Colour Files: Rust and Dust


While many exciting things are going on here behind these pretty scenes, all to be revealed in the new year, I am having a serious dusty pink and rusty red moment. I went on a rare solo shopping afternoon a couple of weeks ago for some autumn/winter wardrobe pieces and the shops were strewn with these warm pink and burgundy hues with earthy undertones. Here are a few of my favourite palette appropriate pins of late and why I think this combo works so well.


I am always a little surprised by how each new season brings with it fresh inspiration in colour combinations. We have enjoyed ‘Marsala‘ as colour of the year in 2015 and old pink has made a comeback in recent months too, but the combination of the two feels fresh and new somehow. Both hues feel distinctly 70s, particularly together, but are so very contemporary when used right. If my last blog entry is anything to go by, rust and dust are best combined with calming neutral shades to give a generous dose of colour while still being tranquil and relaxing. Here are a few spaces that exercise this theory, very well indeed. Get the full scoop

3 Ways in Bed with EMMA


A busy lifestyle has meant that sleep has become more important that ever before for me and my family, so with an intensely few months behind us, today’s topic couldn’t have come at a better time. We are big sleepers in our house. Weekdays are tough getting out the house on time, but weekends don’t start for us until well after nine o’clock. Even our five-year-old likes to linger in bed (thank the stars!) and when she does get up she creeps downstairs, grabs and apple and turns on the TV while we get in an extra hour of shut-eye. It’s her little ritual that we are so grateful for (we know that all our friends’ kids wake up at sparrow fart, which, and I don’t know for sure, but can only assume occurs around 6am or earlier). Once up however, I have my own little ritual, which I thought I’d share with you. Making the bed. It is the first thing I do each day and something I regard as very important for my sanity, productivity and general happiness. Today I am excited to share with you 3 ways I make my bed each day with Emma. Who’s Emma, you ask? Keep reading.


I am often asked whether I make my bed every day the way you see them in my photo shoots, and I must admit, I do. Bed making is said to have profound affects on your mental health. Psychological benefits include the formation of good habits, the promotion of daily productivity, and a better night’s rest leading to a more positive day. A lot of people think I’m bonkers, but apart from my obsessive bed-making being a genetic thing (my mother was an avid bed maker), it is something that I genuinely do every single day regardless of my plans for the day or my mood. Unless I have a) just given birth or b) am dying, that bed gets made. Now, I don’t strive for perfection every day, but I do the best I can with the time I have.

Usually my husband makes breakfast while I make the beds, so time taken to straighten the sheets is usually dependant on what he makes for breakfast. Cereal means I have about two minutes to throw the covers up and wrangle unsuccessfully with pillows before throwing my hands in the air and moving right along. Eggs buy me about eight minutes and enough time to do a bit of tucking in, and porridge oats give me a good ten minutes. I have a few set ways that I tackle the task, each varying in complexity and style. But regardless of what I choose, a well-made bed that beautifully beckons me to slip between it’s crispy covers starts with a fabulous mattress, which is where Emma comes in. Meet our new (and dramatically improved) mattress that is as pretty without covers as it is with. Get the full scoop

Cool and Collected: Project Hof Bedroom Makeover


Hello friends! How are you all doing? We had a little rest for a week for the autumn break and of course I fell ill on the first day! Love how life throws you lemons like that. So I did what my body was begging of me and I took it easy with my girl and it was delightful and exactly what I needed after a very busy summer. Just before the break I went in to install and photograph a bedroom project I have been working on and I took a wild guess and thought you guys might like a peek at the results. So here you have it, a cool and collected bedroom makeover from a client I am referring to as Project Hof.


This has been such a nice project to work on for several reasons. I have been working with the couple that live here for several months doing not only their bedroom but also their living and dining area. Slowly they are revamping their home, which was initially pieced together by things they inherited or brought along with them from their student days. They are so excited to be investing in their home and I have really enjoyed helping them through this process of updating and decluttering. Together we have replaced pretty much everything in their bedroom except one piece and the results are fresh, calm and very inviting.  Get the full scoop

Style Files: Ceramics Studio July Adrichem


Hey guys, I wanted to post this last week but I was struck down with the flu hard so out the window went that plan. Life just gets in the way sometimes, doesn’t it? Anyway, some time ago, I had the pleasure of visiting the lovely and very talented ceramicist and multi-disciplinary designer July Adrichem at her home and studio. I have followed her work after discovering her on Etsy a year or two ago and when my friend Lotte, a Dutch writer I collaborate with, suggested we shoot a story at her studio I didn’t need much convincing. I was so excited to meet the person behind a brand I have long admired and I can tell you, July was an absolute delight and every inch as talented as I thought she’d be. I thought you’d like to see into her studio and read about her work as a designer and ceramicist and see some of the images I shot at her studio that day.


From previous entires in my Style Files column you will know that I love meeting fellow creatives and delving into their stories. And this one is nothing short of inspirational because, like me in many ways, July (pronounced Julie) has learnt much of her craft from scratch with little to no formal training in some areas and does the most wonderful work that certainly evoked something in my soul that day. As a multi-disciplinary designer, she spends her days helping small businesses develop their branding, doing product styling, photography, graphic and surface pattern design and also has her own ceramics line that is gorgeous, just take one look at her shop. So many things going on and yet she’s as cool as a cucumber. Take a peek into her studio with me, see the beautiful wares she produces and read a bit about her process and story… Get the full scoop

Simple Wooden Furniture by Walden + A GIVEAWAY!


As a stylist and interior designer, I shop a lot and am on a constant lookout for furniture that is functional (I have a lot of husbands to win over in my line of work, most of which are concerned with this thing called ‘function’), but also beautiful and affordable. That’s a lot of boxes to tick, guys. When I discovered Walden, an Austrian furniture label that produces beautiful beds, leaning storage systems and accessories out of European sourced oak, cherrywood and walnut, I immediately loved their products, their design ethos and overall brand aesthetic. It didn’t take long before I snapped up one of their leaning storage racks for my studio, and now I am excited to show you more of their collection, chat a bit about branding and why I think Walden have nailed it, and let you know that you can WIN one of their gorgeous wooden art ledges for your home!


Walden make furniture to stand the test of time, that retain the natural beauty of the materials they are made with and emphasise function and everyday use. Their leaning rack is my favourite but their beds are sublime, their art ledges so simple and lovely, and their little bedside table with a magazine/book pocket on the side very clever. But what always interests me is how a product is made and I love that this brand goes to great lengths to protect our environment by avoiding waste and to keeping their ecological footprint as small as possible. They use natural materials with no harmful pollutants. Get the full scoop