New Year, New You: Refresh Your Home and Style + a Giveaway!


Well guys, the new year is in full swing and I have hit the ground running. The first two weeks of this year have just flown by and every day has been a busy one. Has it been the same for you? How has your year started off? I feel as though Christmas was months ago! In the last few weeks we have made progress in leaps and bounds at home with the renovation, and while I am living in what I can only describe as a giant tool box, I am seeing smooth walls, fresh paint and progress all around me and I am finally starting to see what I have been envisioning since a year ago. It’s refreshing and exciting, and very tiring as we are doing everything ourselves, but because of that the process has been so incredibly rewarding. Finally, the fun bit has begun – the decorating – and my shop is proving a great source of envy, I must admit. I have stocked the shop with lots more gorgeous products over the last little while, all of which I want in my life! From art to interior accessories, jewellery and lovely kids items, there’s a ton of gorgeous happening in there, all in support of their talented makers and all to inspire you to refresh your home, life and self for a brand new year. And the best bit? I’m giving away $50 worth of gorgeous jewellery from Inbal Designs so read on to see what’s in stock and find out how to win something lovely for yourself or someone special.

Avenue Lifestyle: Refresh Your Home and Style + a Giveaway!

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So how do you refresh for the new year? One of my favourite ways to refresh my home is having a good clean out of things that don’t inspire me anymore and adding a few new accessories that do. These pillows and accessories are so beautiful and would add style to any space, but I’d love to see these in the bedroom, with some fresh flowers in that stunning Keith Kreeger vase on the bedside table, the candle propped up on a couple of books and the cushions scattered amongst some linen pillows on a freshly made bed. I think my husband would kill me if I decided to redesign our bedroom already, but you go for it!

Avenue Lifestyle: Refresh Your Home and Style + a Giveaway!

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In January I always treat myself to some new things for my wardrobe. I find at this time of year I tend to be a bit down in the dumps, with grey European skies all around and the after effects of missing my family at Christmas time. A special new thing to wear perks me up every time, so I went a little crazy in the shop this month. I have stocked some lovely new items of jewellery and a stunning tote, as well as a few gorgeous, contemporary pieces of jewellery from Inbal Designs {seen above numbered 5, 8 and 9, plus lots more in the shop}. The talented designer from Tel Aviv is offering Avenue Lifestyle readers the chance to win $50 worth of jewellery! Sound good? Find out how to win below.

Avenue Lifestyle: Refresh Your Home and Style + a Giveaway!

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Don’t you just love these bright, bold and colorful works of art? As you know I am a big Lola Donoghue fan, so have lots of her lovely pieces in the shop, but I have also discovered the work of Kristi Kohut, who does the most vibrant abstract works. I also love Jaime Derringer’s abstract art, and have a few pieces by her too.

Avenue Lifestyle: Refresh Your Home and Style + a Giveaway!

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My little girl is obsessed with flamingoes {thanks to a dress she was given last summer by a very special somebody and has not taken it off since!} and all things pink. Is anyone else’s little girl obsessed with pink? In her bedroom, I try to tone down the pink with muted and pastel tones and all of the items above would look perfect in there. While we work away on the rest of the house, I’d love to see something fresh and fun for her room too, and if she saw that cushion she’d just about go nuts! I also love this print by my friend Leonie of By Miinti who just started a fun line of illustrations and accessories. Also love this felt ball garland and these adorable wooden dolls. So many sweet things for little ones in the shop!

Now back to the giveaway!


Simply comment on this post below for a chance to receive the gift card with $50 to spend on jewellery by Inbal Designs. Tell me: which is you favourite item by Inbal Designs? Bonus points if you follow Avenue Lifestyle on Facebook and Instagram.  Note: The gift card is only valid for the Inbal Designs items stocked in my shop. The lucky winner will receive an electronic gift card to shop Inbals’ items in my boutique. Giveaway closes Friday, 30 January.

That’s it! My favourites are her stacking rings and hexagon earrings. What about you?

Holly x

23 Responses to “New Year, New You: Refresh Your Home and Style + a Giveaway!”

  1. Annelies says:

    I’m really in love with the Gold Geometric Stud Earrings! Following your blog for a while now, and I’m a huge fan. Looking forward to see progress pictures from your renovation!

  2. Sophie says:

    My favorite is the eclipse necklace!

  3. Tirza says:

    ooooh I just fell in ab-so-lute LOVE with the gold pearl ring <3. It's lovely and cute and looks a bit vintage, which I love.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I love that geometric wood and stone necklace! How pretty.

    Your blog os fabulous Holly, it’s so inspiring. I always notice the beautiful flower arrangements in your photo shoots, you do a great job with them. I’m a flower farmer, and always have my eyes open for new ideas, and I get plenty from your site. So thank you!

    • Holly says:

      Stephanie, thank you so much. My mother used to run a florist when I was a little girl and I’d love hanging out with her amongst the stems, blooms and oasis. It must have rubbed off somewhere along the way! Ps: geometric wood necklace is one of my favourites too!

  5. Nailia says:

    Earings!!! No doubt;)

  6. Ajda says:

    I LOVE all of it, beautiful designs, right up my street! If I had to choose I’d go for the stacking rings or the geometric earrings…aarrggh can’t decide!

    Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  7. Ashley Bree Perez says:

    I love this ring: the gold pearl stacking ring!!! 🙂 I follow on FACEBOOK- Ashley Bree Perez and INSTAGRAM – breelovesfashion8

  8. Anja F says:

    I like the hexagon earrings!

  9. Sieb says:

    I love long necklaces and don’t have any jewellery with jade yet.. so yes this one is definitely my favourite!

    (your little shop is btw, love the selection, and in general!)

  10. Jenna Oh says:

    I love the gold pearl ring. It´s gorgeous!

  11. Holly R says:

    Love those sweet little gold hexagonal earrings. So lovely!
    And now I’m following you on Twitter, so double yay! Glad to have found your blog!

  12. Andrea A.E. says:

    It seems just perfect the gold pearl staking ring! Cute and stylish!!

    I’m an avenuelifestyle adict! Love your taste: clean, fresh, femenine, elegant… just wonderful!!

  13. Heulwen Lewis says:

    Ah I love the flamingo cushion, (I’m slightly obsessed with Flamingoes too) Its the first time I have read your blog and I’m so glad I found it!

    Heulwen x

  14. Katharine says:

    I just found your blog through an Apartment Therapy link to your bedroom renovation, and I’m so glad I did! You’re style is so simple and elegant, I love it. Definitely going to be a new regular reader.

    I love that pretty little pearl stacking ring — though I probably wouldn’t stack it, just wear it on its own. I’m a simple, clean lines sort of girl when it comes to jewelry. =)

  15. Emily Lougheed says:

    LOVED all the rings, especially the gold stacking rings! So gorg. Thanks for showing me these goodies

  16. Kristi Kohut says:

    Thanks Holly! Just saw this…made my day!! Just love your work 😉

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