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Hi guys! It’s Hedda here. With Holly away in Sweden soaking up nature and having some down time, and a relative calm settling on the studio, I thought it would be a good time to do my first blog post (yikes!). What better way to start than with one of our favourite spaces to design: the bedroom. In this case MY bedroom. Our bedrooms are such a personal space, and for those of us with children in particular, a place to retreat and relax. So let’s get started with a little tour of my bedroom.

When we bought our 1930’s terrace house in December 2014, it was ‘unsellable’ and had been on the market for nearly two years. It had a bad case of subsidence, orange and green 70’s tiling in kitchen and bathroom, and layers upon layers of flowery wallpaper. I know this because I peeled them off myself. Also, our bedroom floor was literally at an angle. Of course, I immediately I thought ‘wow, this is a perfect house!’. Five months of renovations followed, among other things we extended at the back, thereby creating a large balcony off our master bedroom with french windows letting in plenty of light. Two other choices also made a big impact on our bedroom 1. we took out the fire place that was on the wall where we now have the bed 2. we decided to use the box room adjacent to our bedroom as a seperate dressing room. This meant that although the master bedroom is small, it is open and clutter free.

In terms of design, I wanted the house to be relatively neutral in the base. I generally never leave a wall white, so we went with ‘Blackened’ by Farrow and Ball for the main wall colour throughout, and ‘Dimpse’ in our bedroom and office. A little secret: I always go for the Modern Emulsion finish in a house with children because it is wipeable. You can thank me later 🙂 The curtain fabric is a gorgeous linen I had been admiring for a long time. It has quite a lot of colour in it but doesn’t feel overwhelming, in fact, even Holly would probably agree that it is fairly ‘neutral’.

I didn’t originally intend for the room to have the burnt sienna and mustard / gold accents but they are present in the curtain fabric and they worked really well with the ‘Dimpse’. I fell in love with the glass ‘Chouchin’ lamp by Foscarini and had to have it. When I bought it, I wasn’t sure where I would hang it but it added the pop of colour and warmth I wanted in the bedroom so it ended up there. The bedside lamps are ‘Caravaggio’ from Lightyears. I had the cushions made with fabric my husband brought back for me from a business trip to Indonesia. He was genuinely excited that he had bought me this fabric but when I first saw it, I had no idea what I was going to do with it since it was so… present. I admit that I am a sucker for patterns and growing up in West Africa has given me an appreciation of traditional fabric, however, this is not normally a colour I am drawn to. But, since we already had the lamp, I gave it a try and you know what, I love it. Just goes to show it doesn’t all have to ‘make sense’.

The large art piece on the wall across from the bed is by the talented Australian / American photographic artist Brooke Holm. I am a huge fan, she also does beautiful interiors photography. It’s a close up of the ocean. I gave it to my husband as a Christmas present a few years ago and we both love it. It adds a calm and fresh element to the room; you can’t feel stressed when you sit in bed for a few minutes looking at it. We are both very much ‘water people’, I have always lived near the sea and he sails and windsurfs, so this is perfect. The black chair is ‘Mademoiselle’ by Ilmari Tapiovaara. I bought it from a vintage shop and it tends to move around the house, in fact, it is currently in the kitchen. It’s one of those chairs that works everywhere. The cabinet is an antique British Colonial piece from India, used in an apothecary. It was given to us by my parents-in-law for our wedding nearly 10 years ago. We’ve dragged it through three moves since, I’m terrified it’s going to get broken but so far so good. Even this time when four burly men lifted it from the garden up over the balcony!

The art above my bed is by Ossip Zadkine and is ‘on loan’ from my dad (an art collector) – he doesn’t know it yet but he’s not getting them back! With the simple oak frame, the black and white adds a lovely contrast that is not too heavy.  The bedlinen is from Zara Home and I made the headboard with some spare fabric, it is attached to the wall with hooks and just adds that little bit of comfort when you want to sit and read, as we do most nights.

When most of the elements in the room were decided, I felt that it was getting a bit moody and ‘warm’ with plenty of earthy tones and woods so I didn’t want wooden or overly dominant bedside tables. Instead I wanted something open and airy. I also felt the room needed an unexpected element. Since I already had quite a bit of colour going on, I felt we needed a new material that would blend in but still add a kick up the ass. The ‘Ghost Buster’ side tables from Kartell are exactly that, perfect in size and just generally very cool whilst being almost invisible.

The hand on my bedside table is from Hay and holds some of my favourite jewellery, much of which was given to me by my dad from trips to Oman (the silver ball), Peru (the chunky bracelet with lapis lazuli) and the Ghanaian beads. The red necklace is a traditional Dutch coral necklace that belonged to my grandmother. The bangles were made by my husband’s uncle, a goldsmith, a present from my husband for Valentine’s Day last year, I wear them every day – one for each member of our family. His uncle also made my wedding ring so those are pretty special.

So that’s my bedroom, it’s a small space but it has it’s own unique personality and it is truly a sanctuary. On warm evenings, when the kids are in bed, we come out and sit on the balcony with a glass of wine or a cup of tea and watch the sun go down – exactly as I had envisioned it. It’s a calming space, as it should be.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peak into my life and personal style. I know many of you have followed Holly for a long time and love the ‘Avenue look’, I hope you can see how my style and personality compliments this as you get to know me. We look forward to reading your comments!

Hedda & Holly x

|| Credits: Interior design, styling & photography by Avenue Design Studio

15 Responses to “Hedda’s Bedroom Tour”

  1. Michiel says:

    What a great room Hedda! I love the way everything in there has a story. It’s a bit like virtual storytelling. Keep up the good work.

  2. Audrey says:


    Wat een mooie slaapkamer, stijlvol en rustig zoals een slaapkamer naar mijn idee zou moeten zijn.
    De kussens zijn prachtig! de batik heeft een mooi textuur en voegt zeker iets extra’s toe.
    Eind september ga ik op reis naar Indonesie. Ik was al van plan om batik mee te nemen om er kussens van te maken of als een plaid voor over het dekbed. Dit is echt een mooi exemplaar.

    Groet, Audrey

    • Hedda says:

      Hi Audrey, dank je voor je lieve berichtje :). Wat leuk dat je naar Indonesie gaat, heel veel plezier, je komt vast met een koffer vol mooie spullen terug! Groetjes, Hedda

  3. Krista says:

    I love all your designs Hedda! All the layers and textures leave the space rich but simple at the same time. Miss you my dear friend!

  4. Jonne says:

    Yay, something totally Hedda on the site! Joepie! I loved reading this and got to know you a little bit better, this way. You have an uniqueness and personal style that is well, you. That’s a compliment ofcourse 🙂 I think Holly and your style together is a match made in heaven. Sure you have overlaps but I think you challenge eachother style-wise and that’s a beautiful thing. Have a really nice weekend, love Jonne

    • Hedda says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words Jonne! It means a lot to me! It’s been a wonderful journey discovering our combined style and we really do feel that working together makes us both better designers. We’re looking forward to sharing more :). Have a lovely weekend, xHedda

  5. Charlotte Kootstra says:

    You know what Hedda? This is probably one of the first blogs I have ever read and it was really enjoyable! Really lovely to hear the story behind each item and your personality really shines through. The only problem now is that I have room envy!!! xxxx

  6. Hedda says:

    Thanks CK! Glad you enjoyed it. We can fix the room envy with a little trip to Hamble… Lots of love, Hedda

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  8. Lovely post. All pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  9. A beautiful room! So serene, but with pops of colour – a perfect combination!

  10. Natascha says:

    OMG! This bedroom is stunning! Love everything about it <3 I have some batik fabric I bought a long time ago to turn into something, a blouse or what not. But custom made cushions is a great idea! P.S. Pleeeease share more of your home 🙂

  11. Lovely room Hedda! I love the colors and how stylish is everything! Nicely done!

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