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A while back I teamed up with photographer Jansje Klazinga to shoot a fabulous house by the beach belonging to a friend of mine. The house is so fun and striking with loads of vintage and repurposed elements, lovely architecture and of course, those vibrant fire-engine red floors. I had great fun styling this family home and working alongside Jansje for the day, and with the results featured in the Dutch magazine Flair, I thought it high time I took you through this fun home too and shared some of my favourite images from the feature.

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My good friend Sanne, the owner of this fun home, is an industrial designer with a penchant for the colour red. Her partner Tim, a successful architect, is a risk-taker. So it’s no surprise the couple chose to paint their brand new oak floors fire engine red. A bold move for sure, but isn’t it fun? Years ago, when I first started taking pictures of interiors I interviewed them about their home and I’d like to share their story with you.

Nearby the beaches of The Hague, The Netherlands, this dilapidated three-story property was rescued when Tim and Sanne purchased it back in 2013. After a complete overhaul, the only original parts of this renovator’s dream that remain are the outer walls and floors. The rest was completely remodeled by the design duo, who said it took about two days to come up with the initial design concept together. When Tim first saw the house, it was anything but love at first sight. “It was very ugly, but I liked the space the house offered and the location near the beach. Also, it’s difficult to find homes in The Hague that have a garden or an outdoor space.” And, of course, the house had huge potential.



The interior came together during the reconstruction process, and they found themselves changing their original ideas and opening themselves up to new ones. Tim says, “We would just try different things…feel the space. One design move led to another.”  Wherever possible, the couple recycled old building elements and materials, such as the sliding doors that separate the kitchen and dining area {which were salvaged from a restoration project in Amsterdam} and left over lengths of wood made into a trestle-legged dining table, all adding character to their home.

Sanne and Tim have filled their home with items they collected over the years individually, bringing their different styles together to create a warm, inviting and eclectic home. Their collected aesthetic  works beautifully with the style of the house; it’s high ceilings, exposed beams and quirky features. The two wanted to create a space that tied all their belongings together with a harmonious balance between old and new. One of my favourite features was this eclectic bookcase, created from left over unused stair treads and white brackets.


The wooden ladder leaning against the wall amidst the couple’s book collection and the wooden chest beneath the bookshelves are two of the couple’s favourite items. Both are the oldest furniture pieces that the couple owned individually. The ladder, leftover from painters who were working in Tim’s parents’ garden years ago, was first used to help Tim to get into his college bed and has travelled with him ever since. “It’s the only piece that has gone everywhere with me since I was 17. It’s been everywhere, even on the train!”

The wooden chest belonged to Sanne’s parents, who brought the chest back from England on the roof of their Morris Minor. When they attempted to get onto the ferry to return to Holland, they realized that, thanks to the chest, the height of the car was too great. They subsequently had to release some air from the tires in order to fit it onto the boat. It was a gift to her when she moved out many years ago and is very dear to her heart.



The first item of furniture they bought together was the vintage brown leather Chesterfield sofa. “We like furniture that has character, a story,” they say, regularly adding to their eclectic mix with characteristic pieces found at markets, vintage shops and online. The pair’s eye for style and their talent for finding beautiful pre-loved pieces have resulted in a cozy home that seamlessly blends the old with the new.

Needless to say, the red painted wooden floor boards are one of the most striking features of this home. “We saw the red floors in a magazine when we were having lunch one day and we loved it immediately,” Sanne says. “At that moment, we decided we would have red floors. In fact, it was the first thing we decided upon, after having bought the couch.” Quite a daring color choice, but Sanne and Tim admit that the more people doubted their color choice, the more they were convinced to do it. While most of us would never dare to put paint to a brand new set of oak floorboards, this duo was sold.




The couple’s light-filled bedroom, despite the vibrant floors, is calm and airy, decorated simply with vintage favourites. Down the hall is the couple’s little boy’s bedroom, featuring the most wonderful wallpaper designed by Sanne herself. It’s got to be the most striking, fun and vibrant children’s bedroom I have seen in a long time.



Isn’t it adorable? Of course, adorable little Tijn helps the cuteness factor for sure, but that flamingo is pretty darn awesome too.

I had such a ball that day working alongside Jansje. We have done a few interiors together – the home of Tina in Copenhagen, the home of Peggy in Malmo, the home of Stella in Rotterdam plus some more I am yet to share with you – and it’s always a blast.

What do you guys think of this home? I think it’s so creative and fun. My favourite things are the old sliding doors the couple rescued and the bookshelves!

Holly x

Photography: Jansje Klazinga | Styling: Holly Marder {Avenue Lifestyle}

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  1. Tracy says:

    Gorgeous Holly! Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Wow, I love the painted floorboards! So unexpected but they work really well. A beautiful home all round.

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