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So I thought it was time for another Inside Scoop and show you through this home I photographed for my decor8 column a couple months back. Literally, this is one of the most interesting and refreshing homes I have been inside with it’s eclectic but clean mix of retro and vintage pieces; bold lashings of colour throughout yet a calming palette resonates. It’s not easy to pull off this much vintage in one space but homeowner Guida, a delightful Portuguese woman sharing her waterfront home with her Dutch husband and two sons, gets it right. She strikes the perfect balance between old and new, throwing in the kitsch but not at the detriment to her sleek and sophisticated sense of style. And lucky for me, she lives a stone’s throw from my place so I get to pop in a marvel at her stylish sensibilities pretty much any time I want. In fact, that’s how I discovered her home, through peeking through her windows on my way into town pretty much daily for about a year! When I finally rang the doorbell, I was so glad I did. I was delighted to see that it was just as lovely from the inside as it was from the curb. Here’s the scoop!


You can read the full story and see more images over on decor8, but here’s a quick recap of the feature I wrote on this gorgeous home. Guida and her husband Bas bought this home, which dates back to the early 1900s after falling for the space, beautiful water views and close proximity to their home town of Delft, The Netherlands. Little was needed little to make it feel like home, though the couple broke through one of the walls to create a light and spacious open living and dining area and removed tired carpeting from the upper floors and stairs, giving them a fresh coat of paint.

Inspired by the thrill of the chase and the harmonious connection between vintage and modern, Guida fills her home with treasures both old and new. “I love both old “forgotten” pieces as well as new design,” Guida says. “I love the idea of giving new life to objects and living with them and their stories.” Guida regularly hits the antique markets, vintage shops and small interior design boutiques in search of pieces that will add character and a sense of nostalgia to her home. “I just love searching for something in particular and that feeling of suddenly discovering, amongst all other things, that little special green vase!” Guida draws her inspiration from interiors magazines and blogs, but doesn’t decorate according to a specific style, rather selecting pieces that make an instant connection.








Some of the couple’s favourite pieces include the Piet Hein Eek vitrine cupboard, a lucky find on Marktplaats that is home to serve ware and extra storage space that the adjacent kitchen was unable to provide. Beside the vitrine, a vintage drinks trolley is used to display a collection of self made and vintage ceramic vases in shades of cream and blush. Above it, a vibrant screen printed painting in lashings of bold colour.

The primarily white backdrop aside, Guida is experimental with colour and has fun injecting bold hues into her home, though the decision making process and the eventual leap often takes months before a particular shade is introduced. “Before deciding on a colour I have to be sure. Sometimes the idea is there but deciding takes time,” Guida explains.



The kitchen – put in place by the property’s former owners – was given an exciting new look last summer. Guida chose a Bordeaux red, painting the cupboards, ceiling and walls to a very pleasing result. “At that time we were watching Boardwalk Empire which has beautiful scenarios with inspiring colour palettes and I started to imagine the house in all various different colour combinations. I’m still doing it!”.



The dining table, chairs (upholstered in vibrant green fabric from kvadrat) and wooden pendant were purchased at Edwin Pelser, a favourite interiors boutique in the Hague. The vintage kilim rug was brought back from a holiday in Marrakech. The living room is decorated with items purchased at various vintage shops throughout Holland.






Many of the pieces in our home have been found around in shops, markets and internet. “You have to give it time, patience and dedicate a lot of time to the search,” Guida says. “I love the search, it’s like a treasure hunt. It’s a passion of mine to find pieces that will stay with us for years to come.” From collections of quirky earthenware vases to eclectic artworks and nostalgic lighting, Guida clearly has fun filling her home with items that are dear to her heart.







With an acute eye for vintage and an innate ability to weave decades of design styles together, decorating her home has been an absolute joy for Guida. “It’s about creating a space surrounded with things we love. For me, the house lives with us. It’s like a living creature because it changes and gets old with all of us. “

The bedrooms upstairs combine old and new, with deep red hues balanced with ocher yellows making a comeback in the upper floor. Though bold with colour, Guida is nothing if not consistent, carrying her preferred palette throughout.






Back at the entrance, Portuguese tiles contrast with clean white walls, setting the style tone to the rest of the house beyond a wide, glass-panelled door.

So what do you guys think? I think this home might be my favourite so far. I just love Guida’s style and the energy inside these walls. I had a blast that day and stayed until well after I’d put the camera down for some wine and design talk. What are your favourite things about this home? I love all the art and little collections of treasures around the house.

See you back here soon,

Holly x

Photography, words and styling: Holly Marder | Avenue Lifestyle

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    ohhh Holly this is stunning! I could easily live here :). I especially love the floor! Well done!

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