Inside Scoop: Industrial Rotterdam Renovation


Hello! I can’t WAIT to share some images I shot during a recent Houzz project. It was so lovely to meet the sunny Stella Verbrugge, who showed me around her and her husband Joeri’s recently renovated 19th century row house in Rotterdam. Their house is part of a neighborhood project that last year scooped theĀ Rotterdam Architecture Prize for modern urban renewal. I absolutely love the huge 5 meter window that drapes the space with light, and the exposed brick wall that their architect advised them to do which extends all three floors. A light colour scheme and that gorgeous pistachio green all make for a seriously cool home for this savvy young couple to start their family in! Want to know more? Read their story in the Houzz Tour {here}. For now, enjoy this inside scoop of one of my favourite homes I have seen so far!

















Don’t you love all the natural materials and the simplicity of this home? I also loved seeing little quirky touches here and there. It’s those small personal things that make a house a home.

What makes this couple’s story so interesting is that they purchased this place in an initiative called Klushuizen, whereby the local municipality sells derelict old houses for a steal so that young creatives can renovate them to their former glory. It’s a wonderful way of improving some of the less attractive areas of the city and attracting young professionals and families, and these places are usually quite large too. I have seen many of these houses since writing for Houzz that have been purchased by architects looking to add a stunner to their portfolio.

Stella and Joeri really got down and dirty during the renovation process to try to come in on budget. They spent weekend after weekend doing crazy jobs such as exposing all that brick and laying the wooden floors themselves. Are you as impressed as I am?

Thank you so much, Stella, for inviting me and my camera into your home!


* All images were taken by Holly Marder for Houzz.


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  1. Igor says:

    Wow, this home is incredibly cool. I love the kitchen – I think it is due to the fact that I’ve lived all my life in tiny apartments with mini kitchenettes instead of a real kitchen. Oh please, can I move one day into such a spacious home???

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