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For an interior project I’ve been working on lately, I’ve been shopping woven wall hangings. For the last year or so, hand woven textiles works of art have made a comeback from the 70s in a big way and have stuck around with boho interiors a big thing right now as well as trends in weaving and the growing culture surrounding craftsmanship. Wall hangings are not everybody’s cup of tea, sure, but I personally love me some textile art and the graphic lines, muted palette and use of materials in these works from Native Line are about the most beautiful I’ve seen yet.


Inspired by the thrill of the chase and the harmonious connection between vintage and modern, Guida fills her home with treasures both old and new. “I love both old “forgotten” pieces as well as new design,” Guida says. “I love the idea of giving new life to objects and living with them and their stories.” Guida regularly hits the antique markets, vintage shops and small interior design boutiques in search of pieces that will add character and a sense of nostalgia to her home. “I just love searching for something in particular and that feeling of suddenly discovering, amongst all other things, that little special green vase!” Guida draws her inspiration from interiors magazines and blogs, but doesn’t decorate according to a specific style, rather selecting pieces that make an instant connection.







Aren’t they stunning? The delicate detailing, earthy tones and textures and subtle metallics make these true works of art. I see them as being an investment, an heirloom to move from generation to generation being adored in countless homes over countless years. The collection for sale can be viewed here. I hope these wall hangings have inspired you as mush as they did me.

So what’s been happening? Other than shopping wall hangings, I’ve been working several new interior projects for clients these last months, which I can’t wait to reveal to you. All in good time. The best interiors take time to evolve. It’s an organic process, as it should be. And if you’ve been keeping an eye on Instagram, you’ll have noticed I took a short break away to the Belgian Ardennes for the marriage between two very dear friends in a week-long celebration staying at a beautiful old chateau. I had a hand in the styling of their big day, did all the florals, was a bridesmaid and even sang for them as they walked down the aisle (I do a pretty mean Ave Maria, I’ll have you know), so as you can imagine I was a bundle of nerves. Despite the heavens opening the morning of the wedding and their outdoor soiree having to be pulled indoors at the last minute, it was a beautiful celebration. Head over to photographer Anouschka Rokebrand for a peek at the photographs.

In other news, I was out frolicking in sand dunes and forest with the ever amazing Hanke Arkenbout shooting a lifestyle session I can’t wait to share with you, and yesterday I had the new Sofacomany showroom behind my lens. Is it just me or is this year just dissolving? I feel as if everyone’s so busy at the moment, just running through life. Let’s make sure we stop every now and then to take it all in.

See you guys soon,

H x

// Photography original to Native Line

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  1. Love them! So Nice to read how you are doing these days and I am curious About your interiorprojects, sounds so Nice already!

  2. As you say….the wall hangings are divine…..textural, light, fabulous graphic designs….I love them. I remember that in the 1970s woven wall hangings were very fashionable. Now they’re back again. A lovely collection so thank you for showing them.

    Enjoy your running……skip, hop, trundle, stroll…..and stop when you need to ‘smell those roses’…..have a fabulous time.



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