Interior Design Reveal: Project Kralingen


Hey guys, dropping in today to share one of our most recent interior design projects! We started this one in January this year for a young couple – one of whom is architect partner Stefan Prins of Rotterdam-based Powerhouse Company – who have spent the last three years tirelessly designing and building their dream ‘green’ home in an up-and-coming neighbourhood in Rotterdam. It was such an honour to have been asked to help them with the interior design and we are all thrilled with the results. Take a tour of their beautiful, contemporary home below!

When we started this project, it was the middle of winter and the house was in the throws of being built. Our clients were ready for a warm and cozy home and literally couldn’t wait to get started on the interior design after all the design and build work. We didn’t need any more persuasion before getting straight to work on the concepts for the living and dining area. We have corralled together our design inspiration, the design process and of course the full tour of the finished spaces.

A little bit about this project: Our clients wanted a home that they could grow into, a home that feels cozy but modern at the same time, with texture to balance the striking architecture. Stefan (being the architect) was into clean lines and architectural details, Diana was into cosiness, comfort and fresh Nordic style interiors. To bridge the gap between the two styles, we created a concept for this project that blends the masculine with the feminine, the cool with the warm.

To kick things off, we presented a materials board along with our interior design concept. Here are a few peeks at the presentation:

Warm woods – walnut for contrast and texture, oak for warmth – linen, wool, and clay. Natural materials to balance out the harder, colder materials used (steel framed doors, resin floors throughout, a black MDF kitchen and lots of glass) as well as textural elements such as woven details, subtle patterns and warm and interesting textiles.

We commissioned the incredibly talented multi-disciplinary artist July Adrichem to create two large pieces of art to hang on the 6 meter high wall flanking the large glass facade. We wanted something striking and architectural but at the same time subtle and detailed. Working closely with July on this project, she created a graphic oil on linen duo with fine lined detailing and exposed linen edges. We had the two pieces mounted in floating oak frames and absolutely love the results.

We brought in a large and comfortable sofa from Sofacompany (the Kamma in Spring Natural), two Karimoku New Standard coffee tables as well as a reading chair we sourced at Bolia (the Dude chair) in a dirty pink colour. The pillows are a mix of pieces from By Mölle, Yurt Collection and some pillows made up of our own studio textiles. The rug is part of a wool rug collection we carry in the studio. The pendant is by Ay Illuminate.

Because the couple designed their own home and it was essentially Stefan’s ‘baby’, we were careful to respect the nature of his design, creating a continuum of the architectural style and making interior design choices that worked with the home’s statement features rather than competing. For this reason we went very neutral to highlight the lines and overall light and flow they had created.

One of the home’s most prominent features is a 6 meter glass facade at the back of the house, offering floods of natural light but also posing a bit of a challenge when it came to the curtains, which were needed for privacy and the feeling of coziness Diana wanted. Here are a few drawings of the front and side facade, the floorpan (showing the areas 1 and 2 which we were primarily involved in) and an exterior shot of the back facade to give you a visual:

From the get go, our clients were deeply inspired by the iconic Vitra Haus both structurally and aesthetically and wanted to soften the large glass facade with curtains in a similar way that had been done by Vitra. I have to admit we were sceptical about putting curtains in front of that window, not wanting to detract from the wow factor is gave the space. In the end, our clients really needed privacy, and felt that curtains would add the cosiness they felt the house was missing, while helping with the acoustics in the room too. All very strong arguments! We selected a beautiful light weight linen and got to work on designing the curtains with our tailor and the results are beautiful. The curtains in fact add so much cosiness to the space when closed, and frame the windows in a really interesting way when open.

They are made up of four panels. The top two which form the triangle above are electrically operated for ease of use, and it’s truly exciting to watch them open and concertina down forming a volumous, angular flow on either side.

In the images below you see the space with the curtains open and closed in several variations.

The kitchen had already been selected and installed when we started the projects and the goal for us was to help our clients select the right furnishings and accessories to soften the space, add character and warmth and create an inviting dining space. Here is some of the inspiration we used to get the dining room design started:

To separate the living and dining area and provide storage on the living room side (for the TV and accompanying bits and pieces) and dining room side (dinner plates, glasses and accessories), we designed a custom cabinet using walnut to add contrast and act not only functionally but aesthetically. The cabinet also hides a huge metal cross beam which basically holds the house up. Above is the initial design which was fine tuned, and below the results.

We brought in the iconic Wishbone chairs and matching table by Carl Hansen & Søn in soaped oak. We wanted to add warmth and texture in the dining room to offset the hard and modern lines of the kitchen. We love how the walnut unit provides a rich backdrop to the pale soaped oak furniture and the overall simplicity of this area. To finish the space off we filled the shelves with a selection of design and vintage accessories, including statement ceramics from July Adrichem, art from Anne Aarsland and Fine Little Day, decorative accessories from a few of our favourite haunts Yurt Store, Edwin Pelser, Tas-ka, The Fine Store and Bar en Zo.

So that’s Project Kralingen guys – it’s a wrap! What a pleasure this house was to work on and their owners were some of the most enjoyable clients I have had the pleasure of working with to date.

Hope you enjoyed this tour! It’s always an exciting moment sharing our own work and we’ll be back to share more in September. In the meantime, we’ll be giving you the scoop of our recent trip to Greece with People of the Sun and giving you a tour of Hedda’s bedroom. Stay tuned!

Holly and Hedda x

Credits || Interior Design, Styling and Photography: Avenue Design Studio | Architecture: Stefan Prins | Editorial assistance: Aliya Alim

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  1. Mariette says:

    I think it’s absolutely gorgeous! Wonderful job, ladies! Xxx Mariette

  2. Katharina says:

    Absolutely beautiful! The mix of textures, colours and contrasts is absolutely gorgeous. I’m always in awe of your work 🙂 Enjoy a slow month of August!

  3. Brigitte says:

    Wauw, what a beautifully styled home! Do you know where I can find that beautiful couch? (and in which colour it is shown here?). Just so in love with this home, the wishbone chairs and the couch, *sigh*..

  4. Carolina says:

    What a stunning home – natural, warm and elegant. You mentioned that the rug is part of a collection you carry in the studio, where can I buy it from?

  5. Wow, you two did a great job. I love the vibe, the colourpalette and also how you combined the different wood together. I love it, you can be proud of this beautiful project!

  6. vanilkka says:

    Would you happen to know where the speckled white plates and dark bowls are from?

    This is very well done, excellent choices of colours and materials. Gives a very clean, serene impression.

    • Holly says:

      Thank you Vanilkka – the plates are by House Doctor and the dark bowls are from Tas-ka (though they have now closed down). All the best, Holly

  7. Tirozh says:

    I LOVE IT!!

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  9. H Merkley says:

    What a stunning home. Those curtains are unexpected show-stoppers. Bravo!

  10. Feije says:

    This house looks amazing and I especially love the soft, light, homey look of the curtains. Could your please tell me what fabric was used for the curtains?

    • Holly says:

      Thank you Feije! We used linen for the curtains. We love the light but rich look they give to the space and the way it falls so beautifully 🙂

      • Feije says:

        I completely agree! Could you please tell me where you got these curtains? I’m looking for this type of linen curtains in a colour like these. Also, would you happen to know if this floor is a PU “gietvloer” and what colour code it is?

  11. Nha dep says:

    Nice post and gorgeous project. Thanks so much!

  12. Daisy Callahan says:

    Wow, I really love your work, it’s giving me so much inspiration. Could you kindly confirm what paint colour is on the walls here? I’m looking for a white to go with warmer natural tones and theres too much choice!
    Thank you


    • Holly says:

      Hi Daisy, thank you very much, The walls here are just plain white, nothing special. But to be on the safe side, our go-to white paint of choice is Farrow & Ball’s All White, which works well with both warmer and cooler tones as it is a true, clean shade of white. Good luck! Holly and Hedda

  13. maxime says:

    I love the project. It is the inspiration for my home. Do you know the name of the plant next to the couch?
    Thank you!


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