroom like that. I love the […]

  5. Andres says:

    Wait, so when you have a guest you have to let them wake up and shower to use the studio? work in darkness if it’s their bedtime? or if you have a client you have to speak softly to not disturb the sleeping guest?

  6. sara says:

    This is brilliant! I love your work! 🙂

  7. Hannah says:

    I love your style! what an excellent idea a studio/guest room, far better than a sofa bed in a communal space like the living room. Unlike the living room the studio won’t constantly be in demand, and like you mentioned in your comment above if you need to you can take your laptop elsewhere.

  8. I dig the shades and textures. It has a lot to do with how my house and life look right now.

  9. Amelie says:

    I do like that you keep it clean and simple with the design. Easy to mount an dismount and it’s minimalist, offering you some good space 🙂

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