Kitchen Redesign on a Budget: The Inspiration!


So it turns out planning a wedding and renovating simultaneously in the same five month period is rather tough. These last few weeks has been a little manic. Between living out of suitcases {and in the same room as our toddler}, an ever-growing, seemingly never-ending renovation to-do-list, piles of work that makes us both happy and tired at the end of each day and deadlines to meet before we welcome a bunch of guests from both here and abroad for the nuptials in May, we’re a little overwhelmed over here! But. This week we received the BEST news. My very dear friend, who’s an interior designer, has decided that we need an early wedding gift {I think out of fear that this wedding just might just not go ahead!}. She works with a contractor who has a team of able bodied men that do anything from painting to plastering and everything in between, so she has booked two said able bodied men to spend two days at our house to do anything we want. Anything! So having picked a few jobs that we both feel would have tested the boundaries of our relationship, we are now prepping the house for them, and they;re coming next week so we’re running around like headless chickens. I’ll tell you what we’ve got planned for them in a minute, but for now a slight curveball. Of course, when one sees progress in ones midst, one can’t help oneself from dreaming, so out of sheer excitement and hope, I threw together a few moodboards with inspiration for the kitchen redesign we are planning. On a budget. {A . Very . Tight . Budget} Curious?

Kitchen moodboard by Avenue Lifestyle

First things first, I’ll just let you know that my fiancé is an engineer, of the robotic kind, so that said you can safely assume that when I say we I really mean I  because he enjoys making moodboards as much as a hole in the head.

So to kick things off, above are a few kitchen scenes that have inspired me lately. I’m loving fresh, bright kitchens that have lots of white, woods, simple tile, faded green and natural hues and elements. As our kitchen is open plan and part of our living and dining room, I wanted it to be a continuation of the style and colour scheme that will be going on in the rest of the space {more on that later!}.

Kitchen moodboard by Avenue Lifestyle

The current kitchen is very old, and actually needs to be axed rather than fixed up, but because our oak floorboards don’t continue underneath the kitchen itself, if we were to rip it out we’d also need to replace the floor too.

Right now we have so many other things to focus on that we have decided that we’ll spruce up the existing kitchen and live with it for the next couple of years until we have gathered together the funds to do a proper kitchen overhaul. I would rather wait to have the kitchen I dream of than invest thousands of euros and end up with a kitchen that’s nice but not quite what we had in mind. With two floors above that also need to be renovated, we are pleased with this decision, and though the current kitchen is by no means perfect {and by not perfect I mean UGLY}, it’s fun to make the best out of what’s already there and a challenge to work with what we already have. I’ll share a before photo with you in the next post, but trust me, it’s  pretty ugly!

Kitchen moodboard by Avenue Lifestyle

So here’s the plan:

  • paint the existing cabinet fronts
  • replace the door and drawer pulls
  • add open shelving
  • update the lighting

Sounds pretty fool proof right? I guess we’ll find out soon! We have selected a few beautiful products which we’ll be combining with a few inexpensive products and what’s already there. What do you guys think? Do you have any suggestions or ideas? I’d love to know.

So back to prepping for our two days of renovation help next week. We have decided that the top floor of the house needs help the most, which is where my studio will be one day. You can see a picture of the room in this post {the first picture} from when we first moved in. We have ordered wooden floorboards and loads of paint, so  the guys will be laying floors up there on the first day and painting all the wooden beams and window frames on the second day. One step closer to my home studio! But as we are all currently sleeping up there lots needs to be done before Monday to get the space empty and ready for the boys. Better get cracking!

Have a great weekend, and see you here next week for a gorgeous home tour.


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5 Responses to “Kitchen Redesign on a Budget: The Inspiration!”

  1. Holly-love your inspiration boards and that has to be the best wedding present ever-how thoughtful! Looking forward to catching up with all your gorgeous Dutch homes on Houzz and following your great blog! Caroline! 🙂

    • Holly says:

      Thanks Caroline! I know, its beyond generous and I’m incredibly lucky to have so many thoughtful friends in my midst. Have a great weekend!

  2. Rincy says:

    Aw Holly, I’m so happy for you. It must feel like the biggest relief to have someone swoop in for a little while. Your friend is unbelievably lovely. But so are you — hoping all goes as you dreamed my lady! (love your moldboards)

  3. Doris says:

    What a lovely moodboard and ideas for your kitchen. I too am a fan of open shelving but sadly am unable to incorporate them into our existing kitchen. Good luck with it Holly. xD

  4. Ciara says:

    yes yes and yes! If the kitchen is anything as gorgeous as the inspiration boards (which I know it will be!) you’ll never want to leave…it gives me hope that I might be able to get something I love on a budget some day xx

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