Market Loot and Afternoon Tea


Hello hello! Yep, you guessed it. I am back again with more lovely to show you from our long weekend in France. Day one was spent in the little town of Goult, followed by a relaxed and rustic al fresco lunch. While most of day two was spent shooting the house, we managed to steal away for a moment to gather some local produce and take a peek at the antique markets in the centre of Goult. I wish I had some snaps to share with you of the markets, but we had a very tired toddler on our hands who wasn’t up for shopping and it was a particularly hot day. While grappling with a grumpy Lola, trying to keep future hubs from dying of boredom and the scorching heat, I did however manage to find a couple of sweet antique napkins, which I will be using on a little DIY soon, so all-in-all pleased with the results of our lightening fast market stop! We then headed down the hill on the hunt for some fresh fruit, and came across a lovely road side fruit market stall. If there’s anything I love more than filling a bag with fresh fruit and veg, it’s supporting local trade, so we made a stop and selected some delicious apricots, strawberries, peaches and fresh juice to take home.










Oh, the colours, the textures, the promise of sheer delight at the sweet flavours of summer. I had a sneaking suspicion that the loot we came away with would be absolutely delicious, and I was right. The Netherlands just doesn’t compare when it comes to fruit that needs a tropical climate in which to thrive. The fruit in the south is so sweet and juicy!

We then picked up a sweet treat from the local boulangerie ~ two almond tarts and a strawberry tart for Lola ~ to enjoy afterwards with a coffee and headed back to enjoy together on the terrace.






I don’t know about you, but my tummy is doing somersaults at the sight of all this delicious food! I find so much pleasure in food. Not just in how it tastes, but also in how it’s presented. It’s among one of the most basic needs we have as human beings, but can impact heavily on our lives and wellbeing. Food that is fresh, healthy and tasty, served with love in a pretty setting can really lift the spirits. Seeing the items we came home with splayed out on the table for my family to enjoy brought me such joy. Lola of course devoured enough strawberries to feed a small army, and ended up with smeared strawberry goodness all over her face and hands, but we were on holiday so ‘alles mag’, as we kept repeating to each other. Anything goes when you’re on holiday 🙂

Back again tomorrow with the next chapter of our adventure!

Holly x

* Photography: Holly Marder for Avenue Lifestyle

8 Responses to “Market Loot and Afternoon Tea”

  1. Natalie says:

    It’s sounding like you had a wonderful weekend away! Beautiful images, Holly, and a delight to read! Now all I need are some fresh and juicy fruits to eat…yum!

    • Holly {Avenue} says:

      Thanks Natalie! It was a delightful weekend. Wish I could transport myself back there! Humbling to read you like the images, and grateful for your support in the photography process 🙂

  2. Zoe says:

    Oh I know what you are talking about, food can be so pretty! I love just looking at a pretty arranged table, soaking in the beauty 🙂 (and then eating all of it of course)
    Thank you for the beautifil peeks into your vacation, all the pictures are so lovely (not just the ones you posted today) and make me want to leave work immediately to travel to the South of France!
    xo Zoe

    • Holly {Avenue} says:

      Thanks so much Zoe! I know you’re just as much of a pretty food addict as I am – glad I’m not alone!

  3. Thea says:

    Really love your pictures and the setting and atmosphere looks divine!!! I am also always surprised at how much food pictures and food settings speak to me! And how lovely a simple piece of fruit can look like (as in your picture of the apricot!)

    Many greetings from Berlin!
    Yours, Thea

  4. Beautiful photos, I can almost smell the goodness!

  5. yum yum. definitely making me hungry. hope you made it for a dinner in mougins while you were in provence, if not, definitely add to your list for next time!

  6. It looks lovely and you managed to take some pretty pictures as well. I love authentic markets like this one. Thanks for taking me on this visual journey.

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