A Mini Getaway in Paris


Helloooo! It’s been a long time. Longer than I planned, I promise. Things have become very busy on my end and then I took a little trip to Paris, a mini getaway of sorts, linked with an interior production I was sent over to photograph. If you follow along on Instagram, you’ll have had a glimpse into my Parisian getaway. As I went there for work {with my husband, our little girl and two very good friends who are over from Australia in tow} I made a conscious effort to leave my camera packed away when out and about. Photography for me tends to be all encompassing. I am all in or all out. I get totally in the zone and it’s hard to pull away again. When I shoot interiors, I sometimes get so in the zone I forget to eat, usually meeting four o’clock in the afternoon with a light head and shaky hands. So I decided to leave the photography side of things for the interior I shot {a beautiful family home in Saint Germaine en-Laye} and leave the camera at the hotel {more on that later!} the rest of the time. Except once.

IMG_7646 This, my friends, is the breathtaking view atop the Eiffel Tower. We’d spent the weeks leading up to our 6-day getaway reading to our little girl Lola about all the things we would see and do, and got her particularly excited about the Eiffel Tower. So despite the rain, wind and blistering cold, we ventured to the fourth floor with one very giddy and equally stunned little girl in tow to marvel together at the views.




The grey, foggy skies made Paris all the more beautiful in my eyes. A Parisian skyline faded into the distance and gold clad spires peeking up through the fog. The sea foam waters of the Seine winding gracefully through the vast and beautiful capital. So beautiful. But so cold. These images were snapped in seconds; it was an in-the-bag-out-the-bag affair that relied largely on the ability of my frozen fingers to adjust the settings.

IMG_7596 IMG_7613


One little lady was so impressed by the views below, she forgot all about the icy temperatures. Before heading up the tower I stripped one of my Australian friends of a cardigan, suspecting that it would be icy up there, and relinquished my scarf to wrap Lola up warm. Of course, as law would have it, the day you actually need the hat and gloves you packed for your child but hadn’t needed until now, they are nowhere to be found.

When finger tips were sufficiently frozen and lips were turning a pale shade of blue, we headed down again and straight into a cab bound for a warm cafe.



So guys, that’s where I’ve been. Before this I was drowning under a very large to-do list but I am slowly emerging and have a couple of super cute somethings to share with you this week.

Thank you so much for following along on Instagram and checking back every day for new posts.

Holly x

// Images: Holly Marder

4 Responses to “A Mini Getaway in Paris”

  1. Catherine says:

    I agree! The fog makes these photos absolutely breathtaking. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Great to go away sometimes with your sweet family to share some special moments! Love to see this. You’re doing such a great job in your work and love to follow you. Hope to see you soon! Wish you a nice weekend!

    • Holly says:

      Thank you, Souraya! Such sweet words. I follow you closely too and am always in awe of what you are achieving. Hope to see you soon, H x

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