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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the direction we’ve been taking with the interior of our home. We still have a lot of base work to do {painting!} but things are really starting to take shape. In the next couple of weeks I’ll be taking you on a tour of our new and drastically improved bedroom {you can see the before pictures here}, and in the meantime, we have been slowly chipping away at the living room, kitchen and our little girl’s bedroom. These things take time and we have a lot to do yet, but I feel really clear about the look and feel I want to give our home, now more so than ever. For a long while now I have been drawn to particular textures, colours and shapes, to a certain style which I am now seeing pop up wherever I look. I’m calling it Modern Bohemian style, because it encapsulates all that I am drawn to: natural colors, textures and materials, atop a clean and bright base, infused with modern lines and shapes.

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For me, this look is all about eclectic furnishings, art and patterns, muted colours, earthy materials and woven textures, bold graphics and references of nature layered upon a white, clean and contemporary canvas.

When my good friend Gudy wrote a feature called “Into the Wild” for her Decor8 trend report, I was really inspired and felt she encapsulated exactly what had been swimming around in my head for so long. “It embraces a feeling, a way of living, a call back to nature.” Tribal, romantic and slightly wild she describes this look as being about wanderlust, taking a break from every day life and getting back to nature. I do this by infusing my home with natural fibres, soft earthy hues and bringing the outdoors in.


West Elm

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Cotton, linen, crocheted lace, leather in worn cognac tones and woven fibres fill the modern bohemian home. On the bed I love layering cotton, linen and natural fibre bed throws to create an inviting and cozy spot to relax into at night. On the floors I adore vintage kilim rugs (turkish, moroccan and persian are my favourites), natural fibre rugs, overlapping them where the opportunity presents itself. On the walls, I love the combination of bold, graphic prints, soft watercolors, original artworks picked up from flea markets and vintage shops with a woven wall hanging to create contrast and a three dimensional effect.


Accessories for kitchen and living come in various earthy materials including terracotta, pottery and clay, wood, bone, honed marble and earthenware. There is a strong return to the hand made, the art of age-old crafting methods. I love the combination of materials, particularly when it comes to kitchen accessories, and it works beautifully when here’s an underlying colour palette and complimentary shapes.

Lovely Life



Dirty pinks and greens, warm greys, fig tones {the deep burgundy inner and the pistachio outer}, ocher, blush, grey infused blues combined with crisp white. I love colours inspired by natural food dyes that look as if they are slightly worn.


Bringing the outdoors in is an integral part of this look. Wild flowers, succulents, potted plants with large dramatic leaves and potted fig trees are gorgeous planted in terra-cotta and earthenware pots of all shapes and sizes, grouped together, or placed in painted pottery vases and pots with bold, graphic designs.


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An eclectic array of furniture styles, artworks and their frames for me, makes modern bohemian style seem effortless and feel unabashedly free. Mixing all manner of pieces from old to new and everything in between creates an inviting space that does;t take itself to seriously.


Urban outfitters

Do you like modern bohemian style too? Tell me, what do you love about it?

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See you back here tomorrow with a stunning home tour that will knock your socks off.

Holly  x

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3 Responses to “On Trend: Modern Bohemian Style”

  1. Vicky says:

    Excelent post! I love this style, I love Kinfolk and it has this return to the nature…I have a lot of succulents and cactus in my house! 🙂

  2. Love your post Holly and also Gudy’s into the wild report, as they both sum up the earthy, natural feeling that is recently missing in the technology-dominated world. I’m also a big fan of bohemian style…flowers, natural fibres, plants, eclectic art and unconventional way of living seem very appealing 😀 Also love all the photos above, they’re real inspiration! Can’t wait to see complete home tour! Good luck with it xo Aga

  3. Katherine says:

    And, naturals/nature-based imagery gives us the nature effect. It’s good for your health, your psyche and your body’s stress hormone level, for instance. I love my Heathware for instance and having a little succulent in a terracotta pot. I have a large grape leaf in the bedroom, and botanical prints in the bathroom. Bringing the outdoors in has even been a trend in hospital room design to let patients see out a window onto nature or even to look at nature art. I think this also comes from being surrounded by little grace notes of nature like flowers and twigs.

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