Inside Scoop: A Sleek Monochrome Home


Happy Monday everyone! The temperatures are turning icy in this part of the world and my mood always tends to shift to a slightly more somber one. Having grown up in tropical temperatures in South Africa and then Australia, it’s no surprise. At this time of year, I am drawn to light and bright spaces, so this monochrome modern space is just the ticket. It is the home of my good friend and interior designer Nathalie Fransen, and is for sale. It has in fact been on the market for quite some time, and in a last ditch effort to have it sold, she asked me and Tessa (her business partner, whose holiday cottage I featured last week) to help her to style and shoot the house to give it fresh appeal to potential buyers. The results are clean, calm and understated, a testament to their style as designers.





Nathalie and Tessa’s homes demonstrate their unique ability to hold back when it comes to colour and decorating. I am always intrigued when I watch them as they style a space. Their taste is so developed, so fine-tuned, so disciplined. I wish I had so much discipline when it comes to decorating my own home! Whether decorating their homes or the homes of clients, they love working with clean, contemporary lines, infusing modern spaces with a monochromatic colour scheme and injecting them with soft texture and delicate pattern. Thick woven rugs, woolen blankets, cushions and wooden accessories add warmth to the whole look. I had to resist flopping down onto that sofa, I must say!









I hope our combined efforts help Nathalie to sell her home soon. I know first hand that it’s a tough market for sellers at the moment in the Netherlands. As buyers ourselves, we took two years choosing the house we just bought, knowing full well that home owners desperate to sell their home would just lower their price until we would eventually end up with a bargain. I hope this doesn’t happen to Nathalie and the right owners turn up soon!








How great is that loft bedroom? I just love the light that pours in…

If you or anyone you know is looking to buy a home near Delft, be sure to pass on the link to this article as this home is stunning (and huge!) and is just begging for a big family to fill it.

And for those not in the market for a new house but rather a little bit of decorating inspiration, I hope you were inspired by this pared down, black and white interior.

Have a great week!


Photography by Holly Marder / Styling by Nu interieur | ontwerp

5 Responses to “Inside Scoop: A Sleek Monochrome Home”

  1. Nathalie says:

    Thank you Holly for your help and this great blogpost about the house. Who knows, maybe we will find the new owner together 🙂 Big hug X

  2. Sid says:

    Help! Gasp! Dying for -gasp- a glimmer of -gasp- color!

  3. Vanja says:


    this is truly a well designed sweet home. I specially fell in love with the rug as I am looking for something similar at my place. Would it be possible to prompt me where I could find this cream beige rug from the living room?

    I do hope you will get a good price for this home.

    Many Thanks,

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  5. Rose says:

    One word pretty much sums up your wo.2k#8&30;! I’m a new, learning woodturner and your work is extremely intimidating. lol. I could stare at these creations all day. Great work!

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