A Few Ideas for Christmas Crafting


Well didn’t this year just fly by? I feel like it’s still October and Christmas is somewhere very far away, but here we are, halfway through December and I still haven’t put up the tree. It’s been busy on my end with the move, renovating and I’ve been working really hard these last few months, so I’m a tad behind. But I did a gorgeous Christmas inspired shoot a few days ago (more to follow soon!) and after inhaling my fair share of eucalyptus and doing some Christmas crafting for the shoot, I am now officially ready for the season! So today I wanted to share some small, easy crafting ideas with you to help make your home a festive one this Christmas.

Wreath by Oui Oui Oui Studio

Wreaths were a big thing this year and I think this little guy is absolutely darling. Its creator, Oui Oui Oui Studio explains their step by step process in pictures here, so for those who don’t reach French (ahem, me) it’s still very doable. I made my own wreath not so long ago and found the whole process extremely therapeutic, so will be giving something similar to this a try during my Christmas break.
Hubsch Interior

Well if this isn’t the easiest DIY, then I don’t know what is. I spotted it on the 101 Woonideeën blog, and though it is a styled product image from  the Hubsch Interior catalogue, it can be easily replicated at home. Simply take a long length of ribbon and tape it to the wall in a star pattern, fixing it to the wall using washi tape. If you don’t mind a few holes in your wall, you could even create a star pattern out of small nails or thumb tacks and wrap the ribbon around each point for a similar effect. It might have more staying power because I can imagine this might fall down after a day or two.

Washi tape bunting garland


Speaking of washi tape, I love this idea for adorning the Christmas tree as opposed to the usual run-of-the-mill garlands I see a lot around the place. This one is fun and vibrant, and ridiculously simple to make. Cut a bunch of about 6cm lengths of washi tape, and one by one, fold them around a long length of twine. Snip a triangular shape off the end of each one and continue until you’re all washi-tape garlanded out. I’m definitely going to be trying this one out!

circle bunting garland

Another pretty garland to easily make for the tree, string up on the mantel, around window frames or simply suspend from the ceiling. These are simply fabric circles sewn together in one long stitch at the top of each circle, and I’m pretty sure crafting doesn’t get much simpler than this!
Clay feathers by  Kelli Murray for 100 Layer Cake
These clay feathers by  Kelli Murray for 100 Layer Cake are just too sweet and would be a gorgeous addition to any Christmas tree. It’s a matter of rolling out the clay, cutting feather shapes with notches along the side using a scalpel, poking a hole at the top of each feather with a toothpick, baking them as per the clay packet instructions and then having some fun with a gold leafing pen. The whole step-by-step process including pictures as you go along can be found here.

Paper and fabric star ornaments by Holly Marder for Houzz


And lastly, a little something I made for my Houzz column last year. These hand crafted beauties feature vintage music sheets and various fabrics, with cute little buttons to give them a touch of Christmas sparkle. Last year, I went for a colour scheme of naturals with a hint of gold and these looked so pretty on my tree. This year I am doing things a little differently, but I still love these and they were a cinch to make. Here’s how:


Sewing machine
Vintage music sheets or other paper
Buttons and beads
Needle and thread

1. Create two star templates out of cardstock. The second template should be .39 inches (1 centimeter) larger than the first one around each edge. I found my star template online and made a larger version by hand. Trace around the smaller template on the paper several times and cut out your paper stars. You will need two paper stars for each decoration.

2. Create fabric versions of your star using the larger star template. You will need two fabric stars for each ornament.

3. Lay out each paper star onto a fabric star, right sides facing up, and pin into place. Don’t worry if your paper and fabric stars don’t exactly match up; we will correct this later on.

4. Slowly sew 2 millimeters all the way around your paper star. Use the balance wheel of your sewing machine to manually maneuver around the corners. It’s very easy once you get the hang of it.

5. Sew the buttons onto one star. Once that’s done, place both stars wrong sides together. Don’t forget to place a length of twine in between them to hang your decoration up. Pin the pieces together.

6. Slowly sew 2 millimeters all the way around your star, this time on the fabric, attaching the twine at the same time. Trim about 2 millimeters from the stitch line so the edges are neat and tidy.

Happy crafting and wishing you all a wonderful time this holiday season. I’ll be back again this week sharing another inspiring interior with you, and some snaps of my own tree. I have been painting up a  storm at home in the last few days getting our living room all fresh-faced. It’s amazing what a pot of white paint can do. A few licks of paint around our old creamy yellow doors and frames and the room looks completely different and so light. That’s what I was missing at our last place, and it’s just in time for the dark season too. Though we still have a lot to do – painting walls, windows frames, stairs, handrails, beams, ceilings (we have one purple ceiling. Yes. Purple.), redoing floors and painting furniture, I started planning the decor in the living and kitchen. I will be sure to share all ideas and inspiration over here some keep an eye out over the coming months (ehm, years!) for the details!
See you back here soon!
Holly x

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  1. Doris says:

    Hi Holly, what lovely ideas for Christmas, in fact I have just pinned a couple to remember for later. Thank you for an inspiring post. I hope you are well. xD

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